Boo Boo Stewart MYZOS MAN


New Twilight star Boo Boo Stewart MYZOS Disney Fairies, Muppets, High School Musical 3 and Hannah Montana launch at Fred Segal in Santa Monica on August 22. Boo also attended the World Wrestling Entertainment kick off Summerslam and Mda’s Betty’s Battle at h.wood in Photos: Fame.

  • Anonymous

    Like barely anyone is commenting…they take no interest in this post. haha

  • Anonymous

    yaay! im so glad booboo got the role(:
    booboo is just his nickname people.
    he was in the t-squad and he sang the disney channel gamez theme song “if you wana know who’s the best go to the D-i-s-n-e-y disney channel games”

  • AleexaaHee..

    who IS HE?

  • JonasFan101

    he’s so cute!
    btw his real name is Nils Allen Stewart, Jr.

  • cash advnace

    great blog thanks for shairng,

  • Anonymous

    Boo Boo Stewart and Taylor Lautner went to the same class together. He was also in Martial Arts same as Taylor, musician and actor. Taylor and he was on Disney Channel.

  • heycasey

    this is the first time i’ve ever seen/heard of him.
    i hope that’s not his real name.
    that would be…unfortunate.

  • Anonymous

    He reminds me of Taylor Lautner.

  • jonasbrothersfan

    Never head of Boo Boo before…lol

  • Anonymous

    first hes weird

  • Anonymous

    Boo Boo? Interesting.. Can’t believe I was the first commenter! Woo!

  • aaliyahnoelle

    boo boo is a wierd stage name to have. but hey his name his issue…

  • w

    Who is this guy?
    And why is his name Boo Boo?

  • Anonymous

    who the hell is he?

  • Jessie Love
  • KindlyUnspoken

    He’s kinda cute, especially in the first pic. =D