Tokio Hotel‘s Bill Kaulitz shopping at Dior in Paris, France. Fame.

  • Anonymousme

    i wonder what would HE look like without make up! hahaah

  • P.H.

    he REALLY scares me, not even kidding. whats up with the hair, it is SO not good looking. He could pass for a girl, really he is SO skinny and he doesnt really have a private part, and if he had boobs,but it sorta looks like he sorta does cause of his rib cage. so yea.

  • can’t be bothered to log in

    i thought he was a girl lol

  • Luv2LuvJonasDotCom

    check out

    if you’re a Jonas Brothers fan! :)

  • iJosie

    So efffin HOTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!


    he’s the hottest GUY EVER! maybe its just so hard for ppls to comprehend becuz his beauty is soo BEAUTIFUL lol

  • Romi

    Hotter, actually. :)

  • TH_Victoria

    oh get a life! He is like the sexiest person Alive!

    P.S. Not a Girl.. Sexy Guy! =]??


  • Jay

    haha I totally agree with you.

  • RainbowGinger

    I totally agree too.. 150%!!!!!!!

  • Lemonade

    You guys sure are mean! Thank you Oceanup for posting much more about them, they’re great! All I can do is ignore you guys, but you gotta admit that he DOES have style. He looks tired, though.

  • Anonymousisalreadyusedwtf

    Why is Tokio Hotel suddenly on OceanUP?

  • cunt

    ew they are so so gross!!!! this “band” is not popular in the usa, and im assuming a majority of ocean ups viewers are american. so stop posting about tokio hotel

  • chocolatexcupcake


    I seriously screamed when I saw that ugly woman on my screen.

    … The thing with long hair is a girl… right?

    He/she looks like the person from my dreams that murders me.

  • thfr

    Tokio Hotel is a band very very very famous in Europe !

    They are so famous… !

    Maybe American don’t have the same taste of European !!!

    Too bad… they are very talented !

  • Anonymous

    u like the jonas brothers, i mean, come on, who are u to say that?

  • jennnnnnnnnn

    creep! he looks like a girl

  • meaghannnn

    cough *girl* cough

  • adjakfdjawkfnaskf

    Im a big fan of Tokio Hotel, and Bill looks great as always!

    But one question, Am I the only one who think he is transexuall? :S

  • XxjbholicXx

    why is his name bill??
    he IS a girl!!
    pliz stop posting obout tokio hotel

  • Andreaxo

    WHAAAT THE HELL IS THAT??? he looks like a guy. move along, timmy.

  • i love nick jonas


  • Andreaxo

    HAHA i meant girl. he looks like a girl. freeeakk.

  • Justin Bieber <3

    Haha pretty scary then…I don’t like posts about him…he reminds me of Mark Mcleod!

  • Vale

    it seems like he is always wearing a disguise

    I really don’t like tokyo hotel :|

  • Cj b

    Dats mah boo!!!!!

  • jane .

    please stop posting this shit.

  • mhm

    cause theyre awesome.

  • jfljgoiusdnfdf

    jlsjflksjf ew shes so ugly

    or he..cant really tell
    why would you ever choose to look like that its not even attractive

  • sammm

    hahhaa stop posting about tokio hotel!
    nobody freakin cares about them

  • Sophia

    Hum, He only needs some boobs and we would have a gorgeous woman xD

  • anonamis

    he makes me feel nauseous. he looks smelly, his music SUCKS, his style SUCKS, his hair SUCKS, and wtf is with all that eye shadow!?!? LITERALLY I FEEL LIKE I AM GOING TO VOMIT RITE NOW.

  • Sophia

    So, I take back what I said.. It would be just a woman.. and an ugly one :)

  • annoyed.

    You consider them “gross” because they don’t look the same as everybody else in the music industry? Because there different? And let me correct you, They do have ALOT of fans in Europe AND North America, they have toured ALL ACROSS the USA. Some people appreciate posts about something other then The Jonas Brothers once and awhile.


    he is a Boy george wannabe, i mean BOY GEORGE from dead or alive AND Bill from tokio hotel look Alike i mean my dad use to have posters of boy george thinking its a woman and loved him/her and when he found out it was a boy he tore all of the posters. but i was looking on the internet, of him and than i saw this they look alike FERSHER
    who agree’s with me?? COM’ON!

  • Rachel:]

    uhhhh. gender test please?

  • JonasChile

    que asco! he suck! i hate tokio hotel!

  • FuzzyBeard

    Don’t be a rude piece of shit. Seriously. How can be so bitchy to refer to a human being as a “thing”? Grow up.

