Chelsea On Kevin Danielle Engagement

Chelsea Handler on Kevin‘s engagement for former hairdresser Danielle.

  • Anonymous

    okay, im not a huge chelsea fun because she does stay rude stuff. but this was hilarious.

  • anonamis

    dude she didnt even say anything mean
    against them accept danielle being
    a former sit the fuck down and get a sense
    of humor

  • Anonymous

    she hinted at it on her twitter then deleted it…

    ddlovato: In a text message? Really? Wow. Hahahaha nice.
    Sun, 19 Jul 2009 09:50:44 +0000

    go on to see tweets that got deleted and its on there

  • Emily Bright

    Wow, Somebodys a bitter old hag.. Not everybodys a lying gold digger like you hunny (:So take that big blabber
    mouth of yours and shove it up your butt and smoke up

  • Anonymous

    I find her very disrespectful.
    There’s a way to be funny without being downright rude. She’d probably find some way to mock this comment, but I don’t give a fuck.

  • emily aleece

    thats soooo mean
    But soooooooooo funny:D

    i mean come on jonas fans lighten up really
    i love those boys
    but i also love making fun of them haha in a good way no russel brand way

  • Anonymous

    haha, i love chelsea handler

  • Casey

    SOMEONE’s not a very big fan of the Jonas Brothers.

    Go die in a hole, Chelsea. And that other lady who mentioned Miley & Taylor.

  • Jessica x

    wow she really needs to SHUT THE FUCK UP!

    i hate people like that,that bash people for the fun of it!

  • Jo.

    Well I agree and I think Trace kinda belongs with Hannah he’s been with her for a long while.And she’s 16 not another Asston you know oh well at least they didn’t date for soo long.

  • Anonymous

    @PerezHilton@ddlovato Thank you for ending things with You Know Who. You can do SO MUCH BETTER! xoxo

  • Anonymous

    hm wow i dont know whats more offensive about this video

  • Anonymous

    well im glad that demi is smart enough to get away from horsedick. its obvious he only wanted one thing….

  • Jo.

    It’s her freaking job you twat she’s a comedian I guess god it doesn’t mean that she personally hates Kevin&Danielle she’s aloud to make fun of them.

  • Anonymous

    Agreed. You think she would learn after Alex Deleon and Alex Noyes, and whatever other older rocker guys she’s dated. I love Demi, but a girl’s gotta learn after a while. Also, and I know I’m going to get killed for mentioning her, why did Miley get shit for dating Justin, a guy who publicizes himself as a Christian, but nobody gives a flying fuck that Demi has dated a string of guys who are known to love to party?

  • Anonymous

    Tim, you really need to post about the Demi/Trace breakup so we can have this discussion in a place that’s relevant!

  • doseitmatter

    i love her
    she dosen’t mean half of it.

  • Anonymous

    seriously guys get a sense of humour.
    i agree with what the lady said.
    who would say no to marrying a Jonas Brother its like every teen girls fantasy.
    plus he is loaded!

    i love Kevin and Danielle and i wish them the best of luck!

  • d

    HAHA just saw this last night. its her job to make fun of people calm down everyone.

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  • Anonymous

    i actually don’t think she was ‘mean’ in this one.. but either way, she’s a comedian she’s supposed to make fun of people… get over it

  • Anonymous

    VERY DISRESPECTFUL!!!!!!! why do people have be mean and rude! let them be!!!!!!!! Good golly let the couple have a life!

  • Anonymous

    i love the jonas brothers
    but chelsea is AWESOME!!

  • Anonymous

    i know this is like her job and somethin .. but seriously it wasn’t even funny i mean i didn’t laugh !! did anyone ?? i think basically they were trying to make fun of them but they had nothin so they just blabbed about anythin cuz so far there was nothin intersting about this video !! anyway congrats kevin and danielle i wish them all the happiness in the world i bet this is like the happiest they could be so spread the love people

  • Anonymous

    kevin rocks but chelsea is my girl!!

  • Anonymous

    LMAO! Hilarious! She’s pretty funny. People needa calm down, she probably doesn’t mean half of it. Se’s probably a Kanielle fan like the rest of you! So calm down :) Was funny though.

