Everyone’s favorite newcomer Debby Ryan at the G-FORCE Premiere at El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood, Sunday afternoon. Photos: Fame. +3 under!

  • Anonymous

    What you call bad acting, others call writing, directing, and production, etc. Bailey was a brand new character and the show changed things every week. She was told to use an accent at first, then told not to. The shows were not filmed in the same order you see them. Disney listens to feedback and then adjusts.

  • Anonymous

    She’s one of the Disney stars that looks more relatable too. All the rest are like fake fake fake – at least she looks natural and isn’t a stick insect :).

  • Anonymous

    that dress isn’t very flattering and her hair doesn’t look too good.. but she’s prettttty…

  • Anonymous

    does anyone else think she has big boobs???

  • Kiana

    she’s suuuuper PRETTY [:
    i looooove her on suite life on deck !

  • angelika

    ugly , hate the hair omg !

  • Anonymous

    haha i was just there friday!!!

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Nobody cares, post Trace’s latest tweet!

    Um. Hey Ms. Inconsiderate. Maybe people do care about this Debby girl. But really who cares about Trace Cyrus

  • Anonymous

    Dat gurl got some big lips.

  • anonymous

    she is my favorite newcomer
    she is down to earth
    fuuny beautiful and nice

  • Anonymous

    damn! biggest boobs i’ve ever seen from Disney .lol.

  • Elan


  • Anonymous

    stop being mean. nothing is wrong with her at all. she’s pretty and seems cool. you dont know her. so whateverrrrr geeez.

  • Anonymous

    Am I the only one this girl totally annoys! What’s with the pigtails?

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    favorite? sike. i dont like her at all.
    idk why. but i like her hair & outfit!

  • Anonymous

    That is the ugliest dress, and she is wearing grandma shoes. Weird. And why pigtails?

  • Anonymous

    does any1 alse notice dat she never where heels, she only where flats!! btw she doesnt look pretty here but in slond she does!

  • Anonymous

    she’s a baby

  • brie

    many of you are saying that she has a big chest.her shirt has ruffles on it which makes the chest area look bigger.anyways, i kind of like her, but sometimes she tries wayy to hard to be a country girl

  • ..

    My goodness does that dress have to go!
    And that sexy pose, Debby, it ain’t workin’ for yeah ;)

    Don’t hate her, she just needs to figure out her style and how to BE HERSELF and not someone that she isn’t.

  • Anonymous

    poor poor girl.

  • <3<3

    there is NO way,,
    ur the girl i talked to earlier..
    if you were…

  • Debby rocks

    Debby is a sweetheart! I met her once! I admire how she’s her own person and doesn’t care if she’s super skinny or whatever. And I love the outfit and she is pretty!

  • Jane

    she is so adorable

  • j


  • Anonymous

    2nd and i dont like that dress =\

  • Anonymous

    ew she is deffinately not my favorite newcomer

  • bruna

    looks like shes going to explode. look her lips.. angelina could be jealous..

  • Anonymous

    looks like shes going to explode.. angelina would be jealous bout her lips..

  • It’sTheTruth!!

    i think she is kinda ugly but i don’t hate her

  • courtney

    shes pretty,
    …but im not really diggin the dress. :/

  • hrtu


  • amira

    I was there!

  • Anonymous

    no offense but debby doesn’t pose too well, but her style is improving, i guess.

  • @

    she’s so damn annoying and incredibly fake.
    no one cares about her!!

  • Anonymous

    i think she is so cute on slod but in real life she’s not that pretty. whatever looks aren’t everything she seems like a very sweet girl

  • Anonymous

    why does she have such a puffy face???

  • Anonymous

    She looks like a blowfish….

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  • Lyss

    Ehh She’s not my favorite newcomer..

    i love Nicole Anderson :D

  • Anonymous

    I agree

  • meganm

    She is beautiful and her style is cool. She is unique but in a cool and pretty way not a strange way. I LOVE HER.

  • Team-me

    her face and hair, pretty much everything about her, looks like shes in the wrong i mean something about her just screams the 70s. . . . .LOL IDK she’s not ugg tho

  • anonmous

    Her face looks like a doll. She is so beautiful.

  • Anonymous

    Save that for a Selena post.

  • *jonascyruslovatolove*

    Debby is AWESOME, i love her, but her style is obviously not getting better…

  • Jonas 4 Canada

    Um wtf she’s not everyone’s favourite newcomer.
    I mean she’s cute, but I can’t stand the fact on Suite Life on Deck that in some episodes she has an accent, then in others, its gone, then in some, its there in some scenes, and gone in others. I call that bad acting.
    Her style isn’t my style, and she does look younger than her age, but she’s pretty and I like how she embraces her curves and doesn’t try to be skinny skinny like some of her fellow Mouseketeers.

  • Anonymous

    she looks 12

  • john gomez

    ew grosssss dnw her 5head and string cheese bangs

  • Anonymous

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    Check out the site if you’re a Jonas Brothers fan!

  • Anonymous

    she’s cute (:

  • @

    Save that for a Selena post.
    fuck off, Selena is not annoying or fake.
    my friends and I met her and she’s a real cool person.
    She’s a great actress with great potential.

    Debby on the other hand is so damn irritating
    and a terribly BAD actress.

  • -Vickyy.

    She’s cute, but she needs to stop dressing like a 10-year-old girl. Seriously. I think she’s already 16, right? Grow up girl! I like her, I think she’s pretty adorable, but the clothes.. It’s just not working. She needs to start dressing as a 16-year-old.

  • Anonymous

    cmon, be nice! she’s a newcomer.
    and i think her eyes are pretty! i like hazel eyes.

  • jami

    SELENA PONES debby!! FTW! well every1 does haghaga

  • mileyluver15

    I dont like her.. buttt shes annoying and guys its never right with you miley cyrus dresses to old and she dresses to young?? you guys are mena.

  • Anonymous

    She’s not that pretty and doesn’t really know how to dress…. No maybe she is pretty, but she looks like a 5 years old girl (face).

  • Anonymous

    If you love to HATE on people, then you’ll love Ocean Up. This same picture is posted many places, but this is the top location by far for negative comments. Everyone has an opinion, but the best collection of hurtful unnecessary negativity is here. Anyone know why this trend has emerged here far more than other places?

  • Anonymous

    Nobody cares, post Trace’s latest tweet!

  • Maddie

    she cannot dress herself….

    and my favorite newcomer is chelsea staub! post about her more, i love her.

  • d

    she needs a stylist…

  • Ultimate Selena Gomez

    She is kinda ugly…

  • Anonymous

    I heard from one of her old friends that she really is kind of a bitch.

  • Anonymous

    WTF she’s 16 wow i’m 15 and I look older then her.She looks like a 13 year old and dresses like a 10 year old.

  • Anonymous

    debby ryan is cute
    but annoying and conceited

    haha,nicole anderson is my favorite newcomer<3

  • Anonymous

    Ironic, I’m watching that 70s show! haha. That 70’s Show FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Fainch

    Debby Ryan is a liar
    she used to become a star. She used white magic. she is a cheater and selena gomez looks way better than deborah haley ryan’s face.Selena you are the cutest!!!

  • motorcycle
  • Anonymous

    There’s no such thing as white magic. She went to a WISH website and made a WISH. Anyone can make a wish if they see a shooting star! That doesn’t mean she cheated. She had to audition like everybody else. Leave her alone and quit being jealous just because you wish you were on Disney Channel.

  • Anonymous

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