Boo Boo Stewart Shirtless, New Taylor L?!

New Boo Boo Stewart Aka Seth Clearwater photo shoot with Popstar! Do YOU think Boo is the new Taylor Lautner? +2 more clips of the ECLIPSE star under!

  • Anonymous


  • 48iu329fh328fh923cuef

    his hair is GROSS:)

  • CyrusLovatoJonas



    is his name really Boo boo?? Or is it a nickname??

  • Need4NewMoon

    Who the fuck names their kid Boo Boo?

  • stella

    never. no one will ever be the “new taylor lautner”. oceanup please

  • dfsfgdf

    BooBoo is adorable and while he isn’t up to Taylor Lautner status…he could be in the coming years…give him a break you guys he has to hit puberty first!

  • Lecxis

    He has a cute face and all, but I don’t think he’s the new Taylor L.
    & I liked his ‘before’ hair better than the one in the video. ):

  • Anonymousssssssssssssss


  • awwwww

    soo cute, nick and miley!!! :)

  • Anonymous1232

    woah seriously?

  • taylorlautner

    def not taylor lautner is irrepaceble
    hes cool but not as cool and hot as taylor
    he’s half way hott… maybe when he turns 19 20 he’ll be hott!!

  • leonie

    taylor is stunning
    boo boo! is not

  • someone u don’t know

    not in the looks but what they’re doing for sure becuz watch… after eclpise comes out everyone’s gonna be all over him he’s so cute but my heart belongs to taylor!! :] LOL… first everyone was all over robert after new moon everyone’s all over taylor and than after eclipse his fanbase is gonna grow for sure!

  • joy0418

    ewww not at all, how could you put him in the same catagory as Taylor! I don’t see what the big deal is about him, hes ok to me..

  • nickel

    no idiots that’s not his real name xD
    He said it himself in an interview that that is just how her mom called him when he was younger, and he just kept that nickname


    how his mom* sorry :)

  • xflywithme

    FAIL! there is NO WAY he is “the new Taylor L”
    hahaha, no one replaces TL<3

  • holly

    yes ! he’s so cute :)))))

  • iliketurtles

    EW EWW
    i prefer neither, but if i was forced to choose, i’d pick taylor for sure

  • mhmm

    hes kinda cute but taylor is HOTTT and he’s alot buffer than boo boo XD


    he kinda reminds me of Joseph Gordon-Levitt… like from the third rock days

  • Taylorfan13

    boo boo stewart? is he kristen brother? or cousin or family?

  • pooptylooptypie

    no hes asian

  • T.LautFan

    boo boo wtf i thought that was a joke lol

  • jadaxonickj

    Umm hes sorta an Okay looking kid! :)

  • 48iu329fh328fh923cue

    lol, the quotation marks are not necessary
    that IS his real name… sadly.

  • Jonas4Canada

    Um no… Taylor Lautner is WAY better, “Boo Boo” has a nice bod, but he’s not very big. Taylor is a tank!

  • Anonymous

    you rock :D

  • Zin

    no wayyyyyyyyyy

  • Anonymouslyy

    Taylor L. and him are fucking sexyyy. :)

  • Anonymous

    Yes taylor lautner has the biggest nose i’ve ever seen
    Always Maddy & Anne

  • bfsd

    Well, I think he’s kinda cute, but of course he’s not like really hot i mean he’s only like 15!

  • Lalynn

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  • Lalynn

    For more boo-boo news check out:

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  • Lalynn

    For more boo-boo news check out:

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    thank you sooo much. LET’S SUPPORT BOO-BOOOO!

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    For more boo-boo news check out:

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    thank you sooo much. LET’S SUPPORT BOO-BOOOO!

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    For more boo-boo news check out:

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  • kjragmpase

    Can I just take both? :3

  • Watermellon12

    Boo Boo < Taylor Robert = Taylor XD

  • Annie_1994

    Eh? well BooBoo is as the same age as me, actually 10 months older but still he is a kid to me IDK why!
    And okay he have a nice bod, but no ONE is better than TAYLOR <33 love hím =)

  • Daniel

    no way, I’m an Asian boy and I’m only 14 and I have better abs then him

  • misa

    why is his name boo boo

  • Anonymous

    I think he’s really cute.:)

  • zebra


  • SamiiJonasLautner(L)

    NO WAY! Taylor is so much better!! (L)

  • Anonymous

    omg seriously girls, taylor lautner aint all that. i mean wen he had his long hair, he’s pretty fug. & his voice is soo wtf..
    boo boo is still cute both way and his only 15, and his voice is actually not as irritating as tl

    but wateva, jackson rathbone is the hottest haha


    Boo Boo is only 16 and Taylor is 18?
    he should look like somewhat a kid :P

  • abby

    umm hes better than taylor L. just look at him hes hot

  • SaRaH!!

    i think he looks cuter with his hair like the way it is. like not the after photo. it looks like something from grease. and he is soooo cute not as hot as talor but super cute!

  • Anonymous

    I liked Boo Boo Stewart before he became this big. I LOVE HIM. I have a better shot at Boo Boo than Taylor anyways ;D I still love Taylor Lautner though! Gaaaahh, they are shmexxxyyyy x)

  • Stephanie176

    NO ONE IS THE NEW TAYLOR LAUTNER. thats all i have to say.

  • abby

    if you think im wrong your wrong becuase hes three words hot hot hot

  • booga looga

    OH MY GOOOOOD, he grew soooooo much !

  • Jonas4Canada

    Oh… I’m sorry!
    I thought it was his nickname, but since its not, its a very exotic name!
    But yeah, he is cute, but no TL.
    TL is a freaking macho tank man!

  • Anonymous

    no his real name is not boo boo his real name is nile

  • Casey L.

    Not the new Taylor, but he’s definitely cute!

  • -_-;

    I hate the way you worded that, OceanUp. Taylor doesn’t need to be replaced. I love him and Boo Boo equally and they play different parts in the movie. Please, keep it on a different subject.

  • emily:)

    ahahaha i agree

  • Anonymous57

    i agree with the taylor nose thing it just annoy me

  • adjakfdjawkfnaskf

    Yes, he is waay hotter than Taylor.

    Taylors nose bothers me x). sorry..

  • sonia


  • :):)
  • ilovenick

    oh,gawd this is worse than when they talk about the origional!!and no he is not the next TL and i dont really care but long as they arent talking about twilight,sure why not?and nathan kreess can be the nexy nick jonas.jk jk lol

  • ilovenick

    ok i meant nathan kress.srry!lol

  • Anonymous101

    He looks cuter in the beginning of the video with his hair short.

  • ily

    Dude ive known about BooBoo Stewert since November ’08. And I was front row at a concert, ive been obsessed sine. Now hes gonna be on Twilight and all these little fan girls are gonna be obsessing over him.

  • Andrew Macdonald

    Good looking bloke, but Miley Cyrus is much easier on the eyes.

  • Demi.And.Nick.Are.My.Studmuffins.

    eww no way is he hotter than taylor. He looks like a little kid!

  • M-Cyrus.US

    Dont think so!

  • Fanpire#1

    Boo Boo is NOT the new Taylor L .
    He’s going to play Seth Clearwater , nothing else!

  • Anonymous28

    BooBoo looks like a girl! EUGH!

  • E.

    he looks adorable, but with the new do , he kinda looks like girl

  • missJonas

    definitely Boo Boo is the new Taylor.even Boo Boo is more sexy than Taylor!!