Kelly Clarkson, ‘I Have Demi’s CD!’

Demi Lovato‘s idol Kelly Clarkson owns Demi’s CD! Thx Angelica.

  • Anonymous

    lol she’s so funny
    lover her and demi both

  • Lauren

    Aww I’m so happy for Demi! I bet she’ll be super happy when she finds this out!
    I love them both
    It’d be so brilliant if they did a duet.. Or even just got to write together.

  • Anonymous


    hey u knew that demis inlove w/ u right ?!

    don’t do that, i mean seriously.. let us all imagine and hope it’s true.. but don’t do that cuz like seriously..i think this will get their friendship or whatever they have to start being kinda akward and weird..maybe this will get to start making their frienship fall apart..wouldnt it feel weird if people would call you and your bff lesbian lovers..? yea it will be akward..and just feel akward when your together.. even if this is true lol..

    i love semi.. but i think this will just get to make them go in the closet even more or make their whole friendship akward..

    let’s enjoy them as bff for now (:
    step by step they’ll do it on their own ;D

  • Idgam

    they remind me of each other. like when i first heard demi on youtube on related videos(yes that’s how a discover demi and became a huge fan lol) she reminded me of kelly.. i was like wow! she sounds like kelly clarkson and was impressed that she could go so high considering she’s a disney star. she’s the first disney star i’ve ever been a fan of. btw demi already met kelly but she’s prob still gonna freak out about kelly having her cd hahaha

  • hannah

    after demi tweeted a a few ppl happy b-day she started 2 get flack from ppl asking how she could those ppl happy b-day but not her so call bff she tweeted

    ddlovatoOh and I may not have twittered it, but I didn’t forget Selena’s birthday!!!! I could never forget hers!!!about 11 hours ago from web

    THEN SELENA REPLIED I GUESS TO DEMI cuz she hadn’t tweeted anything b4 that in hours but tweeted SAYING this rite after demi’s above tweet

    selenagomezI was born at night, but not last night.about 11 hours ago from TwitterFon

    and early on demi tweeted saying she needed selena on the road and selena didn’t reply but did tweet other ppl
    and also in selena’s latest say now mgs when a fan said she admired their friendship and selena answer its great 2 have her blah blah blah but sounded quite on sure

    i sense heat going on between them but wat i think is going on is that demi must have forgotten her b-day and now it seems like MEMi is over since the Tremi incident demi is yet 2 reply 2 any of miley’s many tweets. 2 me it seems she decide 2 fall back on selena after kinda ditching her but selena isn’t having it wat do guys think cuz i think its just random how selena tweeted that after demi claiming not 2 forget her b-day thoughts?

  • Anonymous

    Yes, but Selena’s tweet came in a suspicious timeframe after that post, so Demi could be lying (It’s not the first time she has shamelessly lied on twitter)

  • Anonymous

    gah does anyone know who’s mostlikely to be #1 tomorrow? and omg ashley tisdale is at #2 on itunes and wants ppl to make her #1 oh hell NO! lol just saying

  • Anonymous

    oh ok. i bet now she cares.

    you are such an ass.

  • Anonymous

    omg they need to duet and i became a fan of demi because of this new album it is really great i like her alot im like going around hiding my cd from my friends because im 21 and listening to a disney girl but turns out their fans too lol they love here we go again ,falling over me and got dymanite ,everytime you lie is a favorite to lol congrats demi she deserves this shes underrated to me i think she could be as big as miley because i think hert music is better jmo,their both dolls though its just demi music seems more meaningful and real

  • Anonymous

    demi is so lucky! she gets to meet all of her idols and even work with them. obviously they must think she’s talented i guess

  • Anonymous

    nowhere in the video does kelly say that she prefers demi to miley.

    and who the fuck cares? everyone has their own opinions.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t own either CD and I don’t plan to.

  • Anonymous

    haha she’s kinda funny. like her and love demi!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    All RESPECTED MUSICIANS and ARTISTS prefer demi than miley.
    cause demi got a voice that is really amazing.
    and miley is eh.

    sorry im not a demi fan but thats true.

    kelly clarkson,John Mayer, Mcfly. The View
    and other people prefer her more than miley

  • Anonymous

    awesome! they should do a song together!

