Miranda Cosgrove GET’S SCHOOLED


Miranda at the Get Schooled Conference at Paramount Studios in LA. Fame.

  • Anonymous

    Miranda is really beautiful. I love the way she dresses and she has the cutest figure. So all you haters just take a hike.

  • HeyMiley!

    mileycyrusIt’s so easy to fall in love but so hard to find someone who will catch you.
    2 minutes ago from UberTwitter
    aww she must ‘ve been watching this video

  • Anonymousss

    Fix the title….Get’s? should be gets

  • Luv2LuvJonasDotCom

    check out

    if you’re a Jonas Brothers fan! :)

  • dfsadfdsf


  • craig

    She is so HOTT!

  • jesse

    She can teach me PLEASE

  • Neally

    i like the dress but she needs too gain more weight

  • jesse

    She should be the Nutrogena Girl great skin…

  • nicole@@

    wow u guys are all such BI****CHES!
    her weight is totally fine she’s always been petite so STFU!!!
    and second some people can not help that they are so white k!!
    how would u like it if u were that white but ur skin could not tan >_<

  • Demipower

    Prefect teeth iwant my braces off NOW!

  • Serena van der Woodsen

    she could use a tan.

  • michaela.

    i love her dress. its very cute.

  • noname

    This girl is prettier every time I see her. I think she is the coolest teen star.

  • Stephanie<3

    ‘take a hike?’..wow its to bad your the only one defending her.

  • Mel01

    she looks soo awkward…she looks weird

  • number1bitch

    wow her skin is gorgeous. unlike miley, who has all those wrinkles….

  • swiftmed
  • sien

    she rules
    love the dress

  • DMV

    I hope she grows out of this stage because she is very akward right now.

  • Anonymous

    Her dress is soooo cute! I love her!

  • mmckynzie

    She stands so…awkwardly. It bugs me for some reason.

  • veronee

    sorri, but her legs make me want to gag. like there barely holding her up. gain like 5 – 10 pounds, & you’d be greeeeeat!lol & yes I did say GAIN *GASP* ha

  • Anonymouse

    That is weird, lol. But cool!

  • swiftmed
  • laurenmaria

    omg her calves are tiny!
    she’s getting prettier but she’s in desperate need for a little sun.

  • Anonymous

    Stephanie<3 said:

    ‘take a hike?’..wow its to bad your the only one defending her.

    Guess again, biotch. Miranda rocks and I’m happy to defend her too.

  • :):)
  • Johnny

    She’s pretty, but Alyson Stoner’s even prettier.

  • lovehatexxo
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  • bb

    I LOVE MIRANDA COSGROVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

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  • alexx :)

    I think she looks really nice?
    I don’t think anyone needs a tan to be good looking and I think she’s really pretty and classy. She’s always been skinny anyway.
    Im not a big fan of her, but she seems alot more genuine than Miley Virus.

  • anonimuus

    she is SOOOO PALEE
    she needs a tan NOOW!

    her dress and heels are cool.

  • paige

    she’s too skinny and pale for her own good…

  • Richard

    Living proof that you don’t need looks to succeed.

  • eidkjzodighrh99

    look, I really don’t think she’s that pale. it probably has a lot to do with the lighting in the photo.
    Either way though, I prefer her with paler skin. She rocks the look.

  • sh

    for some reason, i hate her cheeks.
    like ehh

  • Lexxerzz

    So pale. And so akward looking. I honestly dont think shes pretty.

  • InstantMiley
  • miriamsays
  • Abby

    More eye makeup, a little lip gloss, and some different shoes and she’d look great.

  • Abby

    Sorry, didn’t mean “a little lip gloss,” meant “a little lighter lip gloss.”

  • Anonymous

    She didnt do anything to you, she makes a great tv show and dedicates a lot of her time to making her fans happy so stop being such a hater and grow up.
    and if you hate her so much why do you waste your time commenting on her, either
    1) you have absolutely NO life.
    2) you have something to gain by dragging her down..
    or 3) you’re just insanely jealous.

  • 1234567890!@#$%^&*()

    I had to correct it becuase stupid “defenders” will try and go OMG YOU SPELT YOU WRONG YOUR SO STUPID
    ahahaha get a life and stop fantasising about when your going to meet this knobby kneed pale retard

  • noname

    PLEASE she is the most GORGEOUS Girl EVER!

  • 1234567890!@#$%^&*()

    I’m sorry but there are alot of girls that are prettier than …her and i bet the ones defending her are the few that are probably uglier than her :)

    lol i guess tou dont need looks to succeed but she should save us the gagging and stop her bad acting.

  • danielleeestfu

    cool! FIRST?

  • Aniyuouhouonymous

    her skin is gorgeous!! i wish i had it! she looks good, but i dont really find her that pretty, i feel like she should be really pretty like she has good features but i dont know. love her though

  • ummmmyeeaahh


  • hjfjs

    she’s actually looks decent here.
    her knees are kinda weird looking.