Dakota Fanning WIZARD OF OZ Sequel?


Dakota Fanning may star in a sequel to The Wizard Of Oz. Producer Basil Iwanyk said, ‘It will be set in the present day and feature Dorothy’s granddaughter. You’ve still got Dorothy trapped in an odd place, but she’s much closer to the Ripley character from Alien than a helpless singing girl.’

The original film, based on L. Frank Baum’s 1900 children’s book ‘The Wonderful Wizard of Oz‘, starred Judy Garland and won several awards. The first sequel ‘Return to Oz‘, made in 1985, was based on Baum’s novels ‘Ozma of Oz’ and ‘The Marvelous Land of Oz.’

  • Dessiree

    NOOOOOO PLEASE NOOO. Wizard of OZ is one of the best movies ever it does not need a sequel. just leave it alone.

  • Anonymous

    WTF. This idea should be scrapped.

    Oh wait. It will obviously earn money. So-rry. It’s a great idea! You guys will all be curious and go see the movie even it will obviously not be something of cinematic history other than the fact it is an insipid sequel to one of the greatest movies made.

  • Anonymous


    An unknown should do it if this hideous film should ever be made.

  • tin man

    i think there was a part 2

    it was called TIN MAN with Zooey Deschanel (better)

    or RETURN TO OZ with that scary chick

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  • Anonymous

    Enough with the remakes and sequels. Come up with something new already.

    But keep putting Dakota in things, she’s awesome =)

  • xoAshley

    Im not quite sure how that would work. But shes amazing.

  • meaghannnn

    Ugh I hope not.
    I hate Daktoa, she’s annoying.
    And a sequel will just ruin the first movie.

  • Cheyanne

    Im sorry but Wizard of Oz is a classic movie and I don’t think a sequel is going to be very good. She’s a really good actress, it’s just not a good idea to do anything with wizard of oz

  • Anonymous

    She’s a great actress and all, but so overused. I mean, can’t they get a little variety?

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Whoever came up with this idea needs to be shot. You CANNOT make a sequel to such a classic.

  • Timber518

    Wow, NO! They SHOULD NOT make a sequel of that movie! I love all of the movie’s she’s in; she’s an incredible actress, but no! Bad idea. You can’t remake something like that. It’ll only suck and you know people are going to hate it just because it isn’t the same as the first one.

  • paulette

    leave wizard of oz alone.

  • Anonymous

    a sequel? lmao are you kidding me? oh god :/ but she’s a good actress, maybe she will make the movie worth watching.

  • Anonymous

    I would love to see Dakota in a very dark new Wizard of Oz film. Dakota is great at being scared and crying.

  • Jonas88

    eh not good idea :/

  • Jonas88

    eh not good idea :/

  • aaliyahnoelle

    im not sure about the sequal but dakota is an awesome actress. so whatever she decided to do, you know she’ll do it well.

  • Anonymous

    true! haha

  • Anonymous

    This chick can act.

  • ur mum


  • Anonymous

    Stupid movie! Can Hollywood stop making suquels and remakes to everything? No imagination anymore! I like Dakota though! :)

  • Anonymous


  • Schizophrenia..

    Love her.

  • soautomatisch

    I don’t think a sequel would be all that great but I like her. :)

  • Anonymous

    cool :)

  • Anonymous

    Great actress! One of the people I look up to when I started out in acting =)