• Anonymous

    yeah I heard that 16 song like 4 months ago, it’s about her turning 16, it’s up oon her myspace, it’s not for sale it’s a personal song like it or not that’s how she feel about turning 16, whoever out this up and said it’s new is stupid and got played!

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  • Erica S.

    I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee these songs

  • Lacy

    yup, I checked for myself it’s up with like 10,000 hits, how can you say a song is new when she got it up on her page that’s crazy! check it out for yourself

  • victoria

    every time I see her I still think Akeelah and the Bee.
    I hate this type of music.

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  • lexus

    ill be listening to this on my sweet 16

  • tilla

    you guys are nothin but a bunch of haters – keke is the best! whens her album comin out – i love the new songs

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  • Anonymous

    Nice show. Don’t know what to say about the music email sender

  • Anonymous

    brandy’s top of the world was better.

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  • Anonymous

    The only song I somewhat like of hers is bottoms up.

  • Anonymous
  • James Taylor
  • Anonymous

    LOVE HER!!

  • Anonymous

    Why do we have to keep hearing about her?

  • Anonymous

    haha, i’m 3rd! ;)
    but she’s an okay singer.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck you,If you knew love you would know where she’s commin from.

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  • Anonymous

    Not a fan of her..

    but I’m extremely jelous that she got to act along Kevin Spacey. Dude, he’s so dreamy.

  • Taisa

    Because she the best

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  • Anonymous

    keke palmer has more talent then anyone else on this site. Just look at her resume and look at her work. I hate seeing how people with no talent are taking over hollywood and the people with talent get dissed or no attention. i mean lets take a look at the golden era of hollywood and the stars of today. Miley Cyrus or Lucille Ball, Bette Davis, Katherine Hephburm, Judy Garland, etc. The Jonas Brothers or The Jackson Five, The Temptations, Frank Sinatra, Gene Kelly,etc. (I bet most of you have never even heard of the latter) And yet artist like Gavin DeGraw and KeKe Palmer get little to no resepct.

  • Lovely

    Keke has acted with Angela Bassett, Laurence Fishburn, William H. Macy, Robin Williams, Ted Danson, Tyler Perry, very smart beautiful young lady, I agree sometimes people are intimidated when 1 person has so much going on, I admire someone who works hard, no negative comments from strangers will stop Keke!

  • Anonymous

    i feel bad that her name is keke….and that miranda cossgrove still owns nickelodeon….and that she was in a movie about a spelling bee….and that shes trying to sing….

  • April

    I LOVE her music. She is a great singer.
    I cant wait to buy her album

  • Anonymous

    wow she is really bad!i am sooooooooo excited for selenas album!

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    Keke is so cute. I really like her music too. Thanks for posting the videos.
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  • banditkass

    Keke is the best,is my idiol!!and the music is great and also original

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  • Nijah

    Keke Palmer is the best I love her so much

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    Salena?? Be excited all you want, but you can sing better than her, go ahead just try it, now all you need is for Disney to paste your face everywhere and you are a star!

  • Anonymous

    hate these songs.
    she needs better music !
    she can sing ; but her choice of music sucks.

  • Anonymous

    Keke bad? That does not even sounds right, she is AMAZING! I know it’s hard to comprehend , but Keke is in a class all by herself, it’s called TALENT!

  • freddy

    And me ai agree , email extractor

  • mark

    Love her show and her singing too.
    She is very talented like email senders

  • Anonymous

    worst songs i’ve ever heard.

  • Jamie

    hey she is on Conan O’Brien tonight with real stars

  • sell my gold

    all these young stars will have faded out within a few years, always do, remember aaron carter? nah didnt think so
    Sell my Gold

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Miranda Cosgrove can have Nickelodeon, Keke has worked for Disney, Nickelodoen, MGM, Lionsgate, Paramount, the list goes on and on, as for Demi the Jonas Brothers ownn her contract and that’s why she is everywhere, they make money when you see her, BAM!

  • Samera

    I love Keke Palmer music she way better than Miley and Demi to me

  • Beekeeping

    it is true, all stars are given the chance to shine in the limelight.

  • Anonymous

    thst SIXTEEN song is about her turning 16 not for her album, she is having a big party and she wrote that song, it’s up on her myspace page been there for a while has like tons of hits, this aint no new song, well maybe new for people who are not Keke fans,hate on , but still Keke will rise…………..

  • Anonymous

    trying to sing ????! did you hear her on BET, no probably not you were glued to the tone deaf Disney kids!

  • Anonymous

    This is HILARIOUS. seriously, i heard the first few lines of sixteen and busted out laughing. contrast these lyrics with what demi lovato can crank out. just contrast the depth and meaning of the words. then you’ll understand why.

  • Anonymous

    girl u r sooooo right!! People need 2 stop hatin on Keke just cuz she has ENORMOUS talent!!! Haters need 2 stop hatin nd start apperication! She ain’t gon go away like some other artist who just sing one song nd just fade away! Keke’s here 2 stay and EVERYONE needs 2 know dat!!!

  • Anonymous

    Cool, thank you for the share.Weird Duties

  • Anonymous

    check out

    if you’re a Jonas Brothers fan! :)

  • Sara

    These are not songs on her new CD, just demos someone stole, she sounds better in these demos than most artist sound in auto tuned songs on the radio, haters anyone who saw her tribute to Michael Jackson knows this girl has enormous talent, is this site owned by the Jonas Brothers? Because they seem to be the only artist you people like, Keke is very talented why can’t haters accept that God blessed more than 1 person with talent….

  • Jordan

    These song are good. I love them so….. much

  • Kim26

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  • Anonymous

    she NEEDS new songs, DESPERATLY!!!!!!

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  • Anonymous

    i love her show but her singing, not so much

  • Anonymous


  • Kerry30

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  • Anonymous

    i think ok

  • Anonymous

    no she an sing her ass off