Baby Selena Gomez And Cousin Brandon


Selena Gomez on a swing with Cousin Brandon.

  • Anonymous

    The pictures aren’t always loading for me. I can only see the first one. Cute, though. =]

  • rainbowsprinkles

    can’t see all of them :/

    but cute!

  • Anonymous

    how’s adorable. :)



  • chrissy_i_am

    i love selena… but is this really all you got ocean up?? lol… but it is cute :)

  • mudshark_kendie

    how darling :) she was definitely one of the cutest kids around.

  • jonas_lover09

    aww soo cutte….

  • jonas_lover09

    aww soo cutte….

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    Aww… how’s cute. This picture was on the clips of their home video.

  • Anonymous

    Why are these pictures never working?? ):
    I always only see the first picture, and the rest trailing behind it are all x-ed out and blank. And this new Oceanup layout is making me miss the old one ):

  • JesziV.

    Lmao. How cute, she was so little, omg.

  • ellaella16

    so cute!!!! :)

  • TEXT%
  • MileyFan4Liffe<3


  • ME(:

    SO CUTE!!!

  • ME(:

    SO CUTE!!!


    now i see why they’re so close…
    they’ve always been like bffs

  • cheesey.

    She looked pretty cute.

  • gossipgirl(K)

    selena look sooooooo.. cuteeeeeeee

    xoxo gossip girl (K)

  • hpaddictedx

    She’s SO small, it’s cute.

  • YOma


  • meaghannn

    awwww shes sooo cute!

  • Leena

    awww such cuties!! so adorable.

  • Andrea.G

    what home video?

    but yea they look so cute!
    Selena looks so little and cute, i just wanna give her a big hug and grab her cheeks*.*!
    haha lol.. sorry XD!
    wish i could see a pic of selenaANDdemi together like on their 8 years of age.. (;

  • randomstar

    wow how cute but i really hate this ocean up the old one is better by a far srry i have been saying it alot

  • Pizza girl loves Cheesy

    So cute :).

  • ohhs


  • Anonymous

    aww, their super adorable!

  • hpaddictedx

    I can’t get over how cute she looks here even with her cute little big head

  • xokissme

    awwwww ! how cute is selena ?! :)

  • Estrella




  • ThatGirl

    Aw. So adorable

  • xxskaterchickxx

    she is so cute and so small

  • Anonymous

    This is too cute;)

  • andreaVeronika

    selena is soooo cute!

    i love her

  • Giovanna

    She could be talking about ANYONE! Cause Miley doesn’t constantly want attwntion from people she doesn’t know. She could be talking about ANYONE….

  • Anonymous


  • nia

    aw, shes adorable!

  • idkMyBFFjill

    aww her pants looks so funny

  • Andrea.G

    if they where watching home videos they should totally post them!!

  • Andrea.G

    lol, cute ‘big head’?

    i dont see her head big lol
    but still CUTE..!

  • Anonymous

    ITS REALLY THEM!! ..sometimes its their rep but check it out!!! and follow

  • hpaddictedx

    I think it’s just her hair that makes her head seem big haha she has alot of hair

  • girl crush mileyyyyy

    aww she looks the same haha..:)

  • Andrea.G

    @selenagomez I LOVE your new single :D It’s on repeat!!!! SO PROUD OF YOU!!!
    about 3 hours ago from web

    @ddlovato THANK YOU! I still remember playing you the song for the first time at lunch in your trailer! :(
    about 2 hours ago from TwitterFon in reply to ddlovato

    @selenagomez Ahhhh me too! :( I miss you.
    about 1 hour ago from web in reply to selenagomez

    LOVE THEM!!! (:

    They need to get together and do Youtube videos again soon!

  • JoBroglow

    thats y they are so close the grew up as best friends

  • HannahMary

    selenagomez Pet peeve: People who need constant attention from people they don’t even know. Kind of odd to me. Goodnight everyone!!
    37 minutes ago from TwitterFon

    MEEEOW! This HAS to be about Miley!

  • MJfan

    Awwww! Selena looks so cute & adorable! What a beautiful girl she turned out to be!

  • Blueberries

    Keeps her private life private at all costs? Ok sure. *cough Seventeen Magazine cough** Puh leez. Why does everyone paint Selena a saint?
    Nick Jonas it the ONLY one who really knows how to keep his private life private. Enough said.

