Ian Somerhalder Comic Con SyFy Party

Vampire Diaries star Ian Somerhalder attends SyFy party celebrating Comic-Con at Hotel Solamar in San Diego, Saturday. PR Photos. 2+

  • Brianna

    he’s so hot.

  • Anonymous

    the shape of his face is weird/creepy
    he does have nice eyes though

  • aNonymous

    HOly shizz and jizz..this guy was put up against a joe post once before and I was floored cuz I didngt get who he was…All i knw is he looks like my boyfriend…like a twin…Ian is a double or my guy is a double…no lie like I dont know a couple months now I was shocked when I saw his face..holy…yeah I am a lucky girl..if he ever needs a double..in fact we should inquire about it since we go to la….wow….I am a lucky girl to have aguy that looks like that..

  • Anonymous

    ahh, i love me some boone !

  • dd

    oh my goodness. he’s beautiful!

  • Anonymous


  • aNonymous

    Damn…when I originally saw him on a post in OU I did show his face to my b/f and he did a little like wow that is weird…

    Holy.. vampire….they both can bite me……

  • lala

    WHO IS THIS???

  • J.J.rocks xD

    FIRST!! This guy’s the dude from Vampire Diaries. Am i the only one psyched about this show? xD

  • Anonymous

    that chick is from degrassi! i cant wait for the show! when does it come out!?

  • anita


  • Xiomy

    was he a woman before?

  • eerea

    ohhh he’s stunning! x_x

  • CDK

    thank god something other than a JB post. even if I dont have any idea as to who this is o_0

  • Rebecca

    I can’t wait for the show, I’m in love with the books!

  • Anonymous


    Is that guy on the right on the last picture his brother or something?

  • astoria malfoy

    He plays Damon on the new CW series “The vampire Diaries” I love Damon. “The name is Salvatore, as in saviour” Damon is one of those characters taht writte themselves. i love the vampire diaries series, Smith is such a great writter, and Stefan is not so abd himself. I prefer this books over the lame attempt to writte that Meyer did.

    I kinda am excited and scare about the show, It look okay, but I just hope this real vampires can pull it off. I love the Vampire Diaries.
    Kinda sad that Bonnie is not a red hair on the series, and I hope they do get a Meredith

  • Anonymous

    Here is a post that isn’t about the Jonas Brothers to the bitches who keep complaining. ENJOY!

  • aNonymous

    Jesus the books.. how many?

  • Anonymous

    hahahaha he looks like a young rob lowe but less attractive!

  • gaacdea

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  • Anonymous

    stupid fag broke the jonas brothers dayy! hahaaaa

  • jerseygirl

    Ooh baby – I love me some Boone! :D

  • http://justjaredjr.buzznet.com/gallery/photoitemfull.php?yr=2009&mon=06&evt=selena-wiffle&pic=selena-gomez-nick-jonas-wiffle-ball-01.jpg ~{N E L E N A} ;] ~

    the girl is from degrassi
    i HATE MIA! URGHH =|

  • Amanda


  • Anonymous

    who the heck…. we were on a steady jonas day. D:

  • Anonymous

    he’s GORGEOUS!!!
    and it’s Mama Mia from degrassi. lol

    hey, what with all the vampire stuff out there lately?
    they’re taking over. lol

  • Anonymous


  • Regina

    Thats the guy from vampire diaries he plays damon.
    girl in the middle plays elena. The other guy in the
    right plays stefan. Cant wait until this comes out!

  • Devon

    Boone! I can’t wait till he comes back to Lost..

  • Anonymous

    Ummmmmm. Zac efron in ten years??? lol

  • Chelsea

    HOLY CRAP! He is vaaaaary good looking!!! <3

  • mia jonas

    EW hes ugly
    no offenceeee.

  • pharmacy
  • Anonymous

    OMG!!! IAN IS SO FREAKING HOT! I love him since he made Lost!
    I can’t wait for Vampire Diaries! the books were great!

  • i love fall out boy

    hes also in LOST he played boone but died early on in season 1

  • Anonymous

    The guy in the last picture on the right, I thought it was Cody Linley when you look at it quick Lol.

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  • Anonymous

    check out

    if you’re a Jonas Brothers fan! :)

  • Anonymous

    he’s hott.
    and MIA!
    she’s cute :)

  • Anonymous

    im so excited 4 dis shoo

  • Anonymous

    dude, he’s gorgeous.

  • Anonymous

    eek, I love syfy and bbc america. hehe, this is cool I’ve read the books too, im excited.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    the girl is soooo pretty! i remember she was in the movie American Mall…

  • Anonymous

    For those who don’t know who this is…GO AND WATCH LOST DAMN YOU!!

    I like me a piece of Boone!
    Yum Yum!

  • Feist

    I’m seeing stars.

  • Feist

    Ian Somerhalder… LOL.

  • YouKnowULoveMe

    i love him, he was on smallville in like season three, i he was hotter back then but he still looks pretty fine to me :)

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