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  • Anonymous

    hahha i was wondering the same thing..

  • Anonymous

    i like his outfit.

  • ohhay

    this outfit just screams “look at me i am the epitome of tools” i mean serioiusly, i love the kid but he looks like a total douche in that.

  • Anonymous

    hes alot beter than that debby.

  • haha!

    i love you i was thinking the same thinggggg

  • sfjksfjs

    he and lucy hale broke up, finally.

  • Anonymous

    when does the wizard movie come out?

  • Gelly

    i like how he dresses. it says, “back off idc about what you’re gonna say. i love my skinny ties!”but seriously, i read b4 that he loves his skinny ties. but i was hoping that he has no caps and left his hair shaggy. i dont like caps on him. btw, i love his shoes. so cool! anyone else wonder if celebrities buy new shoes every premiere? (I meant ever disney guy)

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    Demi: so what are you guys doing after this?
    Joe: Interviews..
    Kevin: Yeah and then fly to a couple of citys to express our love..
    Nick: yeah we’re really thankful for everything that’s happening in our lives right now
    Miley: hey, is just our friends here, you guys don’t have to talk like that..
    Selena: Yeah i agree
    Demi: she’s my BFF
    Miley: Whatever
    Joe: me and Camilla.. hum… we broke up…
    Demi: yeah i know…
    Miley: me too, i saw with Demi on OceanUP
    Demi: I feel sorry for you… not! Cowmilla sucks Joe, and i’m glad you realized that… she can go back to her roots and live on the jungle in Brazil, not hating Brazil because i love there, the fans are crazy!
    Nick: i know! there were girls taking my clothes off..
    Miley: uum there’s something i would like to see!
    Selena: i did!
    Nick: OH NO YOU DIDN’T
    Demi: really? i did!
    Miley&Joe&Kevin: WHAT?!
    Nick: yeah me and Demi.. we are like brother and sister… so what?
    Miley: Nick how could you?
    Nick: Justin Gaston, most known as EPIC FAIL, underwear model…how could YOU? btw i’m glad you got highlights.. :)
    Miley: Just for you babe!
    Demi: Anyway… so Joe… what are you going to do now?
    Joe: well, i’m gonna grab my rebound list..let’s see on the top there is Brenda Song, and the second is AJ Michalka.. i’ll see when they’re available.
    Demi: What number i’m on your list?
    Joe: you’re not on my list…
    Demi: WHAT? why not?
    Joe: because i just can’t be with you… you’re too good for me and i don’t to hurt you like i do with everybody else.
    Taylor S.: like you did to me, but BOY YOU GOT WHAT YOU DESERVE.
    Selena: yeah.. like i’m done with this Taylor it’s been almost a year why do you still think about that? do what i did with Nick we’re still friends..well kinda. btw WTF are you doing with Taylor Lautner?
    Taylor L.: hhm she ask me to come with her.. whatever don’t even know who the girl is.
    Demi is still shocked about what Joe said:
    Demi: EVERYBODY SHUT UP! Joe.. i have something to say…

    Joe: go for it.. i don’t have anything to loose.
    Demi: I love you, and it doesn’t matter that you’ll probably hurt me. i don’t care! you’re crazy, but i just know i want to be with you!
    Everybody is quiet now.
    Joe: i don’t know if i can do that.. you’re just too cool Demi, i don’t want to sing on my next concert ‘now i’m done with rockstars’!
    Demi: you think i’m a rockstar? *-*
    Joe: yeah. and you’re the hottest one. for sure. i can’t look at you and know that you’ll never be mine! i love you.
    Demi: i love you too. let’s talk in a private place?
    Joe: yeah there are some creepin people lookin at us right now.
    Selena: aaaaaaw so cute, but did you guys knew that before the Burnin Up music video people would say about me and Joe and not about me and Nick?
    Miley: yeah i prefer that way..
    Nick: since everybody is making speechs and stuff i need to talk to you Miley.
    Miley: private?
    Nick: it doesn’t matter anymore, i’m not scared of what people will say about us, like Demi said, i just know i want to be with you. we’ve been trough a lot, i know. but we can’t live our lives like people want us to. i love you. let’s reconnect.
    Miley: i see another storm coming.
    Nick: ‘A heart is not a home without the one who gets you trough the storm’ did you forget?
    Miley: let’s talk private..
    Selena: well Kevin it seems that’s just us now… you know you were my favorite Jonas.
    Kevin: Don’t start Selena, i have a fiance to call.

    want more? reply.

