• Katie

    Jason Dolly u just made my day a whole lot brighter <3

  • Alysia

    Jason looks all into it Lol!!<33
    Nicole & Chelsea looked pretty!

  • http://www.thegrapevine-gossip.blogspot.com anonymouse
  • http://ww.liam.com (L)

    Cole Sprouse in the background?

  • Anonymous

    Nicole looks really happy, i guess she was having tons of fun! =D

  • Sarah

    funny stuff!!

  • Anonymous

    love jason dolley thats all

  • jenny

    Cole Sprouse in the background?

    that’s Ben from the band allstar

    the newest disney band!!! :D

  • Lindsey

    that is awesome

  • idkmybffjill?


  • Kimberly


  • Paula
  • Anonymous

    lol this is soooo funny! jason dolley is hilarious.

  • jonas4ever

    :) chelsey and nicole r the best celeb bffs :D

  • wowzers,

    allstar in the background!:DD
    loveee em!
    november ’08!(:

  • Anonymous

    wow who cares if ur first or whatever! jus comment on the the damn thing!!
    u people go get a life please

  • Anonymousss

    So cute
    they can dance