Lucas Till trailer for what is hyped as one of THE best action films of the year.

  • Anonymous

    I’m sorry but that sucked. It looked sooo dumb.

  • sweetnessnlife

    And its a joke

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  • stef

    wait is this like a legit movie?
    like theater release?
    because if it’s gonna suck.
    this has “low budget” written ALL over it.
    the only plus is that fine peice of sex…lucas.

  • Anonymous

    check out

    if you’re a Jonas Brothers fan! :)

  • Taylor

    If that’s supposed to be one THE best action films of the year, than I suppose that Angels & Demons, Watchmen,
    and X-Men stunk on ice.

  • chakki

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  • Anonymous

    omg people its a parady its not really!!its a joke! haha i cant believe ppl actually believed this lol.


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  • baguach-jan

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  • Anonymous

    Litteraly asking myself if some of you on here are actually a little dumb?
    Its not a real movie. Hes having a laugh.

    It was hilarious.

  • Anonymous

    holy shit, anger management?
    sorry if i stopped watching it after about 30 seconds,
    so how the fuck would i know it’s not legit?
    gawd, we’re not all a GENIUS like you think you are.
    you’re an asshole, thanks bby! xoxo

  • Anonymous



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  • Anonymous

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  • Becca

    wait so this is a fake? i certainly hope so because I have no idea what i just watched.

  • dvd

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  • Anonymous

    Fuck Miley Cyrus and her stupid chipmunk mouth. This movie rules!!! Fuckin’ hilarious! I remember when I was 15 and didn’t get jokes. And PS how many of little pre pubescent shits have friends that have made anything close to this in their mom’s backyard.

  • Anonymous

    not real dear.

  • Anonymous


  • fer

    can i laugh?? seriously.

  • jane till

    I laugh my tears out everytimes I watched his 3 promo videos. That is funny side of Lucas. That is why call ” “stupidity” Hahaha! What a creative person.

  • Anonymous

    Lucas Till is awesome.

    But this movie looks REALLY bad..
    The trailer didn’t even tell us what it’s about.

  • Anonymous

    LOL! Taylor Swift looks like Spok? HAHA ROFL!!!

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  • Anonymous

    I dot get it, this looks just as zhitty at the Terminator Salvation preview… Cool tho could be that stoopid ass Zac Efron pool party video. Drunk Russian RUKLES LOL!

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  • Anonymous


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  • me

    what the hell?
    Is this movie a joke?
    It looks so horrible! You can EASILY tell which scenes have a green screen. the effects suck and the acting is crappy. Lucas Till should just do maybe some romantic drama kinda movies or small indie movies.
    Although this looks pretty indie too ’cause it looks low quality and cheap…
    Haha, I can’t believe it says “THE best action films of the year”
    It looks like it only has one setting. Some beachy area in like California. The deserts are VERY visibly green screens.

  • assembler

    a fly with no wings would be called a bug…and you cant call panties pants LOL and for you poop guy go slit your own own throat!

  • rgehtt

    Hes so fiiinneee =]

  • Anonymous

    hhahahah what the FUCK is this?!

  • Anonymous

    his voice sounded so funny

  • Lisa



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  • fg







    teehee :)

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  • Lisa

    im firstt1!!

  • dsmovvf

    what ? i thought it was scary . hahaahh : D

  • Anonymous

    Ok haha i’m sorry to say this looks like a joke. And what a difference from the
    Hannah Montana movie. But i’m guessing he takes his top off in this film,
    so im up for watching it tbh :)

  • Amy

    haha awsome
    but whats with his voice :L
    i know hes acting but its just weird haa

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  • Taylor

    Um, how about you go back to preschool, and learn how to talk and type like a human being, and then maybe I
    will vote.

  • Anonymous

    what’s with his voice??? and this looks like a horrible movie. i couldn’t even tell what the plot was about. plus, the trailer didn’t even look like it was for a real movie. HORRIBLE

  • NJ

    lol…. funny.

    i do this kind of stuff in my garden…. infact, if u look reeeaaalll close…………


  • Tehreem :)

    The movie looks sooo good! Mostly because Lucas is in it it but still :) <3 haha

  • kayla

    its not a real movie people

  • Anonymous

    That just looked fucking retarted :/

  • Anonymous

    WTF is up with his voice?

  • Anonymous

    That just looked fucking retarted :/

  • Download Soft

    Really enjoyed this! Well done!

