SONNY In The Middle NEW Episode

  • MileySupporter

    thats on the dvd right? the extra episode cool!! too bad im not going to wtch it lol i wnt to c it on tv its sooo much better!! I <3 SWAC! lol

  • Anonymous


  • Colleen

    HaHa!! I love this episode!!! :D Demi is so hilarious and amazing!!!

  • xxdaniellexx7

    i loveee demi lovatoo
    swac is hilariouus.

  • JesziV.
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    That was a low blow with the never kissed a girl before. I liked Nico and Grady suffering through those chick flicks. Oh and that gaming chair looked sweet, anyone know what happened to it?

  • Anonymous

    so borrrrrring this show …

  • Anonymous

    Omg I just watched the wizards of waverly place movie… It’s so good. I saw this episode months ago.

  • Haley<3Nick

    5 weddings…………and a wedding………thats makes a whole lot of weddings!!!!!!
    then grady catches the boquet!

    OH SIGH!

  • Delsy


  • Anonymous

    I love Sonny’s outifit at 7:55 (part 2) :D

  • Reem

    Lol I lovee Demi!

  • Katiana

    Demi needs to STICK TO SINGING!!!!!!
    Why do Disney singers always have to act??!
    Seriously, Demi and the Jonas brothers should leave their lame TV shows and stick to their music.
    they’re bad actors!!

    I mean, who else is gonna have their own TV show? Jordan Pruitt or something??

  • Anonymous

    actually demis acting is getting better but not the jonas brothers. they suck at acting but demis getting better =]]

  • Katiana

    are you kidding? Demi’s acting is getting worse.
    she overacts like crazy and when she does she smiles really huge and even go as far as crossing her eyes when she’s excited or something. she’s TERRIBLE.

  • Anonymous

    i love demi lovato she deserves all her sucess and so much more and this coming from a 21 year old who gets all teenie seeing her i adore her a huge fan,i like the jonas brothers too i wasnt a fan at first until the new album i really like it and very mature demi and jb are very talented for being on disney alot of my friends listen to demi and jb music their really good love them

  • marshmellow

    Demi should definitely leave the acting to Selena.

  • Anonymous

    actually demi is good at acting, she was amzing on camp rock and this! Dont diss people if you have nothing nice to say dont say it.

    Demi Lovato rockss xxooxoxox

  • Anonymous

    i agree her acting is getting better just look at the episode sonny in the kitchen making dinner then youll see it but the jonas brothers suck

  • JesziV.

    Demi’s acting is shit. It’s painful to watch, I couldn’t sit through a minute of this crap. Gave it a chance. Huge fail. I didn’t think her acting could get worse than Camp Rock, but I stand. Or, sit. Corrected.

  • JesziV.

    And when is somebody going to break it to her that smiling like a lunatic is NOT attractive? Why the fuck does she smile so HARD? Omfg. “:D!!!!!” Ew.

  • sofifreydel

    Chad is hilarious
    All the cast are wonderful actors

    LOVE DEMI <33

  • heycasey

    demi’s hair is so cute on the show.
    i miss it.

  • Anonymous
  • _Kathy_

    :) Sonny with a Chance .. Love it

  • kimberlyattard

    haha this show just keeps getting funnier and funnier!!

  • ddlovatosbiggestfan

    five weddings…and a wedding…that makes a whole lot of weddings :D
    funniest part

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  • CarlaIsHere

    wow this show is just AWESOMEE :D

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    I love Demi in SWAC. And i love her smile, it reminds me of Julia Roberts’ :D

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    lol hilarious! I’m now a fan of SWAC, funny show

  • Anonymous
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  • Lucia Huges

    Funny. Love sony and the digital camera review

  • los angeles computer services

    SWAC is getting funnier and funnier. I wasn’t a fan of Demi at first, but her acting just gets better with every episode and im just addicted now, lol

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  • Darrell

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  • Anonymous

    that was the best show ever
    love the last part

  • flora

    demi needs to stick to singing

  • kds c


  • Anonymous

    woo I went tho the taping of this episode!!

  • Sora

    I freaking love this show!

  • Cynthia

    Chad is hilarious.. haha.

    On the note of Disney singers shouldn’t act,
    They HAVE TO act, its all part of the audition. And Disney actors/actresses are SUPPOSE TO sing. and again, its all part of the audition.

  • Cynthia

    Chad is hilarious.. haha.

    On the note of Disney singers shouldn’t act,
    They HAVE TO act, its all part of the audition. And Disney actors/actresses are SUPPOSE TO sing. and again, its all part of the audition.

  • Anonymous

    hahaha shes actually really funny…like shes good in this show but not camp rock…

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  • Sarah96

    the ending was funny! demi is an amazing actress! :)

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  • Anonymous

    haha demi is so funny, i love her! that was a good episode. i liked the end of it that was hilarious, the way she laughs.

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  • Anonymous

    yeah… i think her best role was on ppp… SWAC SUCKS AND SO DOES CAMP ROCK!

  • therealanonymous

    This spisode is really funny haha
    Zora wasn’t annoying as usual.

    Demi’s acting has improved from CR days.
    I think she’s a better fit for comedies though. SWAC > Camp Rock.

  • KR

    LOL. Five weddings, and a wedding, that makes a lot of weddings!


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  • Anonymous

    Y did disney channel create this show?! I mean I love Demi but I thought that she was gonna be in a more grown up (ages 9-14} show not like this…a show that for like ages 7-12 of something.

  • Anonymous

    Demi looks very odd on SWAC like a living doll and that little girl gives me the creeps.

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  • jonasbrothersfan

    Haha, I know! Me too! The little girl is creepy.

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  • Anonymous

    well the episode was fine
    on the view the young blonde asked selena, ” is it a requirement that all disney actors/actresses have to sing??”
    i found that hilarious because selena isnt that good.. well she’s like hilary duff, she’s a whatever singer… i like her acting and demi’s singing.. shes amazing!!:D

  • 7KsD

    demi come to chile again

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  • Anonymous


    “Yall think I’m emo? Go to warped tour! I’m gonna go home & put on a purple tshirt, listen to 98 Degrees, and eat PB&J! I am happppyy :)”

    wow. making fun of people at warped. if im not mistaken, her BROTHER played to those “EMO” people at warped.

  • JesziV.

    And Selena happened to be there. JS.


    Demi is so funny XD

  • Aislinn

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  • J o y

    i love demi. shes awesome. =)

  • margie

    do people care more about music rather than TV/movie entertainment?

    when Disney actors become singers, people complain.
    when Disney singers become actors, nobody complains.

    wtf?? acting takes skills, brains, creativity and TALENT, just as much as singing does. so what the hell is going on here?

  • cara g

    So Fetch!

  • Anonymous

    Of course that fat bastard has never kissed a girl lol.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn Coco? FOUR for you, Glenn Coco! You go, Glenn Coco!

  • Anonymous

    demi might not be the best actress but she is the best singer on disney

  • jonasbrothersfan

    Not really a big SWAC fan, but I love Demi Lovato. lol

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  • i

    Yay i love SWAC

  • Anonymous

    We love oceanup and!

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  • Anonymous


  • four


  • Lucie

    Awesome :)
    Demi Rocks :D

  • Anonymous

    good episode! I love Demi!


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  • Anonymous

    I love SWAC!!

    One of my favorite shows, haha.

  • Vonagrarierok

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