David Henrie CW11 MORNING SHOW

David chats about the WOWP movie. Thx jayce!

  • wouldnt u like 2 kno..stalker! :P

    haha u guys kno he reads these things so dont come looking 4 an autograpgh after u decide to call him a douche..which he s not.. he s completely hot an very down to earth..an if it wasnt 4 taylor. l ..he d be my fav. haha jk..mayb…:p
    ne ways if ur readin, tweet! haha

  • MarshaMarshaMarsha

    WTF? That’s not true. I actually met David like 7 or 8 times and he’s been so sweet and funny every time I meet him. How is he a “shitty friend”? Was he ever YOUR friend? NO. Do you know him well enough to say he’s a shitty person? NO. So shut up cause you don’t know shit about him!

  • <3

    i loveeee him :) he’s gorgeous.

  • anna

    wth, he’s not a douche.

    he’s amazing!
    and he’s hot!

  • morgan

    hes hot, but a douche.

  • $$JoBroHoe305$$

    I love him and hes such an amazing actor!! <3

  • $$JoBroHoe305$$

    How is he a douche?? :(

  • Anonymous

    it’s the same person who posts all the negative posts because she met david and he may have ignored her. all the people that met him say he is so sweet and nice. maybe the negative poster is just a bitch….get over it

  • @

    I love David, he’s just so real and doesn’t try to be this “perfect role model”. He does like to party and drink beer or whatever, but he’s 20 years old now. He should be allowed to do what he wants. Besides, David was raised to be a mature and responsible young guy and thats what he is. He has so much important plans for his future. At least he doesn’t do drugs and smoke, that would be much worse. I just have a lot of respect for him and he’s a pretty good-looking guy with gorgeous eyes. definitely talented and hilarious.

  • morgan

    well, actually its not so much that hes a douche, but he doesnt really set a good example for his young fans. he parties with slutty girls, drinks underage (i know alot of people do but when you have this career you shouldnt) he curses a lot on his twitter. i mean hes 19 right? hes acting normal. but i believe he shouldnt do that in sucha public way.

  • Irene

    yeah. why?

  • jazmin

    he is so hot!
    i love his hair like that. :)
    but anywhoo, i love that he really doesnt care that he’s a disney kid. he lives his life.

  • Anonymous

    oh.. well that doesnt rlly make him a douche does it? ;D lol. i think hes just being himself, what 19 year old guy DOESNT do all that.. well except for Joe Jonas, but hes somethging special! lol. but yeah ur right.. he shouldnt dot hat in such a public way..lol. but i still love him! <3

  • Anonymous

    check out

    if you’re a Jonas Brothers fan! :)

  • ——

    okay, so this interview happened today and it’s already on youtube? where is selena’s interview with alexa chung…..

  • Anonymous

    can’t wait! love you david and selenaaa

  • $$JoBroHoe305$$

    oh by the way, the comment that starts off with “oh.. well that doesnt make him a douche” is mine.. i just forgot to put my name..lol

  • Steph

    Aww, he hardly has any comments. I feel bad. Poor Davie.

  • Anonymous

    well really he’s 20, and those pictures of him drinking and having a good time were in Puerto Rico where the legal drinking age is 18… plus I like the fact that he’s genuine and not fake at all about anything… the man can live his life and that does not make him a deuche… he seems like a real sweetheart

  • Anonymous

    hahahaha he’s soooo cute :]

  • idkmybffjill?

    I didn’t laugh :/

  • meli

    god idk why but i fucking LOVE this kid. hes so awesome. i mean hes really hot. and i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee his hair and eyes but like his personality is so funny so awesome that he just gets 10x hotter to me. hes so whitty lol. i love him idc what anyone says hes awesome.

  • Anonymous

    “knock knock”
    “whos there”
    “oh, i wasnt actually prepared”

    i dont like him but hes kinda funny..and he seems real

  • coffee

    I love david henrie he is so real.
    Sometimes people forget how a real guy acts when
    it comes to disney. I think he did nothing wrong.
    Ok, maybe the whole drinking thing was kinda wierd and to public but he did it legally. Its not like he got a DUI or somthing(hopefully). So what he enjoys life. I don’t think people should blow things in his face every time he does somthing that isn’t qiut right.
    I rather him be real with people than to be a fake or a puppet. He is very mature. He knows what he’s doing
    so just stop getting your underwear in a knot and live a little.lol
    i love David and lorenzo.

  • yeah

    I <3 david henrie.
    hey, has anyone meet him?
    I wish i could.

  • Carol

    okay, so this interview happened today and it’s already on youtube? where is selena’s interview with alexa chung…..

    I agree!!

  • charlie

    David Henrie is so sweet and funny, cute, aswome.

  • Lmao

    LOL at all the reasons people listed for making David a douche, that’s just normal guy teen stuff. If those reasons make David a douche then every teen guy is one.

    However it’s the stuff people don’t know about makes David a jerk in my eyes. He is a shitty friend & person. He goes out with bitchy girls cause he isn’t a very nice person, just a decent actor.

  • crazydaisy

    David is so funny and charming in this interview.
    and he’s so cute and HOT!! LOVE HIM SO MUCH!

  • *Milla*

    italians do it better. coem here David! we’re waiting for you….
    well….i’m waiting for you XD

    (ps: he’s 20)

  • Anonymous

    Okay, for those of you saying he’s a douche, how?
    And saying he’s rude.. once again, how?

    Those pictures of him in the club doesn’t mean he’s a
    “bad rolemodel.” Everyone does that, so stfu.
    He’s a GREAT rolemodel & he’s super sweet and adorable.
    And hilarious might I add.. at least he isn’t like some of the other fake disney celebs who just pretend to act all sweet and innocent. You know? David is REAL and that’s why I respect & love him so much. Might I add he’s a great actor?
    I’d love to meet him one day, he’s sweet. real. funny. hes just amazing in general.

  • Anonymous

    the girl about me was like idk why i love him and then gave a list of reasons why she loved him. m
    ahahhaa, that was realllly funnny.
    im not being mean or anything

    i can’t wait to see this movie.
    this is the only show on disney, that doesn’t use people falling and like hillybillly jokes and the ‘dumb blonde’ quality to be funnnny. i like swac, but shows like swac, HM, and suite life use the same things in every episode.
    and even though the concept of the movie is pretty generic and has happppened before, the characters can take it to a whole new level.