Xavier Samuel ECLIPSE Riley Role

Australian actor Xavier Samuel has landed the first new role in ‘Eclipse’, according to THR. He will play the role of ‘newborn vampire’ named Riley, a good-looking college student who joins the plot of Victoria to murder Bella.

‘Riley is corrupted by Victoria, for whom he has an inexplicable weakness.

The movie’s larger plot centers on a choice Bella must make between the werewolf Jacob and the vampire Edward.’

Xavier also starred in ‘Newcastle’ in which he played a Goth teenager amidst a group of surfers and the upcoming sci-fi thriller ‘Road Train.’ Eclipse is set to begin shooting next month in Vancouver and be released on June 30.

  • Anonymous

    the first pic he looks like a lesbian woman.
    just saying

  • lalala

    NOOOOOOOOO! This guy looks like a fucking tool. And a douch bag.

    Craig deering was supposed to be riley. :[ Youtube him if you don’t know who he is. Him and his friend have a show called “The allen and craig show.”

  • Anonymous

    first! cute

  • http://twitter.com/Alexzz510 friikie
  • first?
  • http://www.twitter.com/viiit Vitória

    cool :)

  • AimBaby

    mmm, hello hottie ;)

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  • Anonymous

    let’s make #Herewegoagain a trending topic on twitter!!!!!!!! and #Demilovato!!!!

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  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    i actually pictured rileys character looking 90% like him as i was reading. crazy. :D

  • sara

    xavier samuel’s interview w. EW on his role on ECLIPSEEE! :)


    so effin excited, and new moon isn’t even out yet!

  • lilypily

    Yay, he is Australian :)

  • Anonymous

    hotttttttt damn! he looks hella fine the third pic.

  • ….

    I approve.

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  • Ashley :))

    hes pretty hot!!!

  • Emma

    DAMN! Why are all these Aussies so damn hot!? I need to go there one of these days ;)

  • shae

    wooo go the australians.

  • Anonymous

    Riley dies, why are they making such a big deal about him?
    One movie, two scenes lol

  • Anonymous

    does anybody watch daisy of love?? i want london
    to win!

  • tanya

    DAMN! Why are all these Aussies so damn hot!? I need to go there one of these days ;)

    you sure do. check out our beaches..

  • annie

    whoo hoo aussie pride yo! haha im australian. so proud of all these aussie in hollywood

  • Anonymous
  • mak

    dudes take it easy!!
    i think he fits the role of riley perfectly. and the last picture, oceanUP, is not even xavier. his name is lachlan and he was also in the surf movie ‘newcastle’ but its not the same guy lol.

  • http://www.myspace.com/pop_corn_monsturr93 Cherie!

    I LIKE HIM! Awesome! Now I can’t wait for Eclipse!

  • Anonymous

    so there are only gonna be 3 movies? arent there like 4 books..?

  • Anonymous

    no, there’s gonna be four movies. they’re gonna start filming breaking dawn right after they finish eclipse.

  • refkilejt

    mmmmmm surfer ;]

  • Lola

    daaaaaaayyyuuum he’s hot.

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  • amber

    nooo tom felton should be rileyyyy!!!!

  • Anonymous

    the thired picture isnt even him!
    wtf ocean up, get your facts right
    the last picture is lachlan buchanan not xavier samuel
    the rest are fine though :)

  • Anonymous

    ohhh i thought eclipse was the last one.. xD
    my bad

  • auywvluicved

    hes a good rileyyyy

  • Anonymous

    haha stupid Duh there is going to be 4 but there just talking about eciples.

  • Sarah

    umm its acctually someone different in the third pic. Lachlan somebody (he was in aussie show blue water high and Xavier whatever wasnt)

  • Anonymous


  • *Cata*

    I can’t wait for New Moon hehehehe!!

  • *Cata*

    Ooo what’s the Lachlan guy doing now? Is he in anything else coming up? He’s hottttttt lolz :P

  • SammyDD

    The HOT body picture is of Lachlan Buchanan …

  • Brittaz

    The third picture is Lachlan Buchanan from Blue Water High and the Newcastle movie…. he probably would’ve been a way hotter Riley hehe. Xavier doesn’t have that good of a body lolz