Ashlee Simpson Wentz TCA PARTIER

Ashlee Simpson Wentz at Television Studio TCA party at the Huntington Library as well as the TCA CW Summer Press Tour at The Langham Hotel and Spa in Pasadena, CA. Photos: WENN, INF. 4+

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  • i love fall out boy

    but i like her too

  • jonas

    she used to be so prettty! she shouldnt have gotten a nose job and she should die her hair black or blonde again

  • Anonymous

    i hate YOU so much

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  • i love fall out boy

    this is kindof random
    but have any of you heard of new perspective by panic at the disco

  • Miss Sunshine

    I was listening to a CD of hers and it was pretty good. She is pretty, but I dont know if she can really sing…

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  • Irene

    She looks good for a mom (:

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  • Steph

    yea they’re on too. Idk they look real to me. Could she really be that stupid to take pictures like that again after what happened last time??

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    old bitch

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    There’s more leaked pictures of Vanessa, but this time, they’re more recent.

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    she looks so gorgeous! such a pretty mom :)

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  • Anonymous
  • holly

    OMFG vanessa hudgens naked again ! all the picture are at

  • Anonymous

    Jeez, stop partying at the T(as in TEEN)CA event and go home to your kid. Seriously, does this woman even realize that she has a child? There’s new pictures of her going to parties like every day.

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    fuck me ash

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    im secound to comment woow cuz i live in BEAUTIFULL london wowowowwo she gorgeous


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    I hate her so much

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    She is very pretty and more so after her surgery. She should stick with light brownish hair which I think looks better on her.

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    She’s so pretty

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    I love this women :)

    Melanie S.

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    she is very pretty !

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    That air color looks pretty well.
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