David Archuleta BUBBLY Cover Song

David Archuleta
covers Colbie Caillat’s ‘Bubbly‘ in Pittsburgh.

  • Samantha

    LOL at people calling him “ugly” or “lacking personality” or that he was terrible in concert. Obviously they’ve never seen him live, or met him, or any of that.

    I have and he’s REALLY FUNNY; he’s also the absolute nicest, sweetest guy you could ever meet. And his voice his fantastic. Oh, and pictures never do him justice–the guy is very good looking.

  • imrose

    If only we could hear this on the radio. I wonder if the radio stations get paid to play some of the less talented artist’s songs. David’s
    Bubbly was beautiful!

  • Anne

    simply amazing.one of a kind singer and musician who sings from his heart.

  • Lynn

    Wow! Thanks for sharing! I love that a male can sing this song and make it grand! Well, David Archuleta can at least. He sounds great!Soulful!

  • Bitches
  • we love u bb

    dAWW he s the most adorablest QT ever. I want to invite him to my sleepover and nwe can bake cupcakes and then Ill let him braid my hair and then we’ll share a sleeping bag and he’ll get into his footie pajamas and sing me lullabys dawwww I just wanna molest his
    cute ass. David awwwwwwwwwchuleta. I saw him with Demi and he can sing!

  • Sharon

    Omg, that was reaaaaaaally good! I like this guy!

  • val

    forgot to say.. hes cuuuute. heh

  • Jackie

    This guy has an ear and a talent that can’t be matched right now. That run was awesome!! He takes a song and sings it so you actually get what its about!!

  • Jenn

    David Archuleta,
    keep on singing your heart out, boy!

  • Anonymous

    i love himmmmm :)
    he was amazing at the concert with Demi.

  • Mei

    He is amazing.


  • nemo

    I think i’m going to have to go buy his CD. What a great voice.

  • Anonymous

    I think a lot of guys prefer to hear sweet songs
    about sex or love but too many pretend to prefer
    raunchy ones, because it “seems” more masculine.
    Too bad for the pretenders, they are not being
    real, and not being honest to themselves.
    What a loss for them!
    I am a guy who loves sweet songs.

  • Andrea


  • anonymous

    I love him so much <3 he sounded amazing.

  • Andrea

    PLEASE oceanup MORE David update :)

  • Anonymous


  • kaitlyn

    i’m pretty sure that this song is about having an orgasm… haha. srry


    it is, hahaha thats exactly what i thought of when i
    saw this..hes good but its kind of a “only girls
    should sing this song” song haha

  • Kayla

    Went to that, It was sooooo amazing live! David completes any song that comes outta his mouth! lOl

  • http://FOD LindaDAfan

    Wow, Randy hit it on the head when he said “Dude you can sing anything.” If I was a singer/songwriter, I would pray for David Archuleta to want to sing my song. I can’t wait to see where he is in, say, 5 years from now. He’s going to be unstoppable up the ladder of succcess. The voice of an angel and David is the real deal. What you see is what you get. One of the nicest men on the planet.

  • TrudyFOD

    OMG – David Archuleta just has the most amazing voice. He just blows me away with this cover song “Bubbly”…he makes me all bubbly. David has the most amazing voice – what he can do to a song is just amazing. He is such a talented singer/songwriter. I will be a devoted fan 4ever.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    check out

    if you’re a Jonas Brothers fan! :)

  • paula

    OMGOSH, woowww what Amazing Cover.
    He is so hot
    I love David <3

  • Anonymous


  • hunnzy

    This was at a solo concert in Pittsburg! Just David not hype just pure talent!There is no other artist out there that makes me feel like I Do for him! He just takes a song and goes right in my soul! How does he do that??? Gahddddd!!!

  • rae


  • anonymous

    i love this. i love when david sings stripped down songs and all you can hear is his voice. it’s beautiful.

  • Carrie Prejean

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  • Anonymous

    yeah this song is about having an orgasm..

