Wizards VS Vampires ZOMBIE PROM

Part 2 & 3 under! Thx dd365media.

  • Anonymous

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    if you’re a Jonas Brothers fan!

  • Anonymous

    Juliet is the same gurl from Jonas the one Nick likes and writes her a song :) she’s becoming one os Disney starts too?

  • Anonymous

    no fair i wanna kiss him!

  • Ellie

    That episode was good :)
    Love Selena’s hair at the prom LOL.
    Aww Justin and Juliet kissed <3

  • Julia

    Love Selena she is so beautiful

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  • Anonymous

    I love Selenaaaaa
    She is so pretty and cool!!!

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  • baba
  • sanah

    oh hey! I have the same shirt as juliet in the beginning the purple one from H&M ha, finally i have a piece of clothing that’s like on t.v. haha. all my friends are like “oh i have that shirt” when they watch a disney show.

  • Anonymous

    i know that feelin.. but i have a shirt from wizards too… the one that says i love shoes bags and boys

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  • Just a fan

    Love that it seems almost like a tribute to MJ. Great episode.

  • lexi

    im so glad this episode is posted here cause i wont be able to watch it tonight cause im going to scotland.. =] i didnt want to miss the last episode

  • http://twitter.com/angelsebua angel

    cool! :)

  • beth

    i love selena she is awsome <<<3

  • http://http:twitter.com/mileycfan4ever awesome

    selena is so cute
    love her :)

  • Anonymous

    LOVE Selena! she is soo great as Alex Russo!
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  • jbluver

    cool this is kinda like a tribute 2 mj they used some of his steps

  • Juliet 101

    one music video were expected to have dance battles everywere