• Anonymous


  • Amandaaa

    She’s the only Disney star that actually dresses her age.

  • Neon

    so unattractive. :/

  • imjustsayin

    i really wish she would start dressing like a girl or something. im not trying to be mean cause i think shes pretty but i just wish she would get a stylist or something. she has so much potential.

  • gabby

    i dont like the way her lips look when she pouts :l i think shes better off smiling. shes really pretty though :)

  • Anonymous

    I love her skinnny jeans

  • Alex.

    This girl is not cute at all. Why is she famous?

  • Anonymous

    let me remind you selena and miley used to dress like that on the red carpet before they had a real stylist
    give the poor girl time. wait a couple more months
    and shell change.

  • Anonymous

    so unattractive. :/

  • Jane

    Something is seriously wrong with her lips.

  • Anonymous

    i cannot for hte love of God find her pretty

  • Anonymous

    was she tryin to do the ashley-tisdale-lip-look????

  • Anonymous

    She’s trying to be like Ashley Tisdale with the lip thing. And her hands look creepy in the last photo.

  • Anonymous

    soooo pretty :)

  • Anonymous

    really? i think she’s pretty. and i like the outfit…. guess i’m in the minority.

  • Anonymous

    She is to fat to do the lip thing.

  • Anonymous

    it is insane how much she looks like selena and hannah montana combined.

  • Anonymous

    you dont have to be pretty to be famous

  • Anonymous

    The outfit is cute but no for her. It would look better with dark make-up it does not work with light.

  • Anonymous

    check out

    if you’re a Jonas Brothers fan! :)

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  • Anonymous

    she’s not thatpretty, but she’s cute in a way. she’s nick jonase’s nexr gf, hahah KIDDING

  • Anonymous

    I think that Disney made her (literally). They used features from both faces to make hers. Also she is a little to nice. Hmmm im on to you Disney.

  • Claire

    for once her outfit isnt hideous

  • Anonymous

    she’s pretty !

  • Anonymous

    Am I the only one who thinks she’s looks like a fusion of Miley and Selena???

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  • alliegator.(:

    she bugs me how she pouts her lips.
    i’m trying to think who else does that, but it’s not coming to mind…

    there’s no way in hell disney would ever accept me, all their front girls are so nice, and polite…if people talked shit on me, i’d be like, oh hellll naw. *middle finger rises* this is for all you haters! (:

  • Anonymous


  • hello everybody

    she’s just like a pig.
    or her friend, porker Q

  • serena

    you dont have to be pretty to be famous!!

  • Anonymous

    well shes not exactly ugly now- is she? shes just not extremely breathtaking- so wat? neither are lots of famous people. i mean lets face it, unfortunately i have seen what ugly really is (thank goodness never in a mirror) so stop bashing coz wen i feel like being a bitch i remind myself god could give me achney or make me age badly- or he could even make me gain weight!!! im not preaching or anything just dont be so quick to judge!!!! btw. where is everyone! so many posts and theres nobody commenting!

  • Anonymous

    i dont know why disney picked her to be in disney
    she has no unique spark…just boring

  • CaliGirl

    Shes cool;;
    but needs a stylist!

  • aaallleeexxx

    she needs to stop making that pouty facy.
    cause shes pretty when she smiles.

  • Danielle

    i don’t think she’s ugly. i like her outfit :/ and i love her hair
    her cheeks are a little big though, but so are mine, so i really shouldn’t be talking hahaha

    she’s just living her dream, there’s no law that says she has to be really pretty to make it big, even though that’s how the media portrays it.

    whatever, i like her :) and i think she’s funny

  • Anonymous

    Not Miley, i mean Miley is very sweet and cool but not polite.

  • Anonymous

    they have that jacket at charlotte russe!!

  • Anonymous

    I think that Disney made her (literally). They used features from both faces to make hers. Also she is a little to nice. Hmmm im on to you Disney.


  • jess

    i cannot for hte love of God find her pretty


    i know….i mean its not that like you have to be pretty to be on tv..but like i try to picture her like pretty but i just dont see it

  • Casey

    she’s cute.
    i like her shoes.

  • Anonymous

    Something is seriously wrong with her lips.

  • CaptinCrunchRocks

    She looks 12 and 16 at the same time.akward..
    But her outfite look better then it usually does but she still needs a stylist.Imo

  • hayley

    she should dye her hair brown, or get highlights…
    like her hair is just soo boring.
    But I like her acting though :)

  • Anonymous

    The last pic she looks like miley but mileys prettier(not sayin debby is ugly)

  • Steph

    I agree. Her lips are too big already. When she pouts it just looks bad. Miley can pull that off b/c she doesn’t have Angelina Jolie lips to begin with. She kinda looks like a chipmunk when she smiles. I know that’s mean, but whatever.

  • Anonymous

    she bugs me.

  • Anonymous

    She’s not pretty, nor cute, I admit that!
    But she can act.
    I’m not a fan of hers AT ALL but i’ve seen her act and she’s good.
    so she doesn’t have to be pretty and cute and super skinny to be on disney, she had talent and that is enough!
    And probably when she has more money she will have a stylist or something…
    remember Selena Gomez in the early days? She used to go to premieres with jeans and converse, now she wears fancy dresses :)
    so back off.
    and remember, I’m NOT a Debby Ryan fan!
    Just saying.

  • Anonymous

    sdoo, they dress however they want too, i mean there nothing wrong with dressing with a dress thats cute.
    but its watever.

  • hayll!

    is just me or she has like a HUGE forehead?

  • aahahhh!!

    why is she trying to do the lip thing?? its not working..

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    She’s kinda pretty..

  • brianna

    slena yes miley a little. don’t like the lip thing on the first pic.

  • asdfkhjk

    what is wrong with her lips.
    every picture i saw of her her lips looks all jacked up/

    anyways,the comment like up up up up there.
    hello ?! if she dresses her own age that would be so boring. selena demi and miley has there style that makes
    them unique. debby is like BLAAAhh.

    i dont like her she thinks shes all that.whteves.

  • eek!!

    she dosn’t really look good…. she looks like shes trying soo hard

  • (:

    sixty ninth.

  • Anonymous

    she isn’t pretty

  • Anonymous

    1st bitches

  • Anonymouss

    she is attractive and she is cute.
    So shut up people