  • Anonymous

    i love him and is voice is so amazing.
    plus he’s uber cute! :)
    he could sing that song to me anyday

  • Anonymous

    OMG He was so amazing! I hope he continues to sing that on tour.

  • Mary

    He is awesome!!! lovely performance

  • Hannah

    Wow, this cover is beautiful! He really made the song his own, and him singing those lyrics is kinda sexy ;). He’s pretty much a musical genius!

  • http://davidarchuleta.sg Evean


  • val

    OMG that was awesomeee! I love that song

  • pam04

    David Archuleta cover of Colbie Caillat’s ‘Bubbly’ in Pittsburgh is soooooooo Breathtaking he’s
    so soulful…

  • Anonymous

    He is awesome….lovely performance, so good

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  • kara

    I was there and it was wonderful! His voice is unique and and lush – always growing and improving! It was an amazing concert in Pittsburgh!

  • FSteven

    The estrogen levels in that hall is bubbling. :D Good job, dude!

  • Anonymous

    i wanna go to his concert

  • o

    he’s incredibleeee :))) what’s not to love

  • JJ

    i saw him on tour with Demi Lovato, he wass soooo good!

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  • Jenny

    He’s amazinggg and i love that song :)

  • Melissa

    Wow, it makes me feel…. like I’m on a cloud… eating… chocolate covered strawberries :P
    A.K.A- Phenomenol!!

  • inetryconydot

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  • lesssha

    Love, love, love David Archuleta!!!!!! He is the most amazing singer and person. Not to mention that he is soooo cute.

  • yyacobsg

    Am I still alive? I swear my heart stopped when I watched this

  • Anonymous

    Wow, it makes me feel…. like I’m on a cloud… eating… chocolate covered strawberries :P
    A.K.A- Phenomenol!!

    LOL! agree :D

  • Anonymous

    i get chills everytime i watch this! love him <333 can he get any cuter?

  • anonymous

    OMG…this dude can sing anything with that smooth killer voice! No one says a Mmmmmm…better than he does!

  • Marcela

    Great, Great Cover , fits perfectly in his voice.!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I really don’t think David Archuleta has a personality. His voice is really only good for adult contemporary elevator type music. And Taylor was not at the JB concert. The girl, maybe it was you, admitted to lying after her manager confirmed she wasn’t there.

  • http://www.fansofdavid.com anonymous

    Whenever David covers a song it becomes his. When I hear the song, I think “Oh, that is David’s song.” He is pretty amazing. I can’t wait for his next album.

  • Anonymous

    This is SOOO GOOD!! Better than Colbie, and i LOVE colbie!

  • MrsMaryfromNC

    WOW! This is fantastic! David can sing ANYTHING!

  • elly

    am i on heaven ???

    it is soooooooooooo AMAZINGGGGG

  • mhel

    david is a total performer…a musical genius at his best..he is incomparable with other singers…he is unique in so many ways…..and i can see him as the “legend in the making”…jmho!

    he is simply the best…i love his version of bubbly..so sweet and endearing!that’s all!

  • Steph

    I know! I’ve always thought he was cute but have never been attracted to him. For some reason watching this video I was like, damn, he’s kinda sexy. He just had like a bedroom look on his face. Haha. He should sing like that more often.

  • Lauren

    Awww bless his cotten socks he’s so cute!
    That was a really good cover :)

  • Re

    OMG not only is he handsome but what a voice. The guy can sing anything…Cover of this song is beautiful. I Had the opportunity to see his live performance and it was awesome his voice filled the rafters in the arena. And to think he is only 18. I guess after listening to music performed by artists that can’t sing in a live setting most people are content with what they hear on the radio today. David should be on the radio. I will buy any music he puts out. Waiting for Christmas Album.

  • Anonymous

    um pretty sure that just gave me chills :) i think that he and selena would make a great couple… just saying

  • Anonymous

    am i on heaven?

    this is effing amazing !!!

