Miley Demi Selena Taylor Jonas BALD

Disney stars GO BALD. Demi and Joe look the best!

  • fdf

    But you don’t know what you got until it’s gone!!

  • Anonymous

    Kevin looks like Adrian’s dad from Secret Life. hahaha(:

  • Anonymous

    am I the only one that thinks kevin looks hot with the beard? Lol
    But with hair on his head? Lmao

  • anna

    nick= WEIRD


  • Anonymous

    ^ HAHAH.
    I was just about to comment on that. XD

    and dangggg,
    joe still looks hot :D
    ..and does look identical to camilla. lol

  • Anonymous

    ahahah fuck demi doesn’t look good at all
    stupid oceanup.
    Zac looks the best

  • addiee

    omg. kevin looks like my uncle.
    Miley actually looks FIERCE! lol

  • Anonymous

    omg i was gonna comment that joe looked like camilla belle but i guess it’s just not me who noticed!! haha

  • Anonymous

    demi is FUGKING UGLY!
    i’m so scared

  • jeni

    joe lokks gorgeous even bald

  • awesomeness

    LMFAO, that’s a good one :D

  • sam


  • poooopi


  • bri

    kevin looks like my third grade teacher bald!!!

  • natalie

    dude nick looks like LEX LUTHER from smallville

  • loool

    bahahahahaa i love them all but you made LOL

  • megan

    joe ACTUALLY looks like camilla bell :|

  • Anonymous

    Thats Exactly what i was thinking! he looks like her twin!

  • Anonymous

    hahahaa jonas’ need to steer clear of going bald! aahahahaa they look horrible. whats with kevins beard thing hah, joe looks like camilla, nick..well, nicks hair needs to stay where it is. selena could actually rock the bald look if she had too.

  • Anonymous

    lol someone should make one of Camilla bald. Then we could really show how alike they look.

  • alex

    ok love kevin but am i the only one who thinks he looks asian in this picture… not hatin just the way it looks to me

  • kelsey

    i was thinking the exact same thing about taylor looking like voldemort!

  • Anonymous

    I love Kevin but he kinda looks like a pervert without hair :)

  • annette

    joe looks like camilla! hahahha.

  • amanda

    OMG! they do.

  • ssa

    Um wtf? haha tim you love jemi so much.

  • Anonymous

    LMFAO! taylor and joe look like freaking aliens. Damn nick STILL looks hot. And wtf at kevins beard.

  • Anonymous

    Selena looks like a little boy.

  • :)

    if they put Camilla Belle in this and made her bald her and joe would probably look sooo much alike ahha this is funny and Taytay Swift looks like an alien ahahaha I love you taylor swift.

  • Casey

    Vanessa looks like an elf, Taylor looks like Voldemort, Selena looks like a baby, Demi looks really photoshopped, and the Jonas Brothers all look amazing! :)

  • http://Iwilhateher Carrie

    i think vanessa looks better bald!
    and i’m not even playing
    kevin jonas looks like an old asian man
    demi i think looks kinda good
    the rest all look damm weird
    but i love selena and taylor bald or not!
    omg freakin ocean up taylor swift isn’t a disney star!

  • Anonymous

    What was up with kevin’s beard!?
    I have never seen him with that before.

  • Anonymous

    hahaha! that was hilarious. it makes you realize how nice of hair they all have.

  • Anonymous

    jemi anyone


    joe sill looks so hot with or without hair

  • kaitlyn

    thinking ths same exact thing!!!!!

  • JB FAN92

    Joe looks almost identical to Camilla Belle!!!!

  • Ana

    a you love Demi,Miley,Selena,Taylor,Joe,Nick e Kevin

  • Anonymous

    this is freaky..taylor looks scary same with miley eww

  • selena gomez hater or brianna lash

    this is so funny i am trying to print her but it wont let me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! selena gomez hater or ps:brianna lash

  • selena gomez hater or brianna lash

    la la la la la la i hate selena because she is going out with nick jonas lol lol lol i love woogi world my woogi name is licenches if you see me add me lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hate her lol