  • Tashahahaha

    No mate, you look like Avril Lavigne.

  • Chloe

    SO HOTT! I love the Henrie bros..btw Joe is fugly. he looks like adam greiner or wtevs from entourage. kevin is the hottest JB, and nick is 2nd and joe comes last place after frankie.

  • Anonymous

    i love david but i cant believe some of you think he looks better than joe

  • Anonymous

    i met him <3 hes so nice, we had like a little conversation =) and at the meet and greet we weren’t really suppose to be in front of him a long time but yeah =)))) hes so sweet **sigh**

  • maria

    dang :)sexiest thing i seen today!

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  • Syds11

    Sooooo hott. Absolutely obsessed with his face. :)

  • Danielle

    sexy ;)

  • mileyluver


  • Anonymous

    sooooo hott. seriously i would love to meet him. and date him. just sayin

  • Natasha

    i know. No way

    Joe is so much hotter on so many levels

  • amanda

    is it me or is he like trying to be pete wentz? lol

  • biz

    i’ve said it once, i’ll say it again. he is GORGEOUS.

  • Anonymous

    loving the tie and hat but not the acne ridding face

  • Anonymous

    this guy gets uglier everyday

  • Anonymous

    Kay. 1. he’s getting more CUTER everyday, k?
    2. I love joe but this guy is WAY hotter than joe,
    3. He’s so freaking cute :) And adorable.
    and sweet. and kind. I wanna meet him so mad.
    Love him <3

  • Anonymous

    check out

    if you’re a Jonas Brothers fan! :)

  • amanda

    he has really pretty eyelashes :) lol

  • ffff

    what he’s wearing reminds me of the uniform of rebelde

  • Anonymous

    how come selena doesnt come to things like this

  • Anonymous

    he has a boner?

  • CatinCrunchRocks

    Ehh he’s okay used to be hotter..
    & why couldn’t OU just make one “BandSlam” post instead of multiple ones.*shrugs*whatever.

  • Anonymous

    Lol he is the poster child for douchiness.
    Tuck in your shirt, take off the cap, and take the phone out of your pocket.

  • kelly


  • CaliGirl

    i like that he has acne…
    not everyone is perfect

  • Steph

    He’s a cute guy, but he doesn’t look great here. He looks like he just rolled out of bed and put on a hat that’s too big for his head. Like the girl above me said. Poster child for douche-iness. Jon Gosselin 2.0

  • Rach

    Hot hot hot! I love him! Not keen on the hat though!

  • gsgsg

    he doesnt have a boner you douchebag
    its the pants

    and hes the hottest guy ever

  • Steph

    B/c there’s nothing else to post today and Tim wants to make it look like there’s a lot of news.

  • Anonymous

    he’s usually hot, but here i don’t think so..
    i think he should date meaghan martin!!

  • Anonymous

    fuck you bitch, ur the one who should feel like a douche. hes laughing
    at this while blowing his nose on 100 dollar bills. so if u got paid to advetize
    those close u would do the same, so shut the fuck up

  • Anonymous

    lol, he should look the same, what else would that make if hes always different.
    ur fucking retarded dumb ass

  • Anonymous

    i love david but i cant believe some of you think he looks better than joe
    dude not everyone has too think joe is better looking than any other guy(but joe is cute)

  • Lalala

    I love the second picture so much,
    he’s the cutest guy ever. <3

    I think him & selena would look cute together :)

  • Anonymous

    He is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo freaking hottt he is my fav. actor ever!