Send It On Disney Stars Fan COVERS

Amy covers ‘Send It On’ by Disney stars. Check out Cimorelli‘s version under!

  • Candela

    Amy, oh amy! You deserve EVERYTHING. I can’t beleive it! You landed on OceanUP! Remember where you started cause if you dont win MW contest your still going to succed some way somehow. Love ya xo candela=]
    Follow Candelarockss:] Peace!

  • Anonymous

    They are good. The girl in the back with blue and pink shirt , i have that shirt.

  • aopaslkjklsjjlkasjlksalk

    The girl in the blue tank top in the bottom video,
    has the most fucked up body I have EVER seen in my
    life. Just sayin’.

  • soherewegoagain

    The first girl (amy) is soo good:) her voice sounds amazing and i wish i sounded like her. But the group of girls is beyond creepy, i mean who makes a group and organizes it by height ahaha.. and they have very annoying facial expressions.

  • Anonymous

    is think the first one was really goood

  • K

    Cimorelli is amazinggg!

  • Anonymous

    Amy is adorable! and her singing is amazing omg

  • Anonymous

    check out

    if you’re a Jonas Brothers fan! :)

  • Tasha

    I love them both!

    The first one is more original though! (:

  • Anonymous

    why does the girl in the first (top) video keep freakin smiling!!! its SOOO annoying and her voice isnt that great like she isnt hitting the right notes and yeha shes making it her own but idk there is just something about her that annoys me lol

  • Anonymous

    amy you sound amazing you deserve all of this… hope you make it far:)

  • Anonymous

    amy is definitely better than the other group. her voice is so calm and pretty and everyone is like screaming in the other one. i suggest they calm it down a little and maybe theyll be good.

  • Anonymous

    the first girl looks like jennifer stone dont you think?? she’s like spot on haha

  • Samantha

    OMG Cimorelli is SOOOO AMAZING and anyone who says
    they aren’t must have been dropped on their head as
    an infant.

  • Jess

    OMGGGGGGGG Cimorelli has amazing harmonies and they
    are all beyond awesome. SO inspiring. WOW. WOW. WOW.
    WOW. WOW. WOW. Favorite band.

  • Anonymous

    amyy is amazingg!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I could see Amy being on Disney ha, I love her voice.

  • Anonymous

    yay amy!!! so happy for you!! your gonna freak out when you see this on here!!

  • Alex Jonas

    She’s better than Miley, and Miley is REALLY famous.
    Let’s kick Miley out and make Amy a star :)

  • Mariaaaaaa

    The girls blew Amy’s doors in, no offense or anything :D
    They’re off the chain. I’m subbing fasho.
    Amy was good but she seems like she doesn’t really like herself, know what I’m saying? She can’t rock it.
    The other girls sounded like ANGELS. I got major shivorssssss.

  • Lindsayy

    the littlest girl in the second video is so adorable :D

  • anonymous


  • Anonymous

    hahahahah lmfao agreed!

  • Anonymous

    Cimorelli is getting on my nerves.
    only 3 of them can really sing..
    and whats with the facial expressions.

    bring on the haters who are gonna be like..they can all sing better than you. blah blah blahh.

    well i was in junior districts. which is like the top chorus. sooo yeahhh.=p

  • Anonymous


  • reese

    amy you did an AWESOME job !! keep on shooting for the stars.. its soon going to be right there to achieve :)

  • gabby

    i normally dont check out these covers but wow. im actually impressed with both. the first with the piano thumbs up. the second one was really good too! the harmonies are good. even if they did make it sound like church, idc it was nice. theyre all pretty too so people shouldnt be making rude comments. everyone comes in different shapes and sizes. they were all good. although on some parts it didnt sound as good as others, the video was still all well done.

  • http://ilyzazaplan halie

    lol not she is a little good but needs a little work

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    a;sldkfj;aslkd the first video is amazing!
    i don’t like the second video, it’s too choir-like.

  • Anonymous

    the first one is really good
    the second one is okay, i dont like when they sing together.

  • johanna


  • Anonymous

    omfg. the first girl is AMAAAZINGGG. whoa why the fuck is Miley famous and not her? she should be selling out arenas..being so youg and having such a awesome voice, and she’s beauiful too.

    cimorelli is good I guess but they really come across as strange to me :P

  • Anonymous

    The first one, Amy, reminds me of Mandy Moore for some reason. But she is really good. :))
    And Cimorelli is kinda annoying. They’re good, but annoying.

  • Anonymous

    AMAZING! Good job every1!

  • djlcgj


  • el


  • Amber

    I hate hate hate when they did the chorus everytime
    it sounded sooo weird because someone was super
    high pitch -_-

  • Awesome


  • melissa hegarty

    that first girl looks EXACTLY like harper from wizards of waverly place.