    I’m a fan of Tokio Hotel, and honestly even I am puzzled by some of Bill’s fashion choices. But I’ve seen of Tokio Hotel TV and Bill seems like such a nice person :) So try to treat him with a little more respect!!

  • Taneisha

    Is this a man or a woman??
    I’m confused..LOL.No offense to this dude tho.

  • a fan

    i absolutely love this band. Tokio Hotel is amazing. people need to stop judging, i bet everyone that’s judging are some 11 year old girls that are obsessed with the Jonas Brothers and Zac Efron.
    If you don’t like him or the band, then why are you on a post about them??

  • Anonymous
  • mapi93

    he looks like a girl!!

  • mei2050133
  • dd

    i don’t know why girls think he’s hot. he’s really feminine.

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  • MissJonasz13


  • 66

    FU all of you that think bill is gay. He is a EFFING hot guy!!, did you hear me i said GUY !!! STOP WRITING RUDE EFFING COMMENTS ABOUT HIM !!! OR ABOUT THEIR BAND TOKIO HOTEL !!!!

  • mcr,th,am,mj :D

    tokio hotel is the BEST i l.o.v.e bill he is gorge.who ever hates them i will curse you.I MEAN IT.

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  • tastetherainbow

    Some people here are pathetic.
    Grow up. He’s a man and he can wear and do what he wants.

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  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • anti-haterZz…

    hey, haterZzz out there….why would U care n make judgement or labeling him, i won’t mind trash talk..blahblahh… if U hate him…then why would U comment on this post?…UR just wasting UR time making hate comments….
    P.S:haterZz just SHUT D F*ck UP….

  • Clair

    Good group, good music but damn these guys need to get a make over or something…

    replica watches

  • IchLiebeBill

    I used to be a Jonas Brothers fan, but they are getting old. Nick and Kevin are cute though. Tokio Hotel stole my heart! I looove Bill. He’s great…. This picture is kind of weird though. He looks depressed and I don’t like the hair or the outfit.. And to all the haters..Tell me what you think that bulge is in his pants. I’m a girl, and I’m pretty sure I don’t have one. At first I thought he was a girl, but I realized he is a great person on the inside! So haters..kiss my butt.

  • Anonymous

    totally agree, i’m 11 years old, but i still like him and not the (elgh) “jonas brother” who r self obsessed and have made to many bloody films about themselves.

  • Anonymous88

    well….thats sad i c bill in ths look coz i was really abig fan of him and i respect what he wears ..but the new look not so fit on him …and i wish he wanst change his lookcoz before he was perfect…anywayz

  • cgfhfghfgf

    oh, the ppl getting all worked up..

  • 7543739475


  • ScreamingOutLoud

    I hate it how all these stupid-ass 11 year old JB fans keep labeling him as “gay” or “girl”….dude, he is a real fashion icon, he’s european, stylish and uber HOT, stop criticizing him just because he’s not a fucking copy of those jerk jonas brothers, ughhhh those guys disgust me xS

  • Mystery

    Man that chick needs some implants!

  • Ann

    Bill is the most beautiful guy on earth!

  • dellymo

    *____* too much gorgeous.

  • Jay

    Hah, all you saying Bill looks a girl are crazy.
    He totally DOESN’T look like a girl.
    I suggest you get your eyes checked if you think so.

  • Beck

    Tokio Hotel is from Germany. They are very famous there. I’m proud as a German, that they are posting about them. But i don’t like the kind of music.

  • aww

    poor baby,
    he looks sad and kind of tired=(

  • CarolineK

    whys is her name bill? unless its a guy in which case is very very scary so like thatd mean hes like a tranny

  • mei

    My lovely man. He looks handsome and different, do you people have problems because of this? He is diferent! Thumbs up for Bill!

  • anya

    he’s so skinny now
    it’s kinda scary!

  • KIS

    First I was reading through all the negitive comments, saying he sucks and whatever, and then find out this site is for Jonas and Beiber shit-like-that fans. I couldn’t stop laughing. Don’t pretend you know anything about music, when you don’t ;)

  • checkitout

    If you want to see more of Bill and Tom you should watch this video.
    You can’t tell much about a person from a video. If you like it check out tokiohoteltv.

  • checkitout

    I mean’t you can’t see much of a person from a picture, not videoxDD


    Just shut the fuck up.
    Leave Bill alone.


  • checkitout

    this is the video that first won me over as a fan. he is so adorable!!!

  • yum

    he is hot=DD

  • pissedoff

    oh my FUCKING god!
    what the hell is wrong with you people.
    normally I don’t get mad, or judge or shit, but enough is ENOUGH. None of you have the right to judge him, call him a thing. He is a person, yes, a person! Would you like people to talk about you that way, hmm? probably not.

