Emily Osment @ MuchOnDemand in Toronto. PR Photos.

  • aaliyahnoelle

    whaaa?!?!?! she was in toronto. hell i was just there yesterday 2.

    gahhh well. she looks really pretty and she really does look like carrie underwood. but carrie is gorgeous so that cool.

  • lalalanaaaaaaax3

    i love her outfit! ;]

  • Anonymous

    she cool but im not spending my money on her

  • Luv2LuvJonasDotCom

    check out

    if you’re a Jonas Brothers fan! :)

  • Cammi

    omg i never realised that she DOES look like Carrie Underwood… wow

  • LaLaLandGirl

    I never realized how she’s so naturally gorgeous.
    She looks like carrie underwoods little sister xD

  • gbv

    she looks really pretty. she woudve done better for lead role on hannah montana. except she coudnt wear a blonde wig coz shes already blonde

  • gbv

    the presenter looks pretty too

  • Emmetts My Monkey Man

    i love her she is so nice and down to earth. she isnt trying to be in the middle of everything or the center of attention…love the dress

  • Jenn

    Much on Demand is a show on Much Music in Toronto, Ontario.

  • ok

    she is GORGEOUS!!!! i LOVE her!

  • Rachel:]


  • Rachel:]

    DAMMIT! 12TH

  • sooo

    follow me and ill follow you back!!!

  • Aisling hearts the Jonas Brothers

    OMG I love her outfit xD
    She looks so pretty

  • mirna

    i love her she is sweet
    and for everyone her outfit is from Zara

  • jonasbrothersfan

    She looks pretty here. :)

  • Carol2433

    Wizards of Waverly Place The movie – watch here http://disneyptstars.blogspot.com/ !!

  • kimberlyattard

    <3 her dress !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • xoxLisa

    I love her dress.
    She’s really pretty too<3

  • Tiff

    luv her i think she might be the only perosn ever not get get hate comments cause she really doesnt do any thing that would cause ppl to hate her but now let the hate comments begin 3 2 1..

  • Mrs. Joseph Jonas

    I really dont like her but she looks gorgeous in this picture. i love her eye color and her dress

  • TheWindBlows<3AAR

    She looks lovely. :)

  • Vemi

    I bought a iqual dress a week ago xD. so funny


    She is always so pretty

    hey guys check out
    youtube.com/meganandliz <3
    they are theee best

  • Melissa=)

    shes so pretty…
    im jealous. :P

  • Julie.Peace

    i think shes amazing, shes so down to earth and so cute, its really weird cuz her brother is (was) a drug addict.

  • Dessiree

    Remix of JBs Song Goodnight and Goodbye!!
    it has a rap in it this guy did really good please send it into oceanup he really wants it to make it her :) thank you

    BTW: i love emilys outfit here and she looks so pretty :)

  • milk

    wow, shes really pretty! i love her

  • Taylor.



  • I LOVE Nick Jonas

    She looks SO good except for the shoes but other than that theoutfit is amazing

  • mesh
  • CeeCeeAreYouInsane?!

    DAMNNNNNNNNNN she got hott!!!

  • iluvjbiebs

    i was there !
    she looked so pretty, and is so nice !

  • iluvjbiebs

    i was there !
    she looked so pretty, and is so nice !

  • Anonymousness

    she looks gorgeous! but i think she should stick to actingg.. oh well

  • mootle.

    she’s so gorgeous. :)

  • raina

    looks pretty…….i like her dress

  • Shahanna


  • Shahanna


  • lalala56

    she looks so damn amazing!
    i love her so much :)

  • abby

    Full Wizards of Waverly place Movie can be seen here http://www.youtube.com/user/BIGHOLE96#play/uploads/8/mWfn5_p9o3c Enjoy!

  • I Was Born In Tesco

    She looks so good, much prettier than that Cyrus kid!