  • Anonymous

    oh my gosh! I agree with all the positive comments left here :) nobody can deny David’s INCREDIBLE talent! when he sings…he just creates such a special atmosphere. nothing like it! he seems so…content and loving here, too. great job David!! :D

  • Anonymous


  • pastel

    I was at the Pittsburgh concert. It was a complete surprise and sung so well. Less bouncy and very intense. Loved it!!! And the crowd went NUTS!!!!

  • Anonymous

    wow, I had a physical reaction to that song…fantastic! is there anything he can’t sing? i don’t think so…

  • anonymously

    He was awesome!!!

  • Anonymous

    cutie pie :)
    thats singing<3

  • Ashley

    If you can’t say anything nice, then don’t say anything at all. :)

  • Ashley R.

    OMG THIS IS AMAZING! David singing “Bubbly” is just
    pure love. <3 And I love hearing him say “silly”! haha And I loved the “When you kiss my nose”. It makes me wanna
    kiss his nose. I love him. <3 <3 <3

  • Anonymous

    i’m pretty sure that this song is about having an orgasm… haha. srry

  • Delani

    Ahhhh, this is amazingggg.
    I just wish he’d sing with his eyes open more.

  • Anonymous

    archie baby. <3
    your freaking amazing.

  • Iraul

    David is Amaaaaazing!!!! He just keeeps on
    surprising us!!! I LOVE HIM!!! Cant wait for his
    new album AND Christmas Album!!!

  • aimee

    David can sing any style of music, he’s just lovely.

  • zzznamezzz

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  • nikkilodeon(:

    i wonder what it would sound like if he sang Hello Beautiful by the jobros. if he did tht, my life would be complete(:

  • Rosiee

    Lovee Thaat Songg ?

  • Karen

    Shows how little you know about the Archulator…and that you have a tin ear.

  • Someone

    Awww! He is so adorable. i swear he sings just like an angel. He did a great job!

  • MaggieAnn

    Wow! David Archuleta is Bubbly! Oh, he said toes and nose in one sentence!

  • Helen

    omgg <33333333333

  • Lisa

    it is, hahaha thats exactly what i thought of when i
    saw this..hes good but its kind of a “only girls
    should sing this song” song haha

    Even if that’s what it’s about, it’s not limited to girls. None of the lyrics are gender-specific, even pertaining to that subject.

    Except if you expect a guy to sing about that in a raunchy way, but I’d rather guys sing about it in a sweet way.

  • Anonymous

    Ugly guy. Not very good in concert. Of course he was better than Demi. Waste of money.

  • sarah

    why that was great

  • Elenie

    What!!! you must be blind! He’s sooo cute and boy he can sing! I am a Jonas Bro. fan, but I am not blind- I can see talent! David has grown in a foxy guy! When did this happen!

  • elly

    Wow, it makes me feel…. like I’m on a cloud… eating… chocolate covered strawberries :P
    A.K.A- Phenomenol!!

    LOL! agree :D


    he takes my breath away

  • Anonymous

    BBDavie ILY!! I want him and David Cook to go out. cookleta is ON!!

  • Anonymous

    David Archuleta = Gorgeous guy with a voice to die for!

  • bridget

    I was at the Pittsburgh concert and it was awesome! He sang a simple song and made it emotionally EPIC!!

  • Sandy

    There is no song that David sings that doesn’t sound like it was written for him. This is no exception.

  • Viva

    Aww! OceanUp, MORE DAVID UPDATES! PLEASE! He’s one of the best, nicest celebs out there (I met him, it’s true) and you barely ever have anything up about him! :[

  • Anonymous

    Of course everyone is entitled to their opinions, but I think it pretty funny when people attack David for being “ugly” or “lacking personality” when this thread isn’t even about that, lol. Personally, I think he sounds amazing on this song. Regardless of whether you think he’s cute, the kid can sing and sing well. Isn’t that what music is all about? LOL

  • http://www.justcullen.webs.com Jessica Georgina Rivas-Medrano

    I love David Archuleta <33333

  • guntahuntax

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  • Anonymous


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