Steve Rushton G-Force, HOT Or NOT?

Disney singer Steve Rushton @ G-Force premiere. Photos: Fame, WENN. 2+

  • Marisa

    Did anyone else notice that his hair looks exactly like the hair on htje guinea pig on the poster behind him?

  • Liilie Anna

    He was much better in Son Of Dork. I still think he’s cute and is a good singer.

  • kate

    Who the fuck is he?

  • Anonymous

    I don’t see it… I think he’s ugly and can’t sing. /:

  • Anonymous

    he should lose the little scarfy thing..

  • beth

    His accents no different than when he was in the UK..I cant see the difference anyway :S

    I love Steve, he’s a nice person!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    he and kate gosselin must have the same hairstylist

  • Anonymous

    I absolutely LOVE him.

    Oh, and Nanda.

    I’m American, but I’m a fan BECAUSE he was in SoD.
    I LOVED that band. =]
    Still do, really. =]

    Steve Rushton is def. HOT.
    And a total sweetheart. <3

  • DANA

    HOT, if he fixes his hairdo :/

  • savannah


  • hi


  • Anonymous

    can someone please explain me this?

    “I may never understand why. But I am doing the best I can. I try to forgive but I can’t help but resist.”

  • Anonymous

    who’s that?!?!?!?!?!?!!?

  • Anonymous

    You are asking someone to help explain a Miley Cyrus tweet? Are you out
    of your mind or something? There is no explaining a Miley Cyrus tweet.
    Everything is either too cryptic, cerebral or just sometimes nonsensical.
    No doubt SHE knows exactly what she is talking about, but I be dammed if
    anyone else not in the know does.

  • Alli

    I used to hang out with Steve during the days that he was in Son Of Dork, british band. He used to be nice, then his ego swelled and now he’s arrogant and urghhh.
    Shame, he was a nice lad.

  • emma.

    NO, just no.

  • AnnAlolz

    Ugh,how come every guy has to dress a certain way to have girls like him?It’s guys like him that keep the world from looking like a bunch of clones.STEVE RUSTON IS AWESOME.

  • holly

    he was in an English band called ‘Son of Dork’ which then broke up. now he’s moved to America and written and sung songs for disney channel. he sung songs in Hannah montana the movie, and the themetune for sweet life on deck. He’s become kind of a sellout though, putting on a stronger english accent to impress Americans lmao. also he talks to oceanup on twitter, which is why oceanup posted this..

  • amanda

    who da fuck is this character?? LLS!

  • aud

    He’s a cutie. I think he’s a talented musician and a great performer live.

  • Anonymous

    No, he reminds me of perez hilton

  • lauren x

    omg. i used to adore him when he was in Son Of Dork!! lovely guyy..well he used to be.

  • Anonymous

    stupid bastard used miley for publicity.

  • Anonymous

    check out

    If you’re a Jonas Brothers fan. :)

  • Anonymous

    i wouldnt call him a disney star he was in a band
    called son of dork

  • Anonymous

    hes ugly.

  • Anonymous

    he’s ehhh :/


    what is he wearing??

  • ilovetwilight

    He dosn’t appeal to my taste.
    Sorry cowboy, it’s a no.

  • Anonymous

    Ew gay looking. So NOT.

  • jordan

    yes he is CAP. HOT AND A GOOD SINGER I LOVE HIM CALL ME SOME TIME. 5615313 if you can

  • layla

    complete and udder POSERRRRR

    if u agree, reply to me

  • Anonymous


  • nanda

    ¬’ of course he is HOT!
    he is from England and he played in a band ‘Son of Dork’
    you american don’t know anything ¬’

  • Anonymous

    he just hung out with Social Butterflies, a Disney-type blog and did an interview/performance with them.

    check it out at :

  • Anonymous

    damn alot of people voted not haha i did too why the hell would anybody say hes hot haha!jk

  • Aly

    Kinda reminds me of a gay cowboy;
    Uh, I’m not sure why though.//

  • Anonymous

    I like his British accent. That’s about it.

  • Paula

    Yes of course he is. He is very kind and lovely to talk too.

  • Anonymous

    what is this???? how does anyone even consider that hot?????

  • Verônica Lunna

    i miss the old steve. that one from son of dork.

  • Anonymous

    I agree :)

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    this is a bad picture of him

  • Anonymous

    i think hes cute. :)

  • anonymous

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    Supermac Or Fred??

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  • Tamara =]

    i love Steve!
    he is really talented and
    i’ve been a fan of him since SOD.

    he’s radd (: hot !

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I voted hot but he looked better when he was in Son of Dork….

  • Anonymous


  • laurennn

    he’s definitely hot!

  • nicole torrez

    he is my boy friend and he is hottt or is he my boyfriend yes or no maybe