Singer/ actress Ali Lohan arriving at JFK airport in NYC today. INF.

  • BeckyinYellow

    BEAUTIFUL. I on the other hand am *Throaty Growl* SEXY

  • Helen

    she kind of does look like 25 or something here but she is pretty…

  • Anonymous

    Ali?? is that you???

  • Anonymousugihygkjgughk

    shes gotten so tall!!!

  • Anonymoussadsadsa

    she looks like a forty year old smoker or something hahaa

  • MickeyMousesDaughter


  • BeckyinYellow

    I Totally Agree
    You do


    she is so gross looking.

  • Anonymousdisneygrl

    wow i love how some of you are saying shes ugly..WOW I BET YOU ALI LOOKS WAY BETTER THAN ALL OF YOU..i bet like half of u are some fat ugly pigs..atleast ali is tall skinny,has long pretty hair..shes gorg. and i know she prob looks way better than all of you freaks!

  • MickeyMousesDaughter

    I’m tall and skinny with long hair!



  • sara_elizabetth47

    Is oceanUP this desprate(sp?) without JB and Demi?! These posts suck! Cant wait till CR2 is over being filmed so we can have decent posts.

  • …???….

    singer/actress?? sounds like she has talent, but poor kid doesn’t have both…
    btw, she looks SO old in these pictures

  • yomamasname

    lol, she so gross..she looks 40, yuck.

  • Meena B.

    besides being lindsay’s sister i dont see how this how this girl is famous…

  • claudia_h


  • jhncdckx

    9+9 lol

  • MickeyMousesDaughter

    Has anyone ever seen a film with Ali in?

  • Anonymous

    love herrrr! your fans love you ali ignore the hataz<3

  • Anonymouss

    mmmmm yeah its called mostly ghostly and she was AMAZING IN IT so backuppppp kthnx?

  • MickeyMousesDaughter

    Mostly Ghostly? what the fuck is that?

  • Gone With The Wind

    I agree with MMD What the fuck is Mostly Ghostly?
    Wazzzooo Doing PK?

  • MickeyMousesDaughter

    You Love it PK! you love it!

  • brrr

    she’s pretty but looks like that much older actress or whatever, angie harmon…don’t you guys think?

  • Rhett’s People

    Ali Lohan looks like a MILF. MMD you are a disrespectful Brush head! Is that you in your D Pic? U UGLY BillTomTomeBillBillBillTom!

  • MickeyMousesDaughter

    RP Why dont you show your face you Tot!

  • MickeyMousesDaughter

    Thats me in my picture! Prettier than Miley?

  • E.

    singer/actress ali lohan


  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    I like the dress more than her. Thanks for the pics.
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  • William

    There is no way ALi Lohan even looks a bit like Lindsay Lohan here.

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  • Anonymous

    Ugly losers will always be jealous of awesome Ali.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with you Anonymous, her dress is much more prettier than her.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with you Anonymous, her dress is much more prettier than her.

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  • d morgan

    Supermodel Ali is beautiful,tall,talented,wealthy and generous.
    Losers are ugly,short,fat,jealous,lazy,mad and stupid.

  • Anonymous

    Well, she is OK. nothing so great about her body though.

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  • John

    I really like her Floral dress. It’s very bright & looks comfortable too.

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  • John

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  • John

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  • Jordan

    This dress seems to suit her. She looks pretty cute here!

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  • Kendall

    She actually looks great in this dress here!

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  • James

    She still looks good to me :)

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  • Lanny

    Ali Lohan looks pretty ok actually. Thanks for the post.

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  • sALLY

    Ahh, I think she’s awesome!

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  • Tommy

    The pictures look great! Thanks for sharing!

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  • Anonymous
  • Lucio

    I am surprised that she looks so different here! Thanks for the pictures!

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  • Sarah Colin

    I find her pretty cute. But her dress is even prettier.

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  • Anonymous

    Everyone knows that Lindsay is very beautiful.
    However supermodel Ali may be even prettier.

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    she is so beautiful

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  • Anonymous

    Shes not all that bad. She is just too thin.

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  • HuggyBear

    Ali is so hot. Great feet!

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    thanks for the post.It’s all right she’s pretty.

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  • jmmj

    Idk, i think she’s pretty
    How old is she ?

  • Anonymouse

    Seriously. She does. It’s weird. So weird.

  • YO

    Dude, she seriously looks like she’s 35 yrs old.


  • dfsadfdsf


  • allymarlene2

    omg i have that dress (it’s form Urban Outfitters), i look so much better in it. and fyi it’s NOT AN OLD LADY DRESS you stupid cow.

    she looks ugly i agree with you there

  • Jersey Native

    The Jonas Brothers need to come back to America…Cause this shit is ridiculous…I’m sorry but Ali Lohan is a joke…I’m just sayin’…

  • Leen

    her chest looks like the chest of a 40 year old woman

  • Neally

    she does not look her age and she is 15 but she looks 35

  • Jared

    That’s a great dress. Perfect for the summers.
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  • Joshyc

    she is ugly



  • sleeprunner

    That dress is really ugly you can get much better cheap stuff online, I don’t know where she found this dress and why she thinks it’s pretty, it is just so horribly bland! Floral dresses are only good when done right, they aren’t the same as most dresses where you can get away with things more.

  • asdfghjkl;

    It looks like she was stabbed in the neck area about 500 times.

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  • Jordan

    She looks really cute, but she does not look like lindsay lohan.
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  • camellialan

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  • firstt

  • haha lol my math question was: 6+0


    NOT HOT AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jjijijiji

    who cares?

    5 + 8!

  • Robert

    Her dress looks really nice. It suits her personality. Glad you shared this here. Thanks!

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  • doraleeee
  • Robert

    The Floral dress suits her personality. Glad you shared this picture here. Thanks!

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  • lollll .

    she’s so fuckin gross, sorry.

  • Lena Pena

    I think she just waring a normal dress like in just a home. Thanks for sharing annuity

  • SuperAnonymous

    hhahah i win!
    1+0!!! hahaha

  • Anonymous

    Is she Lindsay’s sister? Love the freckles.
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  • swiftmed