Savannah Outen Falling Over Me DEMI

Savannah covers Demi Lovato’s ‘Falling Over Me.Like it?

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  • whatever

    i agree i love demi but she is not a legend but noone could rock one of her songs the way she does

  • new oceanup sucks

    she is good but I dont like it

  • Gyh_Jb


  • onion

    she is really good

  • onion

    i love that song

  • jonaslovatobabe

    she is good!

    and i like her hair!!

  • Anonymous

    uaaaau, that was really beautiful, she’s very good (: congratulations !

  • mel.jonas

    Sorry, but no!
    No one can compare to Demi Lovato.
    So it’s like, don’t even cover one of he songs. She’s so amazing no one could sound better…hahhaa :D

  • Anonymous

    as much as i hate her, that was pretty good.

  • jonasbrothersfan

    I like Demi’s version best, but Savannah actually did a pretty good job! I think in a few parts she screamed a bit to much, but overall, good!

  • Anonymous

    it was okay. but obviously, no one can sing it like demi..

  • Anonymous

    she does this song really good!
    im so proud of where she’s at.
    she’s come such a longg way!!!


    she did an awesome job, that was incredible considering she did it in one take… sweet pipes savannah

  • Anonymous

    way better that demi

  • Anonymous

    way better than demi

  • Luv2LuvJonasDotCom

    check out

    if you’re a Jonas Brothers fan! :)

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know who she is but I think she did an amazing job. He has a great voice.

  • Anonymous

    ew its so whiny! she needs to learn to stop making covers & start writing her own music! its so annoying! YOUR NOT DEMI! STOP TRYING! SHE CANT BE REPLACED

  • disneyobsession

    wow she really likes demis music shes covered alot of her songs

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know who she is but I think she did an amazing job. He has a great voice.
    — I meant she of course lol

  • anonymous

    lol yeah but how many times did she have to record this?

  • iliketurtles

    No one can outdo demi on her songs, but this girl’s pretty talented. this isn’t really her sound, though, imo.

  • Anonymous

    savannah ? es muy linda y canta muy bien .) escribo en español por que me dio la gana LOl

  • therealanonymous

    Ah no. She can sing but this song is not for her.

  • Anonymous

    my god, you guys are such kiss asses.
    “No one can sound like demi!” “She can never be as good as demi!”

    chill. Demi lovato is not a legend. She is not that great, she is talented, but she is not that amazing that “no one can sound better”.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    the girl is not trying to copy demi,or anything like that shes just singing one of her songs cause i guess shes a fan of demi.any way she can sing really good but htis is not her style of music.

  • laurenmaria

    it was alright…
    but she obviously can’t touch Demi.




  • onlyone

    she did better than usual.
    but this song should be sung by demi only.

  • LovelyShadowGirl

    Ok, idk who this chick is, but she sounds really good in the beginning.
    But then she was totally yelling and that ruined it.

  • Anonymous

    she needs to stop covering songs.

    damn, seriously

  • Anonymous

    ok i dont like her much, but in general i think she has a nice voice. on this cover though, i feel like she’s trying too hard to imitate demi’s voice and sound, which really cannot be recreated, rather than making the song work for her voice. oh, and also i agree with everyone who’s said she yells a little too much.
    still, this is a difficult song and i give her credit for trying it


    eh, it’s okay. i think she’s trying to hard to get demi’s voice in this one. but i kinda still like it.! i did demi’s catch me :)

  • Anonymous

    it was good!

  • remembrdecembr

    it wasn’t good, it wasn’t bad.

    obviously no one can sing it better than demi

  • Joe Jonas’ Eyebrows

    You are Sooo Talented You Don’t Know How Much I Want Your Voice. :) Everyones saying that you can’t replace demi and stuff yeah no one can but i’m sure she wasn’t trying too. Pluss At The Chorus You Weere A Bit Screechy. :) BUT WELL DONE YOUR AMAZING :) XX

  • Anonymous

    ahhh people shes just a cover artist! who gets views on youtube! it dose not even matter! She’s not taken seriously with people in the music buisness!!!!!

  • heyimlea

    she sounds like a demi impersonator. she should get her own voice.

    dont get me wrong i think shes amazing. just not herself.

  • Anonymouss

    i hate her.

  • Casey L.

    Eh. She sounded good until the chorus of the song.

  • Anonymous

    She sucks! savannah come back to reality, YOUR NOT DEMI!
    Your just a cover artist that gets views on youtube, BIG DEAL! Nott
    how about u just quitttt

  • KarenRenny

    actually, she has songs on iTunes,
    and a few music videos. my guess is
    she’ll be working on a cd soon?

  • Tatiana

    she did a really good job>Her voice is amazing

  • Anonymous

    she’s not attractive at all… lol
    her voice is really annoying when she gets all loud, and yeah i agree she kinda sounds like demi in the beginning. trying too hard lol

  • LaLaLandGirl

    Er,I don’t get the whole hype about her. :/
    Of course Demi is better.

  • @maryisaperson

    it just looks like she got spray tan
    she should be bck to normal in a bit
    i love her covers though

  • Anonymous

    she either lost weight or good plastic surgery on her face. She looks different.

  • Anonymous

    hah first

  • liveandlove

    I like her, and the cover was good.

  • Jonas88

    Cool :)

  • Kelllsea

    shes so pretty!

    follow me..

  • Anonymous~M

    at the begginning she sounds good and similar to demi. but when she starts to belt it out she screams and doesn’t really control her voice at all. she could use lessons and then she would sound great.

  • Anonymous

    who is she!? first?

  • Camille

    a little too nasally for my tast
    i think she screams a bit too much aswell
    if she calmed her voice down shed sound a lot better

    just my opinion :)

  • Jonas88

    @ocean up do posts about jls please ;) !!!!!

  • rainbowsprinkles

    this is awesome (:
    this song is my favorite song<3

  • Anonymous

    that was pretty good

  • Anonymous

    savannah is so sweet <3
    but uhm, no. this song is for demi and demi only.

  • marcella

    I know difficult it is to sing Demi’s songs!! because her voice is amazing! and Savannah rocks :) i like it! haha

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous