Ashley Tisdale NIKE GYM RAT

Gym rat Ashley Tisdale was spotted wearing Nike gear and high white and socks while going to a gym in West Hollywood on Saturday afternoon. Photos: Limelight. 6+

  • Anonymous

    She looks cute. XD I especially like the socks…for some reason.

  • Anonymous

    Nice butt! :D

  • Anonymous

    I think she meant while she’s working out
    like there’s no need to be stylish while your just working out.

  • im on my way, dont stop me[;

    ahhh exerciseee

    addd my friend[;

  • Anonymous

    awwww i love her

  • Anonymous

    Why does she have to be fashionable?
    People in hollywood are silly.

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    Nice shoes!

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t it strange when paps take pictures of celebrities’ backs ? O_o I don’t know , I’m just like……. whaaaaa was thatttt ?

  • Darren

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  • Anonymous

    “she’s so pretty!”….you can’t even see her face! SHES IS UGLY

  • Anonymous


  • anonymous

    Wonder why all of you people are hating on Ashley just because she is trying to be ‘perfect’ or ‘too fashionable”
    Well, what is wrong with being fashionable? NOTHING!
    I think it’s good that people take good care of themsleves and hey, that’s just Ashley. Like her, good!
    Hate her, even better!
    Oh, and she rocks! :D

  • Anonymous

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  • kelly


  • sss


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  • Anonymous

    her legs are thin. :/

  • Anonymous

    diva. q

  • monica

    agreed! why does everyone have to look perfect everytime they go out?

  • Juliana

    wtf… is she going to the gym to work out or to show off her outfit?! O.o lol

  • Anonymous

    shes looks cute even when she is working out =]

  • monica

    She probably meant in general no need to piss your pants

  • kenziee

    i have those shoes :)

  • monica


  • Jerretc

    she’s pretty

  • kusa

    ya ashley

  • C

    Theres nothing wrong with being fashionable? some people love fashion, how is that”silly”? Not everyone wants to be plain jane.

  • Mrs. Joe Jonas

    She’s so pretty! I <3 her.

  • Anonymous

    wonder wats in the grey bag? lol
    she’s pretty

  • Irene

    cute (:

  • Anonymous

    Cute outfit xD

  • Annie

    I don’t get it.

    You guys r like: “Would it kill to look a little sloppy when you’re working out?” but hey, she’s wearing a workout outfit (well maybe not for the bag, but still, that’s a workout outfit!!!)

    I’d understand if some of you guys go hating on Miley or Selena, but Ashley?? That’s just weird.

    Girlfriend looks super skinny in the first photo =))

  • Anonymous

    i want to bang her

  • Anonymous

    Milkshake after exercising. COOL!

  • Anonymous