Dakota Fanning wearing a white skirt to Jamba Juice. Limelight. 7+

  • ew

    She is really not a pretty girl. That outfit fits her like a 12 year old because she doesn’t have a waist either. She’s just straight up and down and bleh.

    And her matching her father is kind of cute but silly at the same time.

    Suprised he let her out with such a mini skirt and low cut top at the same time on.

  • Anonymous

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    if you’re a Jonas Brothers fan!

  • Anonymous

    at first i thought she was annoying in war of the worlds and hide and seek… but then i saw secret life of bees and i thought she did a great job… hopefully she had a great future…but she needs to hire a stylist.

  • Anonymous

    bitch looking FIERCE!!

  • molly

    wowow! matching outfits! so sweet! lol
    first! =]

  • Anonymous

    1st?? christal williams

  • Anonymous


  • me

    first, yes!

  • uh


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    you guys are stupid. she just came from cheer practice which is why she’s wearing that outfit

  • lisa

    first ? ahaha

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Saw her on a friends episode today lol!

  • Anonymous

    Weird sunglasses. They look like they’re upside down but they’re not.. I think.

  • vanessa

    ommgg thoose glasses are not for her… they are not dark enough:S

  • oceanUP


  • oceanUP


  • biz

    those sunglasses do not suit her.

  • Anonymous

    wtf? how is she a BABE? more like BABY

  • wutev

    Her legs have definitely filled out more. Now she doesn’t look as bad as she did in Push.

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  • Anonymous

    This gorgeous blonde girl looks like a tennis star in her white mini-skirt. Dakota is so beautiful…

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    She’s smart to be a fan! Who couldnt be a fan of jamba juice?! I love it!!

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