Jennifer Stone G-FORCE GODDESS

Goddess in green Jennifer Stone at the G-FORCE Premiere at El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood on Sunday afternoon. Photos: Fame. +4 more under!

  • Anonymous

    she’s got a nice figure. Not to thin, not too overweight

  • Anonymous

    ahhh she looks SOOO pretty. love her:)


    Gorgeous. Pretty dress, body, face, hair. Perfection in the form of a teenage girl! Lol.

  • Anonymous


  • Sammy

    Wow, I’m impressed. I wish she looked like that on Wizards. Her long, flowing red hair makes her look like a goddess and her dress is amazing, too! I love how she lost weight and now has the perfect body

  • Anonymous

    love her dress and her shoess!
    but yeah.. w.out makeup they both look horrible..

  • melissa

    its creepy how much her and i look alike… same hair color only mine isnt dyed, almost same figure, same facial features pretty much, its insane…

    but jen is a gorgeous girl, i love how she is still her own person while disney is molding her to be one of their little products..

  • Anonymous

    great make-up and jewelry
    okay dress
    bad hair and shoes

  • angelika


  • Anonymous

    that dress o_o ME WANT!!!!!!!!!
    btw she looks gorg

  • Kaprice

    OMG I never realized how pretty she is until that DISNEY 365 commercial! She is really gorgeous! LOVE HER!

  • Anonymous

    omg im only hoping she wont do what hilary and lindsay did.. Loose that much weight o_o because of what people say .Jennifer in case u read this. Ur perfect right now, dont change :)

  • MandiDS

    wowowowow. She is really really pretty. :)))

  • Anonymous

    shes getting prettier! i dont like her character though. shes like a wanabe chelsea from thats to raven or something




    how weird is this?

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Wow! She looks gorgeous!

  • hellonikki

    Yes i read on her Twitter that she has a new stylist!!!

  • Anonymous

    love her!
    lets all unfollowed trace cyrus!!
    fuck him
    go demi

  • courtney

    aww, she looks really pretty!

  • mariah

    she looks incredible. not too thin. perfect body. perfect face. love her.

  • Anonymous

    ahh, i love her dress!
    she’s a stunner.

  • Anonymous

    wow, she’s gorgeous. More gorgeous than Selena, I guess they have to dress her up in all those dumpy clothes on wizards just to make Selena look prettier. Jennifer is beautiful though.

  • Anonymous

    she looks cute… shes kind of wearing a lot of makeup though… she doesnt need that much

  • hellonikki

    You people who are trashing on her have issues – she is just a kid – only 16!!!

    Can you imagine going to school and have people talk about how “ugly” or “fat” or “average” you are??? (Actually they probably do which is why you’re all bitter and feel the need to hate on her!)

    She looks like she is finally growing into her own – STUNNING!!! More grown up look but still cute, fresh and young…. I saw that dress at VOOM i love it!!!

  • Anonymous

    HOTNESS!! xD

  • Anonymous

    woahhh soo pretty!

  • Anonymous

    she’s turning into one of those Disney glamour zombies….
    Can’t any of them just look..well real?
    She did for a while, but then everyone got on her ass for being a fat ass.

  • Anonymous

    vean 1810

    wtf ! no puedo creerlo >.<

  • Anonymous

    she’s really prettttttyyyy :D

  • Anonymous

    she is so pretty seriously gorgeous

  • poop

    w0w j3nni4er l0o0ks GreaAt!!!!!!!!!!! love the gr33n omgggggggg

  • Anonymous

    she’s cute, but i wouldn’t call her gorgeous or perfect. i mean, really? everyone has opinions, i guess.

  • Anonymous

    i agree..the clothes on wizards do her no justice at all…shes looks great thru her twitter..and random premires..she needs to do something else other tahn wizards to really shine..because i think a lot of people just see her as Harper..but shes really gorgeous and seems to be really real.

    she seems proud to have curves at least !

  • ~xox Betsey

    she’s wearing lots of makeup:/

  • Anonymous

    Coming from someone who is overweight.. its not just about what people think. It’s uncomfortable too and you don’t feel yourself.

    I’m proud of her for losing weight on her own terms and doing it to feel better with herself. She’s doing it for all the right reasons AND she looks gorgeous too!

    Either way she was beautiful.

  • tere

    rich people don’t have taste…what about that dress??
    a potatoe bag would be better

  • Anonymous

    wow, she’s gorgeous. More gorgeous than Selena, I guess they have to dress her up in all those dumpy clothes on wizards just to make Selena look prettier. Jennifer is beautiful though.
    you’re kidding, right?

  • kiera

    I think Jennifer is gorgeous! She is has different look than the other young celebrities.
    She has beautiful eyes and hair.
    She is not fat!