    I do think she is talking about Miley though.

  • Mi – Ling<3

    aww, she was so cute and her cousin brandon also :)

  • Anonymous

    It could be about Miley, but even if it wasn’t I bet one of the main reasons Selena Gomez isn’t really friends with Miley Cyrus is because Selena dislikes attention whores, you can just tell that from the way she keeps her life private at all costs and dislikes when people scrutinize her and every single decision she makes.

  • Anonymous

    Omg she was so little!!

  • __tanyabby

    She was a cute little girl and turned out beautiful.

    I don’t understand why people hate her so much?

    I haven’t seen or heard of anything she’s done wrong.

  • Emmaxx

    D’aww. :]
    So adorable!

  • Anonymous

    Niley freaks needed an scapegoat for their stupidity unfortunately

  • Anonymous

    Selena and her cousin should hook up. That would be hot.

  • ashleigh

    i dont get how this new site works i made a account but how does it work.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    aww. cutest picture ever! :)
    i love selena gomez. she’s a good role model.

  • Anony

    check out

    If you’re a Jonas Brothers fan. :)

  • Anonymous

    shes cute.

  • joana_cardoso

    soo cute!!

  • Giovanna

    Awwwww <3

  • likewhoaaax

    Why does everyone paint Selena a saint?

    seriously. stfuuu.

  • Anonymous

    wow shes so tiny, she looks almost like a doll

  • Anonymous

    How cute. I love seeing baby pictures!
    Everything was so simple back then… Well except when you tried to get the cookie jar opened.. That was a killer.
    ROFL. Kidding guys..

  • Anonymous

    AHHHHH. she has no! Demon child jk

    She looks like a little doll. Adorable :)

  • Anonymous

    lol she has a big head and a small body

  • kimberlyattard

    ohh hhow sweeet :] !!

  • Sarah96

    that’s adorable! :]

  • arniearns16

    Awww.. Selena’s so adorable. =’>

  • Anonymous

    awww she’s so tiny! haha, so cute.
    her cousin was a cutie also.

  • Anonymous



    She looks like a little dolll
    she’s so adorable!

  • Anonymous

    this is kinda creepy she looks like a doll like the ones in scary movies when the move and kill people and Brandon is looking at her like he knows the truth


    omfg, she was SOOO CUTE AND TINY xD
    i wanna give her a bigg hug in that picture. (:

  • ShaneIsSoHypnotising

    ^^^ haha agreed. she was such a midget! ;)
    c=92 !

  • ShaneIsSoHypnotising

    ^^^ haha agreed. she was such a midget! ;)
    c=92 !

  • Anonymous
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  • Anonymous


  • Mandy selenas #1 fan!

    She is so adorable. I freakin love her. She grew up to be so gorgeous! P.S. This new ou sucks. Had to change my username since someone is registered under Mandy. Who ever she is, she should really gtfo!

  • Anonymous


  • Swoon

    Oh. What happened to the cheeks? :|

  • Anonymous


  • ddlovatosbiggestfan

    how cute!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    awwww. cuties<3

  • Anonymous

    can’t rly see it but aww =D

  • Anonymous


  • marierica

    woah; she’s really little. haha

  • Lali

    she’s so cute

  • gabby yup

    so cute<3

  • Anonymous

    she is so tiny, but cute (:

  • Selena-G.US
  • ShaNayNay

    She’s so tiny there xD

  • Anonymous

    Selena is awesome! She is very pretty! I think that she is such an amazing actress!

  • Alexis.

    awww so cute, and she is so adorable.LOVVVEEE Her!:)

  • Anonymous


  • kimberlyattard

    ohhhhow sweeet :] !!

  • Tami Aline



  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    shes soooo adoreable

  • aaliyahnoelle

    awww muffin.

    side note for oceanup *i love the new commenting system and stuff but can we fix this whole not being able to see the pictures. i know you’re working out the kinks still but…its kinda annoyin. other than that. i love the who gravatar thing*

  • idkMyBffJill?

    Yea and the replying system needs work.

  • Anonymous

    wow oceanup. GREAT QUALITY picture! love it! A+

  • Ann

    sooo adorable!!