  • <3JB

    wow, honestly i cannot get over the fact that he is a guy,lol.

    its weird, its like hes in between, both guy and girl. maybe if he didnt have on makeup and cut his hair, he might look more guy-ish.

    just my opinion. dont hate me :p

  • yoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyo

    his body guard looks like a model in one of the pictures(x

  • Anonymous..
  • Anonymous

    that’s a very well-written comment ;)



  • Ann

    Gah he changed A LOT =| Pff I miss them…



  • haley

    You guys are so immature, you don’t have to make rude comments calling him a tranny or a girl. He is a boy, he has a penis, he is straight and likes girls. He is unique and has his own individual style. Just because hes different and actually has the balls to dress the way he wants to doesnt mean you have to insult them. Oceanup posts about them because they ARE famous in the US. I live in the US and im a HUGE fan of tokio hotel. They started out in Germany, but they are getting bigger here in America. Im sure if they were disneys little puppets, like the Jonas Brothers, you all would LOVE them, right? You all are stupid and make me sick.

  • chirupee

    He’s hotter than a Jonas Brother, that’s fo’ sho’.

  • Get a life ppl!

    Can people stop talking crap about Tokio Hotel?! IF you don’t like them the stop wasting your time commenting. Is that so damn hard?! It’s their lives they can dress how ever they want. They are talented just like any singer/band out there! You should learn to appreciate people’s talents!

  • Anonymoushhhhhhhh


  • yeahson

    he’s got to be a homo

  • Get a life ppl!

    I agree with you 100%. I don’t think it’s right the way they comment about Tokio Hotel. They are a talented band just like any other great signer/band out there.

  • Get a life ppl!


  • Elena

    Yayy! Another Bill post!! He looks amazing here!!

  • izabella

    I understand that he looks VERY feminine, but he does look like a guy. He is beautiful!! You guys should look at older pictures of him and he looks more masc. He is gorgeous though, there is no denying that!!

    Kepp the Tokio Hotel posts coming!

  • sofiaakaay

    really, you haters can just keep hating, because it won’t change my opinion on them.
    and if i was walking on the street i wouldn’t mistake him for a girl. when i first heard of TH i didn’t mistake him for a girl either. he’s just a really delicate guy i guess.

  • sofiaakaay

    they haven’t gone anywhere.

  • :l

    as much of a die-hard jonas fan that i am, this guys is soooo hot!!!!

  • ScreamingOutLoud

    Word girl ^^

  • brittany

    a boyy duhhhhhhhh

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  • biotch

    is that a boy or a girl

  • Fen

    Thinking the same as you….
    Hotels in Venice

  • None ya!

    That’s what I’m wondering, he or she is named Bill, that’s a guys name but it looks like a girl.

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  • Anon ymous


  • Anonymous

    Then, please. Keep putting this ‘faggot’ on this site. We’ll be down one close-minded homophobe – it isn’t a big loss. Infact, you’ll be doing everyone a favor.


    I LOVEE THEMM <333

  • get an effing life dude!

    first of all, “faggot” you do realize that that’s just as bad as using say, a racial slur? would you do that so freely?… yeah didn’t think so.

    secondly, if thats all it would take for you to kill yourself, i feel so sorry for you. But, since suicide is bad… i suggest you stop waisting your oh so precious time looking at things that make you want to die.
    seriously, grow the hell up, noone likes a hater.

  • anon.

    please don’t let anyone stop you, go right ahead! i’m quite sure not a lot of people will care. one less tasteless idiot to tarnish the world, don’t you think?

  • Anonymousrox

    stop hating he didn’t do anythign to u just because he isn’t afraid to take fashion risks and doesn’t care what ppl think of him doesn’t give u any right to insult him. and plz stop with the “he’s a girl” comments. it’s rude and immature and i think it’s already been established that he is a dude. oceanup plz continue posting about them. there music is AMAZING and they are true musicians with talent

  • Anonymous123778

    im 13 and i luv their music better than jb i luv how he wears what he wants to wear. he’s a great GUY (not girl)and he’s awesome so back off. im so happy oceanup is posting about them they are an amazing band

  • Anon! ymous

    can you please create like an alternate site to talk about this….whatever it is?
    maybe just not fucking oceanup there are CHILDREN here they don’t need to see this shit


    You stupid haters need to shut the hell up already.
    Do we commen on Jonas Brothers posts and say they are gay?
    No,we don’t.
    So leave us and Tokio Hotel alone. Please?
    I’m just so fucking sick of reading all these hate comments,stop judging on appearance.
    Listen to some interviews.
    Bill is a really sweet,cool,awesome guy.
    Give him and Tokio Hotel a fucking chance.
    Never judge a book on it’s cover.
    Sure,he may be feminine.
    So fucking what!
    He’s a guy,he’s not gay.