  • AnonymousCutie


  • lalala56

    it’s funny, ’cause i was just watching
    MuchMusic and the Olsen twins were on..
    i guess i’m gonna have to wait for this ep to show :) she looks real’ hot btw <3

  • MickeyMousesDaughter

    I was Born in Tesco
    No one is prettier than Miley you bitch!

  • rainbowsprinkles

    omg is so pretty
    love her!

  • fuckinghell

    debby has one job, she isn’t releasing a fucking album and no one has heard her sing so don’t compare her to those talentless idiots. and what does this have to do with debby? who is tiffany? michell sucks at singing and emily is a disney pop wannabe who can’t sing.

  • I Was Born In Tesco

    Whatevs, she’s a whore! Like Amanda-Boy!!

  • MickeyMousesDaughter

    She is not a whore! Amanda-Whore

  • rainbowsprinkles

    she is *

  • iliketurtles

    too bad she can’t sing for donkey shit. she’s a great actress tho. STICK TO THAT, FUCKING PLEASE. emily, selena, mitchell musso, debby ryan, tiffany thorton, etc: YALL.CAN’T.SING.

  • disneyobsession

    omg ocean up post more news plz this has been a really slow day.

  • MickeyMousesDaughter

    Why cant emily, mitchell musso, debby ryan, tiffany thorton just be happy with having one job millions would love to do?

  • Meli

    Hahaha She DOES look like Carrie Underwood. but wow she looks gorgeous.

  • jonasbrothersfan

    Wow, I never realized that but she really DOES!

  • Emmetts My Monkey Man

    Omg i soo get what you mean

    i never thought that until now

  • Emmetts My Monkey Man

    Omg i soo get what you mean

    i never thought that until now

  • Anonymous1432412

    am i the only one who thinks she looks exactly like carrie underwood? lol

  • MaylorFTW

    I was just coming to post that. They look so much alike it’s scary. They have the same birthday too(March 10th). Emily looks really pretty.

  • Jacky

    i love her.

  • whatever

    first what i am suppose say oh yeah go emily

  • LayalKazma

    OMG!! i have that same exact dress!!! it’s from Zara!!!

  • Sarah96

    She’s looks so gorgeous in that dress! love her =]

  • Spongebob

    She is so pretty! I looove her outfit :) She’s awesome!

  • Jonas88

    pretty :)

  • Anonymous21

    cutie yay like 7th i tink lol

  • lilmisscrazyyy

    i saw that last night on MOD! :D i live in toronto..i was really close to meeting her but then i didn’t.

  • miley fans

    she soooooooooooo pretty i looooooooooooooove emily

  • Aeiouuu

    She looks so damn pretty!

  • Delsy

    what much on demand??? anywayz she looks really pretty

  • Anonyus

    its the canadian version of MTV

  • Ari

    what? Carrie Underwood? it’s okay. SHE LOOKS LIKE Hayden Penttiere(sp)? from heroes!

  • l8p

    when i saw the first pic i was like wow !!

  • ..///

    the only thing i like about her is i can tell she is an actual radiohead fan unlike miley and emily thom yorke will never wanna work with you but you can dream lol

  • Random

    Dude radiohead sucks!!!!!!:P sorry but honestly I’ve listened to there music & it’s not good.

  • whatsyoursecret??

    She so pretty :)
    i don’t think she can sing but she can defiantly act!

  • Mareen

    emily looks soo pretty in these pictures.
    She’s an awesome rolemodel and I look up to her… and she really has the Carrie Underwood look which is awesome (:

  • whatsyoursecret??

    i meant She is so pretty lol

  • lenanj

    wow, she looks so gorgeous!

  • ..///
  • Chrissy

    Shes beautifullll!!!

  • MickeyMousesDaughter

    She is super pretty! I have a dress like that from BAY, I dont think the have that in America though

  • MickeyMousesDaughter

    She is super pretty! I have a dress like that from BAY, I dont think the have that in America though

  • instant personal loan

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