Lauren P, Noelle C & Lindsay W met Kevin Jonas at TGI Friday’s in East Hanover, NJ on September 6. Kevin is currently spending time in New Jersey with his fiancee Danielle Deleasa, while Nick & Joe film Camp Rock 2 in Toronto. Vid of the Jonas house in Wyckoff and their church under..

  • ….

    kevin you’re so hot, love you <3

  • Anonymousfe

    kevin ftw.

  • la la

    danielle has many posers like myspace 10 pages of posers of her it’s weird.

  • bieber fever

    can some one give me the link to danilles house yt says the video is private

  • Anonymous277

    awh kevin :D
    if he’s not in CR2 i will be so dissapointed and mad.
    love him:)
    and danielle

  • P.H.

    creepy much? some of there fans are just unacceptable and make all fans look bad, like really, who takes a camera and walks into there driveway, and then back up slowly, and then go to Danielles house and drive by. Saw the videos to see if it was real and Danielles house looks WAY bigger than JB’s which is really weird if you ask me.

  • chilling

    omg look at mileys new tweet

  • xflywithme


  • anonymousagain

    Although I wouldn’t, I’m sure the people living there have seen it happen many times. They are probably aware that they live in a house that is “famous” because of the people who lived there before.

  • xflywithme

    why is danielles house for sale?!
    that house is freaking HUGE

  • Stephanie176

    ughh im so close to him i live in new york!!!!

  • Amyness

    KEVINNN!!! Loveeee….

  • Anon222

    it kills me that tjhis post inst getting more comments

  • Aawler

    This is sad, we need more Kevin love.

  • Anonymous

    Kevin is AMAZING!


  • Anonymousjonaslover

    Love Kevin but that person in the video is a little creepy

  • líjonasbrazil

    awnnn s2

  • la la

    okay going to jonas brothers house is one thing but kevin’s fiancee?!?! that’s crazy

  • Anonymous

    Kevin is so fucking hot.
    I’m offically jealous of Danielle.

  • Anonymouss

    i looove kevinn!!
    support kevin peopole!!
    why everyone comments on every nick & Joe posts but not kevin??

  • w

    Aww Kevin is love. And speaking of Dani, there’s a poser of her on flickr DONT FALL FOR IT.

  • jonashearts



    it kills me that tjhis post inst getting more comments


    It’s because there were other Jonas posts posted right after this. People go to the most recent post.

  • jenna

    i went to there house but they dont say anything about the cemitary next to the house.haha its creepy and old no lie,kevins so hott exept he doesn’t ever look happy when hes with danielle and fans spot him.

  • AAC

    Kevin = LOVE

    End of story.

  • anonymous8979

    tim always does this to kevin. he puts a post of his up and then quickly puts one up with joe and/or nick. he really hates kevin

  • Paoluchis

    I love Kevin!!! Why isn’t Kevin in Camp Rock?? I’m gonna be really mad if there’s no Kevin in CR2.

  • lily

    creepy…whoever recorded that.

  • Anonymous454

    i was thinking the same thing..he better be is camp rock 2 or i will be so mad

  • supermanlikejoe

    Why isn’t Kevin in Camp Rock????!!! I’m gonna be really mad if there’s no KJ in my CR. -_-”

  • debbylovesjb

    its just awfuk how few comments are here. poor kevin :(

  • Ti

    It’s a Assemblies Of God church.

  • _no Duhh…

    Thats Like Really Creepy Who ever Recorded That!

  • Luv2LuvJonasDotCom

    check out

    if you’re a Jonas Brothers fan! :)

  • blueberries

    Kevin looks awesome there. He is great. I didn’t watch the video… seems creepy.


    I heard she gave Dave Darski a bj in the parking lot of TGI Friday’s.

    That is so creepy. o_O

  • Kelss.


    would you walk down the road with a video camera, go into their driveway, then back away slowly as you record there house?
    Lmfao. Just, picturing someone walking down the road doing that is so fucking wierd.

    THEN the link that says “click here for Danielle’s house!” just really.

    No words.
    People are fucking creeps.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t see the video. It says it’s private?

  • name

    yeah i can’t see it either..

  • jbislove

    Kevin is so sexy

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  • nickjonasloverxoxoxoxox


  • Katiej

    aww I live SOO close, but I refuse to stalk them in any way.(:
    I think it’s wonderful that they can spend time together<3
    btw we need more comments on this.:(

  • Anonymous12346264265

    KEVIN I LOVE YOU! whoop whoop whoop whoop whoop!!!! YOU need more comments!

  • BigThimamog

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  • lauren1

    can somebody give me the link to this video it says its private

  • Anonymous..
  • meme

    i love you kevin <3

  • swiftmed
  • lauren1

    i think by this time next year they will have a baby :)

  • your face

    the girl on the left looks like mandy jiroux lol

  • catastrophe
  • sofiafromkorea

    Omfg. I LIVE om east hanover. WHY WAS I NOT AT FRIDAYS LAST NIGHT? I’m crying right now. Kevin, come back! I love youuuu

  • online cash advances

    Weird video.

  • Fuck it

    If the jb and the family don’t live in nj then who own their chirch

  • jenna

    i live 2 min from this town. and someone told me about this and my friend and i almost went, but decided not to because weve heard this rumor before.
    im so upset :/

  • Yaaay

    Epic Win. Kevin :)

  • Brittnee

    I think that it is wounderful that Kevin is spending time with Danielle and her family. Kevin is so in love and I am so proud of him that he found the one. I can’t wait until the wedding . But, She will make a great “Mrs.Jonas” . You Rock Kevin and Danielle and I keep you in my prayers.

  • 123456789

    creepy much? some of there fans are just unacceptable and make all fans look bad, like really, who takes a camera and walks into there driveway, and then back up slowly, and then go to Danielles house and drive by. Saw the videos to see if it was real and Danielles house looks WAY bigger than JB’s which is really weird if you ask me.

    Yes it is CREEPY & the house that the JB used to live in in Wyckoff NJ is and always was owned by the church & is now occupied for the last 3 years by the new Pastor of the Church. It is also rude that some JB fans have actually gone so far as to steal the house numbers & also rocks from the yard. I know this because I go to that church & I know the JB from when their father was the Pastor of my church. The Jonas Brothers were raised to be gentlemen & they are & I’m sure they would not want their fans trespassing on private property or stealing. If any of you are true Jonas fans then don’t give the JB a bad name in their old community because of your actions. I am a JB fan too & love the whole family & it makes me sad to see JB fans act this way. The Jonas’ are great people – make them proud of their fans.

  • deanna


  • Yo YO

    what type of church do they have? Catholic?

  • lijhjhiuhuibuibhb

    omfg! u was suppose to go their tonighttt but i couldnt cuz my friends couldnt go!! i would of met him 1 omgggggggggg :[[[[[[[[[[[[

  • trishtastic

    KEVIN LOVE, KEVIN LOVE, KEVIN LOVE!!!! I didn’t watch the vid or read all the comments but I see some feel KJ needs some love, we love you kev and you better get your butt to CANADA!!! bring Dani she can be in the movie too, we love you Dani!!!! and you are soooo beautiful just jump right in that cast girl!!!!

  • Anonymous1112

    Kevin is such a sweetie and I bet he’s a real romantic guy