Mitchel Musso Rocks Lake MISSION Viejo


Mitchel Musso concert pictures from Lake Mission Viejo and San Diego House of Blues. Jimmy Robbins is currently touring with him. Thx Christina & everyone.

  • Anonymous244343

    he seems like a egotistical douche.

  • stargirlqu

    Why is he always doing this it is annoying he is so swetty. He is always taking his shirt of

  • devorah

    hes a better singer than demi lovato =]

  • ilovejb

    look at his eyes in the first pic lol
    love him but why shirtless? kinda boring

  • Anonymoustwo

    The shirtless and pants falling down look is not a great look for him. When will he get that?

  • swiftmed
  • jonaslovatobabe

    ohmygosh i love him.
    he is amazing.
    and soo sweet.

  • mrsmusso!

    he is so sexi! but his gf is so FUCKING UGLY!

  • kdar

    I <3 Jimmy Robbins hes so amazing everyone should buy his new album that came out today :)

  • Benjamin

    He’s trying too hard.

  • OhGollyGoshGoodness

    what’s with his women’s glasses in dat one pic? he’s always sweating purfusely and it’s soooooooo irritating how he always takes his shirt off. he’s trying REAAAAALY hard. way too hard.

  • Anonymous3

    hes a better singer than demi lovato =]


    um have you HEARD demi lovato?
    p.s. i was theree :)

  • 24427

    Looks like somebody fell into a pool.
    Of sweat.
    That is siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick.
    But then again, he was probably putting a lot of energy into the concert to be sweating that much.
    But it’s still sick.

  • 24427

    YUCK he’s also wearing a bracelet.

  • wowyikesholy

    Boy needs to pull his pants up. And that purple v-neck in the photo and the sunglasses in another are SO feminine. He looked like such a girl.

  • bby

    hmf. he’s sessy. ;D
    stop hating. k? kbye.

  • Anonymouss

    He likes to be
    I like him :)
    I wish the Jonas Brothers would do that. ;D

  • Jonas4Canada

    He’s cute.
    I wish SOMEONE BUFF AND SEXY would do that :(

  • Mel01

    erhmm i guess he is okay

  • anony
  • Dakota

    hes sooo hot, but i dont understand why hes always taking his shirt off!

  • Cheapbracelets.


    Sexy bitch. :]

  • Anonymous785687687

    some of these are from house of blues

  • ljcg

    and why is he always wearing all black nowadays? He’s trying way too hard. (-_-)

  • lalalafgdhdfghfgh

    maybe he should take his pants off instead.
    hahaha jk. total pervert moment.
    i have sunglasses exactly like his.
    that’s not cool at all.

  • katie8p

    i love mitchel, but really is his shirt ever on anymore :|kinda annoying now

  • HuggyBear

    Dude thinks he is Iggy Pop…not.

  • shmesmx3

    oceanup is really slow lately

  • Lizzy

    JIMMY ROBBINS!! yesss I love him!
    his album came out today on iTunes.
    he fucking rocks.

    and guys, Mitchel is still hot, in my opinion. :]

  • iLoveYouMore

    Okay… so he’s cute and all,
    but WHY does he always have to perform
    It gets kind of old, and after a while
    it’s not hot anymore…

  • iLoveYouMore











    It isn’t hot anymore!

    That is all.

  • aperson

    u dont have a bod to show mitchel musso,

  • jjean

    lol Couldn’t have said it better myself. I wish joe would try it once in a while. (taking his shirt off, not pulling up his pants.)

  • Leena

    pull up yo’ pants boy.

  • sara_elizabetth47

    FUCK MY LIFE! I live about 7 fucking minutes from this damn lake but i dont have a fucking lake pass so i couldnt get in!! BTW im fucking mad about it!

  • ZzZ

    Oh yeah!!! He thinks he’s so hot when he ain’t at all. Sorry Mitchel fans, gotta say the truth. I mean I don’t like JB either, but at least they don’t do anything as fucking stupid as this.

  • Anonymous78

    I think Tim puts up these post of him because Tim likey ;)

  • anonymousorhoweveryouspellit

    Is he still with Disney, because he’s not looking very Disneyish anymore.

  • Anonymoussssssssssss

    ive met him, TERIIBLE person.

    he lost me as a fan.

  • c knight

    he is so hot i would give anything to met him

  • Ginn

    yummy :)

  • Check Cash Advance

    I think he’s cute. I wish I could see more of him. Thanks for the pics. Check Cash Advance

  • zeppelynn

    So he lost fans because he sweats a lot & takes his shirt off
    because of this?


    Mitchel is a really sweet guy and a good singer.
    His shows are a lot of fun.

    He is wearing a purple shirt because its his new shirt
    for his tour..his mom Kathy is wearing the same one.
    Its a cute picture of them being twinkies.
    Plus don’t the Jonas Brothers wear pink?
    & everyone thinks “its so cute”

    Everyone on here is so negative and just pick at people.

    He is still with the moment..
    But they are having issues because he is dying his hair
    black & got a tattoo.
    He is just wanting to be himself.
    He can’t be goofy Smokin Oakin forever.
    He is 18!

    Sorry to go all crazy & team Mitchel on you.
    But he never gets a break on here.
    & he isn’t THAT bad.

  • dingos12


  • DarkRose

    He really need to keep his shirt ON and his pants UP. He really should he aint hot. He wouldn’t be on if he was on fire…in an oven…thats in a volcano… on the sun

  • A.

    He should workout more and get those abs and pecs in. ;)

  • Someone stole the name anonymous!

    really gross looking.

  • twitter

    fourth? i love him! :)

  • sfdfhbh

    how come he always performs shirtless?