  • KimberKaulitz

    Amen sister!Preach it! Im sick of you calling Bill a fuckin girl! Hes a guy for chirstsakes!Just because he doesn’t look like a Jonas Brother you have a right to call him a girl.Tokio Hotel is an amazing band!Keep posting about them oceanUP!

  • heyyall

    stop making fun of him he is a nice guy who isn’t afraid to be himself and who sings great. Just because he has long hair and looks girly doesn’t mean can call him a fag or something. it’s rude and mean.

  • Hah

    Girly? Not in the slightest.

  • Anon! ymous

    listen i dont give a shit if he’s a nice guy HE IS INDUCING NAUSEA IN ME. if he gets a face transplant and grows a dick then maybe i’d be alright with the occasional characteristic pang that accompanies the sight of his face but as is I’M GOING TO VOMIT.

  • RainbowGinger

    Finally OceanUP is consistent with REAL Talent :).. I love Bill and I love Tokio Hotel!!!!

  • Bill Supporter

    can everyone who just commented on this pic saying mean shit about bill just shut the hell up? first off, just because he wears eyeliner and has dread locks and dies his hair and wears fashionable clothes does NOT mean hes gay. second of all, he is not a transsexual you dumbasses. third of all, idk what u you people r listening to cuz tokio hotel’s music is amazing and they work really hard to deliver. bill is so nice and modest so leave him alone!

  • Jay

    True, it just makes him better looking than most guys out there :]

  • Anonymous

    …”bill”? D: that’s a man?


    Cool ;D

  • pooooooo

    EURRGHHHHHHHHHHH !!! he is disgusting seriously errr !!


    tokio hotel, people.

  • OMG?

    I’m not even the one you sick bastards are insulting, but I’m on the verge of tears right now. Bill is such a sweet, amicable, loveable young MAN. Leave him alone. Yes, he has a very feminie look. But HELLO. That is meaning of being adrgynous. He is a beautiful person inside and out and does not deserve the mean feedback that you assholes give him. To give an opnion is one thing, but to be completely and utterly unaware of his feelings is just plain cruel. I hope all of you bastards rot in hell with Lucifer himself. Bill, I love that you are not afraid to be yourself and wear what you like. I respect and love you for that.

  • annoyed.

    I COMPLETLY agree with you 100%.

  • mmf

    He looks like such an effing creeper to me!!! ICK!

  • Punkie

    If You Don’t Like Him Don’t Do Stuff Like That :)

  • Justineyyybabe

    please stop posting about tokio hotel they suck!

  • nickjonasismyheart

    He looks like a girl! Hes too pretty to be a guy haha

  • Anonymous

    lol is that a leather turtleneck
    i mean

  • PennyLane

    okay, I understand that most of the people who visit this site are quite young, maybe about 12-14. But I think you should try to understand that not every person in the world has to look like a Jonas brother. Bill is interesting and uncunventinal, it does not make him gay or ugly. Also gay is not a bad thing, bill has said many times he is not gay and unless he says otherwise then stop lableing him as something he’s not. Tokio Hotel are actually great musicians and have a unique sound. Do not judge someone so harshly on appearence, Bill is lovely person and also really sweet, watch one interview and you will be able to tell. I am not saying you have to like them but stop “hate-ing” on them. Let people be individual without crushing them into a plastic robot. Just be decent, you know?

  • YouAreAwesomeeeee.


  • meep

    do people find this guy attractive?

  • ScreamingOutLoud

    More than attractive…
    He is DROP-DEAD-GORGEOUS, sucker xD

  • swiftmed
  • YourMum :)

    Bill looks awesome :)

    Oh btw, if Bill’s a girl then I am the biggest lesbian on the face of this planet. And even if I was a lesbian he’d still be the only girl I would ever like x)
    So yeah – stop insulting haters. It’s not like we verbally abuse your bands for what they look like or what they do jonasbrotherscoughjonasbrothers, oh did I cough that out loud?
    I’m a Jonas fan ffs.

    Go OceanUp for posting more TH!!
    My fave gossip site ;)

  • shery67

    He’s stunning I have to admit.

  • dsfagfiubnjkewng,mwnr,q

    Wait, with a crazy/disturbing/unique style like that his name is just Bill?!

  • mhm

    lmao i know what u mean, hes so glamorous and amazing and his name is simply ‘bill’ lol

  • kdezzy

    if thats not gay i dont know what is…

  • jonaslovatobabe

    that outfit is horible.
    ahaha it makes me laugh.
    he looks terrible.
    adn the hair yoooow!