  • svetty

    yeyyy amy is on oceanup =D at last!! she deserves it

  • cimorellisucks

    i hated cimorelli
    they suck.

    and the blue shirt girl kept like gripping herseld….

  • NOT FIRST!!!! Yes!

  • Anonymous


    they seem so cultish

    the other girls good though

    ..and normal. ROFL

  • saraa

    not first.

  • Anonymous

    wow cimorelli is amazing!

  • Anonymous

    OMG, I loved Amy’s cover!
    Really, I’m shaking!

  • saraa

    In the bottom video, the girl with the light blue shirt who goes “yeah!” at the end, has a wierd ass body.

  • Anonymous

    cimorelli really creep me out, they’re like abunch of inbreds trying to spread the word of god through music ewwwww, i hate them people!

  • yoyo

    one the gurl in the light blue shirt in the second video has the uglyest body ever!!!!!!!!!!!!
    DAMN!!!! SHE !!!!FUCKED UP!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Near the end of the Cimorelli video, someone is off key and it’s really bothering me.

  • Anonymous


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  • Anonymous

    hahahah the comments ‘OMG Cimorelli is SOOOO AMAZING and anyone who says
    they aren’t must have been dropped on their head as
    an infant.’ and ‘OMGGGGGGGG Cimorelli has amazing harmonies and they
    are all beyond awesome. SO inspiring. WOW. WOW. WOW.
    WOW. WOW. WOW. Favorite band.’ have GOT to be the girls in the group. otherwise they’re deaf and weird. hahahah

  • Anonymous

    rofl @ the weird amish family

  • Anonymous

    those cimorelli people are awesome!

  • <3

    the first girl is friggin AMAZING! omg!

  • Anonymous

    the first girl is WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY better!
    likee that was sooo amazinggg!!! he voice like gave me the chills
    why isnt she a super star?
    she will be in the future.
    and i agree cimmoreli or howveer u spell it is good but there facial exspressions and stuff are annoying
    the first girls is better and more original..

    go headd bring on the haters flippin out on me…just to let ya kno i dont

  • AMAZING! (:

  • Anonymous

    amy sounds kinda nasal :( and too many out of place runs i think, but over she was good! i felt like she was off tempo though…

  • Anonymous

    amy sounds kinda nasal :( and too many out of place runs i think, but over she was good! i felt like she was off tempo though…

  • anonymous

    First one was good

  • AMAZING! (:

  • Anonymous

    Oh my. The first girl is ah-mazing! The group is good… but not ah-mazing.
    Good job everyone!
    Keep on singing :)

  • anonymous

    ok, for all you retards saying cimorelli was bad, stfu.
    i’d LOVE to see any of you attempt to sing that, then
    POST IT ON THE INTERNET and have bitches like YOU
    commenting on it, saying you’re all fat ’cause i
    know you are.
    oh cimorelli rocked it, FYI.

  • Anonymous

    amy, do you got twitter or IM? you have an amaaaaaaaaaaaaazing voice :O

  • Anonymous

    AMY!!!!! She is amazing! and SO nice too, def. a future star! If you have a mileyworld you should go vote for her A.S.A.P!!!!

  • Anonymous

    i really like when oceanup posts covers!
    me and my sister where on here a whie ago :)

  • randomstar

    i like the first one it is really nice the 2 one i don’t really like it

  • Lucie

    I like the 1st person better then the group!
    The 1st girl was super amazing! <3

  • Anonymous

    eewww cimorelli is
    good buhh the 2 little
    girls cannot sing and the 1
    at the beggining has an ugly body

  • Anonymous

    not first

  • nicoleeee

    cimorelli is good, but the girl directly in the middle has a HUGEEEEE! mouth. its really distracting when she sings

  • Anonymous

    in the botton video the one in the blue looks like she’s stuffing her training bra.

  • oceansailor

    Amy is really pretty and shes awesome.

  • umm..

    what the hell… why does that girl open every
    video with an apology???? she’s so squirmish..
    cimorelli was sick. they sound like angels rofl

  • sammajamma

    “the most fucked up body I have EVER seen in my
    dont worry, im sure somebodys said that about YOU
    before, hun.
    why you would say that about an innocent little girl
    you dont even know is beyond demented.
    get a life you stupid prick.

  • lori

    WOW. the cimorelli group are really good. MUch better than tthe actual singers. just wow,

  • Anonymous

    amy is incredible! she deserves it:)

  • Anonymous

    The Cimorelli sisters are beautiful.
    And the girl the the light blue tank top doesn’t have a weird body. she just has a wide shoulder.
    It’s completely normal.

  • Anonymous

    wow cimerreli or whoever the hell their name is are obnoxious