Sprouse Twins Interview DEBBY RYAN

  • BigThimamog

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  • dollUPofstacey

    i think bailey and cody make a cute couple on the show :)

  • :):)
  • Megan

    Debby is so pretty

  • Jenna

    Debby Ryan is really awsome. I like her :)

  • keke

    I love them
    Suite Life rocks !!!!

  • HuggyBear

    Debby has great feet. The best in Hollywood.

  • ilovemysisterandcole

    cole sprouse is awesome lovers for life

  • adfasdfasdfasd

    lol she seems nice.

  • Anonymous1234

    Debby is talented, amazing, beautiful, funny and sweet. I can’t wait to see her in something other than Suite Life on Deck. Her acting seems more realsitic than many Disney characters in addition to being that over the top funny. I think she could really be a great serious actress.

  • Rosa

    aww shes so sweet, i love her

  • DemiFan4Ever

    Sorry, but Debby is probably the only Disney girl I don’t like. Suite Life went downhill after taking the funniest characters out of the show.

  • .-.-

    She looks stunning in this video. Love the hair

  • .-.-

    I just made a chat room for JB fans. Wanna come in?


    God bless

  • Anonymousmuthafucka






    other than demi, kevin, nick, miley, jack, garbo and emma watson

  • <3 iloveyou;

    First? WOOO!
    I love themm. (:

  • Aliciaismee

    hahah i see what cole is talking about when he says shes awesome.

  • <3 iloveyou;

    :O i was first for once!
    doo da doo. its all good. xDD

    Nica x

  • Anonymous29

    shes really pretty actually:]

  • lovatocyrusjonaslove

    uh hell no

  • OhGollyGoshGoodness

    i didn’t care enough to watch the video. i’m only posting cuz i’m bored.

  • bl4ck_sp4d3

    Screw haters, Debby Ryan is the prettiest girl on the Disney channel.

  • wtf? someone stole my username :(

    Nicole Anderson is the prettiest girl
    on Disney

  • jfdslt


  • Anonymous29

    i dont think shes the PRETTIEST but i dont believe that just one girl has to be the best or pretty..theyre all pretty actually..in their own way too:]

  • swiftmed
  • Skye

    omg! I sent this in!
    Yesterday I sent in the picture of Demi’s Move Me cover and I just sent this and they posted it!!! Two in a row! lol
    I’m easily excited!!!
    They posted this really fast though! I literally sent it, went to the bathroom, came back and it was posted! haha

    Btw I met Debby a few months ago at a meet and greet and she was really nice!!! :)