Chelsea Staub BANDSLAM Premiere

PR Photos.

  • bridget

    i don’t think her face is weirdly shaped, it has very nice features

  • Amandaaa


  • biz

    i love chelsea. she’s so pretty.

  • Anonymous

    Every time i see her i feel the need to slap her, idk why though.

  • alexa

    wow looking good chelsea :D
    first btw

  • Gaal

    She’s pretty

  • maria

    i love her!

  • Anonymous

    first! chelsea rocks (:

  • Emma(:

    She looks pretty. :]

  • Anonymous


  • amanda

    hate her chin

  • anonymous

    first! chelsea rocks!! (:

  • Anonymous

    shes GORGEOUS!

  • Steph

    The top of the dress is cut a little weird, but she still looks good. I like her hair like that. And I LOVE the shoes.

  • Anonymous

    Prretyyy! :D

  • MaCy

    Chelsea is pretty and all but sometimes I notice that her face is shaped kinda oddly. Does anyone notice that? I think its the chin or the cheeks. Sometimes on JONAS she has a little fat on the bottom of her cheeks. But she is still really pretty. :D

  • anonymous

    Miley wore the same necklace at the Glasor Aids thing but in black.

    i’mm just sayin lol

    I don’t think chelsea is very pretty :/

  • Anonymous

    aww her and joe jonas dating would be soo cute!

  • Lacey

    gorgeous, her hair looks pretty and i like the dress