Dakota Fanning Jane New Moon Poster

From Rotten Tomatoes [Via NMM] Her blonde hair swept into a bun, with pale skin and scarlet lips and dark eye makeup, she had the look of a textbook Little Red Riding Hood, albeit one with blood-red eyes and a steely eeriness about her. ‘She’s immune to all of us,’ Michael Sheen as Aro mused, directing his warrior to turn her pain-inducing powers on Bella.

‘Shall we, Jane?’ With nary a peep, Fanning’s eyes lit up. She turned her head towards Bella/Kristen Stewart, and gave a slight, cruel smile. Well, the hint of a smile, really. The tension was palpable;

In that miniscule movement I was sold on Fanning, at 15 years of age, one of New Moon’s seasoned veterans, and her ability to convey unadulterated malice. On film, you’ll see her bring poor Robert Pattinson to his knees, and you might even enjoy it. Thx George!

  • Anonymous

    omfgomfgomfgomfgomfg. its not fake.

  • Rachel

    Ummm…That’s fanmade. People had that poster out on other sites when she was rumored to be cast as Jane. It’s fake and old.

  • :)

    is it just me or does that look ridiculous?

    i think it’s the awesomest shit that roamed
    the fucking earth. SO DAMN INTENSE.o_O

  • KaRa<3

    eeep i cantt waitt till thiss moviee comes outt…..it was my favee book in thee saga. i justt wishedd the culdaa choseee someonee better 2 plaay jane.

  • Anonymous

    lets all unfollowed trace!
    he broke demis heart!
    GO DEMI!

  • Anonymous

    lmao, oh my god, i legit thought you said gap like “G-A-P campaign” and i was like, what the hell is that?
    even though i got it a second later, wow, im very slow.
    just thought id share that.

  • C

    LMFAO if that’s real this just makes the movie look cheesy as fuck.

  • kaylaroseee

    that’s not real…

  • Aly

    I’ll give some props to whoever made this!
    It pretty well done for fan-made:]
    Good Job, although its disappointing.
    I want to know what she’s going to look like in the movie!

  • AAHHHH!!!!

    i cant wait to see New Moon!!!!

  • Anonymous

    she looks like christina ricci

  • Anonymous

    This is fake, but it still rocks!! I love Dakota as jane!

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  • Anonymous

    i justt wishedd the culdaa choseee someonee better 2 plaay jane.


    What do you mean by ‘someone better’ ?

  • Anonymous


  • lissangy

    its a fake picture; this is the same pic of her in the Gap

    its photoshopped your site will loose credibility if you keep this posted

  • katelynn

    haha for a min. i thought that was chealsea staub! dosent really look like dakota!

  • Anonymous



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  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    jane is a part of the volturri. :)

  • Anonymous

    I CAN NOT WAIT FOR NEW MOON!!!!!! :) :) :) && more rob.

  • Fiona

    I love the Twilight Saga, but my mind is getting a little blurry with the story line cause i read the book like last year in December.

  • horcrux

    did not like it!

  • Kaprice

    She looks almost EXACTLY like her GAP ad!

  • christine

    AHHH! i love it(:

  • nicole

    yeh i think dekoda look really great i didnt know if she would look old enough or suite the part, but this photo has relieved me. great job CHRIS!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • http://www.miss-roberts.gportal.hu gerty

    im sure she’s gonna be great as jane! cant wait for the movie!

  • Anonymous

    i like that i think she will do good.
    I didnt like twilight movie so much, but still going to watch this one.

  • Anonymous


  • lana

    the poster’s fake!!! they crop dakota’s photo from her GAP ad. then they added
    dress. its so photoshopped.

  • Anonymous

    she looks like chelsea staub…

  • Tbbblike

    Like firstiesss maybe

  • Damon

    It’s so funny because when I first read the series, the first person I thought of for Jane was Dakota. She is one of the ONLY people I think actually fits the part. The cast of Twilight just does not click. To be frank, I hate them..just me?

  • Sav

    That’s not the New Moon Poster. It’s fanmade.

    The pic they use is from the GAP campaign she did a couple years ago.


  • Anonymous

    Dakota really looks like Chelsea Staub in this pic…

  • Anonymous

    omgsh, shes beautiful.

  • Anonymous

    check out

    If you’re a Jonas Brothers fan. :)

  • Anonymous

    this’s fanmade poster.

  • Anonymous

    is it just me or does that look ridiculous?

  • Bethany

    It IS fake. A FANMADE poster posted to this person’s Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/29124192@N05/3618158157/?addedcomment=1#comment72157621569926809

  • bri

    erm… thought u should know this is really old and its fanmade. its from a really old gap photoshoot that she did a *long* time ago.

  • Anonymous

    its a fan made poster, not a real one. i think it looks awesome though.

  • Anonymous

    Gap red

  • mak

    im dying for this movie.
    i cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I can’t wait to see the trailer. When does Bandslam come out?

  • Anonymous

    here are the basics
    in the book
    jane is a vampire. shes one of the guards for the
    volturi. the volturi are vampire royalty. she hold
    this power to… its kinda hard to explain… she can
    like do something to your mind… to make you think your in pain…. its better then it sounds…. anyway bella has to go to italy to meet edward and there she meets aro who can kinda read minds like edward, but in a different way. also like edward he can’t read bella’s mind… so he has jane attack her which she can’t either… thats where jane comes in.

  • JobrosADDICTED

    omg i can’t imagine Rob on he’s knees well Edward actually. *evil sile*

  • Mrs.Potter

    Team Jacob :)

  • Melissa

    okay just stating this right now so nobody yells at me =O but I don’t read the twilight books, i want to but i’m too far behind to catch up and i LIKE to be caught up so im not gonna start. ANYWAYS who is Jane suppose to be in the books and movie? Like is she a vampire? or what relation to anybody makes her part of this movie now?

  • Catch Me <3

    ? Cant wait for this movie to come out ! :]

  • Catch Me <3

    ? Cant wait for this movie to come out ! :]

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  • Anonymous

    wow she looks like an ugly frog. jane is supposed to be brunette… BTW