  • Anonymous

    kevin rocks

  • lalalu

    i love kevin+danielle
    but this is so funny

  • Kelsey

    I know. This is SO mean. Like What did they do to her? Don’t worry Kevin and Danielle we love yoU!

  • linds

    fucking love chelsea.

  • anonymous

    haha pretty funny tbh

  • Anonymous

    post trace and demis twitter fightt

  • Anonymous

    I know that she’s very rude and can be mean, but chelsea handler is amazing. she makes fun of herself on a DAILY basis. the beginning of her show, where she calls out someone and then cracks a joke before the credits, shes mocked herself, her family MANY times. she knows how to take it, so she dishes it. she may be disrespectful most of the time, but don’t say “look at yourself.” that card is weak. shes looked at herself. and cracked many jokes. if you watched the show, you’d know.

    & i still love kanielle. :)

  • paige johnsonnn

    hahah like third?
    i love kaniellle<3

  • Anonymous

    … Demi Lovato and Trace Cyrus don’t like each other anymore!
    Trace Cyrus is an immature JERK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    She is a complete bitch! Love you Kevin and Danielle!

  • Anonymous

    woooow tht wasnt even funny

  • Anonymous

    ha!! i love chelsea

  • Anonymous

    LMAO, I love Chelsea

  • Anonymous

    WTF is it with them?, didn’t they hang out and stuff a few days ago?

  • Anonymous

    post trace and demis twitter fight

  • Anonymous

    yeh they went to the cinema and stuff but he text her to ‘break up’ and then posted a pic of his ex-gf

  • teamdemimileyjbftw

    how you know he text her to break up

  • Anonymous

    check out

    If you’re a Jonas Brothers fan. :)

  • Anonymous

    I think it was… yeah, I don’t know, they’re just weird lovers!

  • Anonymous
  • Shelby

    ugh she really gets on my nerves the way she always has to bash the Jonas Brothers or either their fans. oh well thats how she makes her career. but still… its very disrespectful.

  • Anonymous

    This is not funny at all. This is so disrespectful and mean. Danielle and Kevin don’t deserve this kind of treatment!

  • Damere

    i love chelsea lately this is such n old episode though lol

  • Kait

    this is this is her JOB. She gets Paid she doesn’t Make fun of them she doesn’t get paid.

  • Anonymous

    Seriously, for those of you who don’t know.
    Chelsea Lately is a comedy show.
    Where the make fun of everyone, everything.

    Don’t take stuff so seriously. I mean really.

  • Anonymous

    Chelsea always strikes me as a very bitter, mean-spirited woman, and this is coming from someone who’s not even a big Jonas fan.

  • Anonymous

    geez, no need to be a bitch.

  • Anonymous

    Seriously, if you aske me … I think Demi is the stupid one. She always date this older rocker dudes, and then get dumped. Why can’t she understand that they’re not like her, she’s a fucking Disney girl, she’s not supposed to date guys who smoke and drink. Those people acutally make fun of her for trying so hard.

  • http://none Unknown

    I don’t like that she put him down for his values.
    That is their thing.And maybe she didn’t like being a
    hairdresser.They don’t know.And I realize she is a
    comedian but she went far.And she said that she didn’t even know who the Jonas Brothers were when they met.
    And I think they are good for eachother.People have
    certain values and I think it is very good that they have them!

  • Anonymous

    wow. bitch.

  • layla

    that was really disrespectful and mean.
    she shouldn’t have said that.
    you can find love anywhere.
    love is love <333

  • Anonymous

    I really have no respect for Chelsea.
    Nobody deserves to be talked about like that.
    And the other person is right, she’s a mean and bitter person.
    STOP MAKING FUN OF PEOPLE CHELSEA, because theres a whole lot to be said about you.
    I know its a show and everything and she’s probably just joking around, but most people don’t think it’s funny. Thats something that immature people do.

  • Anonymous

    Good grief… doesn’t this bitch have anything better
    to talk about instead of bashing people who are
    a fraction of her age, yet 10 times more successful?

    i mean, i know she’s a comedian but there comes a
    point where there’s a fine line between friendly
    laughter at someones expense, and completely bashing
    them personally.