  • Anonymous
  • becky

    aah she knows who she is :)

  • Anonymous

    check out

    if you’re a Jonas Brothers fan! :)

  • Anonymous

    i think Selena is mad cuz demi wanted to make HappyBDayNickSantino a trending and not Selena xD..
    but who knows.. maybe Selena was just saying that to another person.. OR she just found that saying interesting and fun and just posted it.. OR your theory could be right.. WHO KNOWS :/

    let’s analyze xD

  • Callie

    I was at this concert
    in fact…I’m the one who gave Kelly that cd. :D
    I also gave her a letter with reasons why she & demi should do a duet
    but they told me I wouldn’t be able to give Kelly a cd so I have the letter to security
    but I decided to run up and give Kelly the cd whole she was on stage anyway. :D
    I’m hoping Kelly got the letter. :)

  • erin

    thats awesome!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I’m so happy for Demi :)

  • CaliGirl

    Kelly is soo Funny!

  • Anonymous

    No wonder her cd sold alot everyones promoting the hell out of. First John Mayer to his 2 million followers and all those bands mentioning her cd and now Kelly Clarkson.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    SWEET!! demi must be so jazzed. i’m so happy for her. :)

  • Anonymous

    well Selena barely replys on twitter.. i guess she barely uses it but she trys to use it for her fans to know what she’s up to..but idk.. i hope everything is allright between them (:

  • Anonymous

    Ahhaha. That’s awesome. XD

  • someone

    love her so much!!!
    She’s my fave.
    She’s so funny and awesome! <333
    “you should be buyin my cd!” ahaha

  • CornPopsGirl!!! <33

    Demi is number one on the billboard charts as of today, but yeah Ashley Tisdale just released her album today so it probably will knock Demi’s album off number one on those charts, but as for billboard who knows. And yeah there are a lot of people promoting her album, but she deserves it. It’s an amazing album.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    thats fucking awesome for demi :)

  • Anonymous

    i love kelly and demi!!!!

    callab????? callab??? callab??

  • Anonymous

    “she can sing her butt off”

    yupp true true kelly!!!

    i cant believe when ppl say she sucks??? demi is a great singer!!!

  • Anonymous

    kelly&demi actually remind me a lot of each other.

  • Delilah_Marie

    Sorry,but..We care..why?

  • sarah :D

    they NEED to do a song together cause they r both incredible!! :)

  • Anonymous

    yea! your right!

  • Anonymous

    hahaha kelly’s hilarious :)

  • jessy.

    kelly is the best of the best.

  • Anonymous

    If someone says Demi can’t sing… They obviously dnt know what music is.. That girl has a gift :)

  • amia

    somewhere demi lovato is freaking out!!!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t own either CD and I don’t plan to.

    well then you’re missin out.

  • Anonymous

    Demi deserves to be #1 on the billboards chart INSTEAD of ashley tisdale!!!C´mon,everytime I see her on Tv, she´s lypsinging and even when she does sing live,her songs are really not that good. They´re pretty average and not outstanding at all. In two days, everyone will be forget them. If ashley tisdale is #1 and Demi #2, people definitely DON´T KNOW WHAT GOOD MUSIC IS!!!!

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    love her!

  • CDK

    speak for urself. i CARE!
    I’m happy for demi. one of her biggest inspirations bought her album and likes it :D

  • Anonymous

    You don’t have to care.
    Some people do.
    Got a problem?

  • Anonymous

    this was at konocti harbor in california. iw as next to the girl who gave her the cd. she was freakin out haha

  • Anonymous

    I think rather she’s reading the wrong OceanUp article, lol. (he)

  • Anonymous

    umm, hello, everything doesn’t revolve around twitter.
    and demi didn’t forget,
    she told us to tweet selena happy birthday at her KC concert.

  • idam

    God wheres my comment?

  • Anonymous

    bet she doesnt have mileys

  • Andrea



    she’s so funny !!

    love that girl !!

  • kellyclarksonisthebest

    which song was she about to sing ? I think it was either ‘Ready’ or ‘Cry’.