Blake Lively FOXY 1920s FLAPPER


Gossip Girl cast, including special guest star Hilary Duff, filming at The Gates in Midtown, Manhattan dressed to impress in 1920s style cocktail dresses and suits. Photos: Fame.


  • kaykay

    omg she has like the best boobs ever! including a gorgeous face and body!

  • Caroline

    Hilary looks so cute!

  • annaismyname

    she looks pretty(:
    i love gossip girl.
    i can’t wait for season 3!
    my favorite is chair aka chuck and blair!

  • nat jonas

    my bestfriends TWIN. its scary.
    stunning as usual blake :)

  • Anonymousssssss

    shes stunning <3
    love serena!

  • yeahh

    chuck and blair
    aka ed and leighton. they are my favorites :D
    but i also love blake and penn they are cute :]

  • Mrs . Bass

    The last episode of season 2 was adorable. Chuck & Blair are the better actors on the show…Dan and Serena get on my nerves

  • V

    Sooo gorgeous!:)Cannot wait for the new season to premiere!!!

  • heyyyyyy

    so cute!

  • :):)
  • nickjonasismyheart

    You can tell that she has a boob job. but she looks beautiful anyways :) cant wait for season 3!

  • Leena

    her and leighton are so gorgeous :)

  • Shu Shu Night


    what about joe?

  • Mandy Always Knows

    Pretty :) Can’t wait untill gossip girl premieres.. Ed westwick= love <3

  • mmmmmmmmmmmmm

    i want to kiss her ,she is a gorgeous barbie doll.

  • 123456789
  • GossipGirlx3


  • DMV

    Ummmm, her boobs are definitrly real. Ever heard of a wonder bra or a push up bra? When I where them, my brest look perky too. Does that mean I had a boob job? No so shut the hell up. Why are you guys worried about her boobs anyway?

  • DMV

    Ummmmm….. her boobs are definitely real. Ever heard of a wonder bra or a push up bra? When I wear them. my breast looks exactly like hers. Does that mean I had breast implants!? No. Why are you worried about her boobs anyway?

  • Kim

    Trust me she is the sweetest girl on and off camera! I love the girl!

  • Mrs . Bass

    I am talking about the characters they play. I love the whole cast, just Serena and Dan annoy me

  • lovemyblake

    she is gorgeous ,she is perfect ,oh my goddess

  • hjgdtyhfg

    i thought hilary was too fat for gossip girl oceanup??

  • w00t

    I wanna bang blake lively so bad.

  • jonaslovatobabe

    she is really pretty.
    i love her,
    and i love gossip girl!

  • :))

    both her & leighton are really pretty.

  • ShElBy

    first? Stunning.

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  • iliketurtles

    the fact that u added the word “stunning” to your comment, which was first, just made my day. u didnt get all annoying about trying to get first haha

  • Kathleen


  • jonas is love :)

    i really like her hair :)

  • DemiFan4Ever

    Only 13 more days! I am so stoked and ready for the new season! Blake and Chace are my favorites!

    And Blake looks beautiful!

  • jamieiscool

    aahhh me too! i love blake and chace!!!
    i wish they would end up together

  • SwirleyShirley

    She’s like a rolling stone,
    with no direction home.

  • lolololol

    Only 13 more days! I am so stoked and ready for the new season! Blake and Chace are my favorites!

    leighton and ed > blake and chace.

  • Ginn

    why damn she had to get a boob job? she was so pretty and didnt need it ugh.

  • lovelovelovelove

    hilary is so GORGEOUS
    i LOVE her flapper costume, i bought this episode for my ipod:)

  • Anonymous123

    those boobs are def fake, they are perkier then a doorknob in every picture, no matter what she wears… but that won’t stop me from loving em.

  • Wheelchair Vehicle

    She looks amazing, I love that dress

  • Wheelchair Vehicle

    Loving the dress, she looks amazing

  • tali?asher

    asher was on access hollywood tonight

  • daniela123

    She looks gorgeous!

  • <3.(:

    she is gorgeous!

  • Battery Mobility Scooter

    She is amazing, I LOVE Gossip Girl. When is the new series coming out?

  • Battery Recycling Bins

    I want this dress!! Where can I get a similar one?!?!

  • Mobility Scooters UK

    Blake Lively is amazing and that dress is stunning!!