  • Anonymous

    shes cute but calling her more gorgeous than selena is a bit of an overstatement

  • xena!

    Oh please, don’t you think using the word “gorgeous”
    is a little too strong for a girl like Jennifer Stone?
    I mean, Jennifer is cute, but she’s not THAT pretty.

  • Anonymous

    There are a few people on Disney that I just don’t see how they landed their roles. She is okay, but not “Wow”. I don’t mean “looks” either, I’m talking about acting ability.

    There is one person that I absolutely switch the TV off every time I see…and that is Moises Arias on Hannah. He totally ruins the show. The overacting makes me nauseous.

  • Anna

    uh, gorgeous ?
    no, not at all.
    average looking?

    too much makeup for my liking but she does look pretty (:
    would rather see her natural .
    not loving the shoes . bleh .
    cute dress, not loving it tho .

  • Anonymous

    They can’t help it if they are both beautiful people. Maybe this is why Joe is wearing his hair curly. I think people blow this out of proportion. Most of it stems from fans who are insanely jealous. Camilla is drop dead gorgeous! And so is Joe. Can you imagine how beautiful their kids would be…geez!

  • Anonymous

    Oh please, don’t you think using the word “gorgeous”
    is a little too strong for a girl like Jennifer Stone?
    I mean, Jennifer is cute, but she’s not THAT pretty.
    hahah we posted like the same thing

  • anonymous

    vean 1810

  • Anonymous

    Jennifer looks STUNNING! She is so naturally beautiful. Her darker hair complements her porcelain skin so well. I can’t say that the pose she’s working (with her thumbs in the dress pockets) is the most flattering way to pose but she is gorgeous. I’m jealous. Hahaha.

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  • Anonymous

    i agree that jennifer is beautiful,
    but not more so than selena. but everyone has their own opinion.

  • :))

    shes a amazing actress.

  • Anonymous

    BIG DEAL. They haven’t even gone out for SO LONG.

  • jennifer’s furture husband

    Jennifer is Hot. I want to marry you Jen. She has a great sexy body. Keep up the good work and I hope to see you in more roles other than Harper. You go Sexy girl. I want you.

  • Anonymous

    her hair color is great, if she loses 10 or 20 more pounds she will be so cute!!

  • Jonas 4 Canada

    Agreed girl!

    Anyways, stfu about Jennifer being overweight. Its these internet comments that gets to stars you know! She is not overweight at all, she has a beautiful healthy figure. And don’t tell us gorgeous is an over statement, she IS gorgeous!

  • lexi

    Oh please, don’t you think using the word “gorgeous”
    is a little too strong for a girl like Jennifer Stone?
    I mean, Jennifer is cute, but she’s not THAT pretty.


    you say that about jennifer.. but then people say miley
    is “gorgeous”… i think that jennifer is beautiful and
    that gorgeous is way to over the top for miley.. i think
    some people really do need a reality check…

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    shes ugly.

  • Anonymous

    she’s beautifulll…her and selena are both beautiful in they’re own wayss..everybody is..miley and demi and taylor and everyone that’s famous and not famous…haha i sound so cheesy…

  • Anonymous

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  • o0o0olalala

    she’s so beautiful. they picked the perfect hair color for her complexion as well. i really hope hollywood doesnt pressure her to get too thin b/c her twitter said she’s going to the gym, plus she works w/ selens who has a petite figure. anyways, i think she looks really pretty.

  • A

    Jennifer is so pretty!!! i agree way prettier than Selena who looks like a bobble head doll.

  • Anonymous

    she is sooooooooooo pretty.

  • Anonymous

    ew that last picture of them without makeup is horrendous. say what you want about selena, but she looks fantastic with or without makeup

  • –Vickyy.

    Jennifer is beautiful :). It’s not about “Selena is prettier than Jennifer” or “Jennifer is prettier than Selena”, because they are different kind of girls. And they both are REALLY gorgeous and talented. Jennifer is looking better these days. I think she’s been going to the gym and working out lately, and it’s not that she lost some weight, I think it’s about she feels more confident now about herself. Anyway, she looks beautiful, and I love how she looks more confident now. Great girl. ;)

  • mileyluver15

    wow she looks great!!
    dont lose any more weight!!
    ur perfect

  • Anonymous

    she really looks much better than before…
    never a fan but go jen

  • camm

    jenn, you are gorgeous!

  • Maddie

    i love that necklace & dress! wow i want them both.

  • Steph

    She looks so pretty here! She must have hired a new stylist or something b/c she’s been looking better and better lately.

  • Anonymous

    actually, to all of you that say “she is pruod to have curves”

    shes actually not

    she works out and goes to the gym frequently