Jonnie & Brooke ONE TIME Justin Bieber

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous. <3

    eh. they were okay but i love the song! i LOVE justin bieber!

  • Terese

    They wrote a song about the Jonas Brothers CHECK IT OUT on their myspace the song is called Missing Me Crazy!!!!

  • Cheapbracelets.

    And this is news because…?

  • fannnn
  • tatii

    wow they are really good!!

    and justin bieber is sososooo cutee i love him :)

  • bananacobana

    they have a good voice but the beat of the song… i dont like :( srry

  • Kelsey

    Just Beiber is perfect. Ain’t nobody do it like he do!


    I really liked it! Their amaazzing!!! Oh em gee! :D

  • Jonnie Combs

    Jonnie, Brookie, you girls are amazing<3

  • sweeet

    pretty good

  • katie8p

    ok these girls kinda suck tho:< sorry.

  • lady buggg :)

    uuhh you guys need to clean your ears out
    first of all the only good one was the brunette
    && the blonde sucked! like hello slow it down a tad bit

    egh whatevs i’ve heard better

  • annn

    Awe they’re pretty good :D

  • bby

    & they are?


    yayyyy! i love themm! check them out on myspace
    follow them on twitter

  • Jonas girl

    can u sing world war 3 parinod sos when you look me in the eyes loveug burnig up black keys mandy and the rest im a true jonas fan

  • lovely

    I thought that was realllly bad…

  • Guest

    i LOVE them!
    fan since the beginning!
    love ya Jonnie and Brookie<3

  • thatwasblah

    eh sorry but it sucked

  • Brizzers

    Jonnie & Brookie are amazing =D

  • Brizzers

    I met them at the Summerfest last summer and talked with them for a good half an hour =D they are like the nicest girls on the planet!

  • Sarah!!

    That was awesome!!! :]

  • xharmony

    it was alriggghhtt. =\

  • musicatbest

    Jonnie and Brookie are amazing! They don’t need some machine to come in and change their voices, they have amazing talent!

  • fan

    it’s Jonnie and Brookie! not Brooke!
    these girls are awesome
    i thought oceanUP would have been posting them earlier … they performed on the Summer at Sea disney cruise cos they won that Radio Disney contest … they beat Push Play for that!

  • ayy person
  • shay

    they’re really good.
    they sound great

  • Bestieverhad

    Dont you ever post anything having to do with minorities other than selena gomez and demi lovato?

    Oh wait, no you dont.

    Theres plenty of girls that have more talent then them.

    post a couple of black people once in awhile.

  • Leena

    they’re pretty good :D

  • AnnaJ

    wow. shut up, people.
    they are freakin good!

    oceanup doesn’t need a reason to post anything! so stop posting stupid comments like “why was this posted?” or “reason being?”
    stop being stupid.
    thats what mainly oceanup is, to post blog entries about talent not necessarily famous people like you would want. get over it.

  • sara_elizabetth47

    they fucking sing wierd?

    what the hell? there like “ima tell you oniiennn tiimmmyymm.”

    They put wierd twists on thier words…?

  • Lina DAwwg

    okay here.
    if you think they are bad then you need to get your ears checked, kay thanks.
    they are hecka good and your just jealous you don’t have their talent. if you dont have anything nice to say, then dont say it at all.
    or if you want to say it, tweet it to me because saying bad stuff via. comments on internet is very immature, grow up, kay thanks.

    jonnie & brookie are very talented and you should give them a chance. they are really nice girls and will go far in life someday. maybe tomorrow or the next day, we never know :)

    check them out on myspace.

    follow them on twitter:

    oh and btw oceanup doesn’t need a reason to post things.
    get it straight.

    let see who has the guts to say something bad about my friends to my face. because i doubt any of you will.

  • r.m.

    these girls are absolutely marvelous! if you think otherwise, your parents will be greeted with dead giraffes in their beds. and i would really love to hear you guys even attempt to sing this. their talent is much more superior than you trolls on here.

    love them though!:)

  • evvy

    oh god they were shocking! SERIOUSLY

  • Joelover

    i hated this.

  • lovehatexxo

    check out this video of justin bieber live

  • ayy person

    reason being?

  • swiftmed
  • swiftmed
  • JandBLover

    OMG. JONNIE AND BROOKIE..yeaaaah. i lovee them. such sweet and talentd girls :D

  • mishoo707

    i think they were great =]

  • slammajam

    cimorelli is waaaaaayyyy BETTER.
    sorry man, but why they gotta move it lower than a GUY???
    wrong chords, wrong key, wrong rhythm… well i guess i shouldn’t say wrong, but not right for me.
    cimorelli should do this song, they’d murder it.
    in the best way possible :]

  • Christina

    Awh, there finally getting noticed. :)

  • anony
  • katie8p

    4th i think like this song:)

  • OhGollyGoshGoodness

    huh? are these “jonnie and brooke” girls famous or just starstruck teenies? :/ ps i LUV the song “one time”!

  • Lauren.

    They’re good!
    I like em :)

  • Anonymous

    theyre good.

    remember when oceanup said..”this is for all of justin beibers like 4 fans” remember thatt?

    well look where he is noww. hahahah faill timm.

  • Mrs Jonas

    jonas is better than justin joe and nick and kev there hot

  • Mrs Jonas

    jonas is better than justin joe and nick and kev there hot

  • Ilikethewaythejbrocks

    These two girls have amazing voices and are awesome musicians. I met them when they performed at The Orange County Fair. They are so nice too!! I love their song Can’t get enough and Missing Me Crazy.

  • Anonymous12

    way too fast and not good at all. leave this song to justin bieber

  • catarina

    Jonnie and Brookie are AMAZING! :D
    I love them. <3

  • justsinging

    Two Words – Perfect Harmony!!!!!

  • jonaslovatobabe

    version is way better.
    but they were okay.
    the blonde one
    sounded better.
    ahh i love this song.
    it’s adorable!

  • Kelsey

    They did good:)


    justin beiber makes me sick.

  • Anonymous87

    i thought the brunette was better
    and prettier
    but pretty goood (Y)