  • claire

    This looks Horrible the acting is bad the directing is cheap and so are the effects

  • Anonymous

    LMFAO at all the people thinking it’s a real movie. It’s so obvious they filmed it in their backyard with a video camera. And if you didn’t figure out from the crappy acting, stolen lines, and terrible quality, the words at the end should have made it pretty clear…

  • Anonymous

    That just looked fucking retarted :/


    agreed. i love lucas. but he looks so out of place.
    and the trailer is confusing. what is this even about :l
    it looks bad…sorry :l

  • Anonymous

    exactly it’s soo stupid!(his voice)

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  • dmdmdm

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  • katherine

    hhahaha people this is a joke!
    its not a real trailer!

  • Anonymous


    this looks like crap
    he sucks at acting!!!!

  • helples

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  • Anonymous

    Jealous much “me”?

  • Anonymous

    Lmfao I love all of the parodies he’s doing lately! I like his funny side =D

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  • Anonymous

    Wow… that looks pretty cool! Good to know that Lucas Till won’t become a generic.

  • Anonymous

    his voice is sooo deep here.

  • Jonas Tumor


  • Rosie

    Omg, gay much? I hope your joking about that piece crap being one of “THE” best action films of the year.If so, lol, hilarious joke.

  • Amber

    This better be a joke, I’d love to see anything Lucas does
    but I’d have to pass on this one :|

  • britney

    wtf? … i have no idea what the hell i just watching… lookin all bootleg and what not… lucas was hott though… i will give him that…

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  • Jen

    What’s with the voice?

  • Anonymous

    uhm guys, it’s not a real movie.
    it’s just something him and his friends did.
    it’s obvious.

  • Jonas Tumor


    You’re an idiot.

  • britney

    aah… i am such an idiot…its not a legit movie ya’ll.. i don’t even know why i didnt pick up on all the lines from other movies… im an idiot..personal fail

  • Anonymous

    Is this an action movie or a comedy?
    It looks so stupid.
    The acting is crappy.
    And WTF did they film this with a $100 cam.
    The quality looks so cheap.

    I think Lucas Till is yummy,
    But I fucking hate his voice.
    It doesn’t match him at all.
    It’s super deep yet he has a baby face.

  • Anonymous

    LOLz OMg thats sooooooo funny! That comment, not the movie. It’s okay or something I don’t get it. Lucas is so hot though… is he still dating Taylor SwiFt? Or as me and my friends refer to her… Spock

  • c.micha

    Best Action films of the year????? Omg I could shoot this in my backyard!

  • melanie

    i looked it up and this isn’t real
    there already is a movie called the red menace and it is not an action film. this is fake

  • B-Flash

    10 seconds of my life i’ll never get back…DAMN!!. yeah Isaid 10 seconds because thats all I could watch, and yes I know it was a spoof but damn doesn’t he anything better to do with his time.

  • Anonymous

    hahaha! wtf?!?! hahha their voices! duh its abovios that its not real..

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  • me

    yea no offense but this movie kinda looks retarded. lucas till is still hot though!!!

  • sarah

    so this is fake?

    i didnt know it was fake
    i was just laughing the whole mf time

  • Anonymous

    its not a real movie….. dumbazz

  • Anonymous

    is this for real?

  • britney

    “we are dead! we are all dead!” lol. christian bale shoutout… see now its funny…and pretty good considering it was just for fun.

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  • Anonymous

    this is a joke for the teen choice awards

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  • Anonymous

    ahhhhhh i love the end!

    motherfu-! :]

  • anonymous

    Fucking gay retarted

  • Lindsay

    that looks so gay.

  • lisia

    omg i hope this is a joke cause wow this looks fukcing rtarted
    and if it’s not then ummmmmm what is this!!!!!!??????

  • uhh

    is this a joke? AHHHA i knew it -_-

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  • Claire


  • corie

    am i the only one who thinks this is a joke? like something he did for fun..?

  • Sophie

    ahhh his voice is freaky! haha

  • hotspot shield

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  • Me

    It Is a Joke…

  • Melissa

    dude, till was soo horrible that i was
    caracking up when he was “killing” those people
    his voice is just so fake..and the acting too
    of course. This movie is a joke. and i laugh at
    it being hyped as one the best action movies
    of the year…..I’ll bet g-force is better than this
    and if you people say that g-force isn’t a real
    action movie- that is exactly my point

  • Anonymous

    He’s alive?

  • Anonymous

    this is fake right? i mean….its a spoof……..isnt it???? his voice was so terrible! it was like a pathetic attempt to be christian bale in terminator or batman! oh lordd, the red dude was so lame

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