Jesse McCartney BODY LANGUAGE Vid

Jesse McCartney‘s song ‘Body Language‘ featuring T-Pain. Pictures from the Get Schooled Conference & Premiere at Paramount Studios in Los Angeles, California on September 8. Photos: Fame.

  • samanthaaaaaaaaaaaaa


    love him

  • emilyyyyyy

    ahhh everybody shut up and stop sending stupid rude comments. no one wants to hear them.

    jesse is amazingg, and this song is great. I like the original better because the bridge of the song it my favorite part (and i like when jesse sings it) but thats okay! I still bought it the first day it came out on itunes. EVERYONE NEEDS TO BUY THIS SONG ON ITUNES! i want to see this on the top 100!! love you jesse! keep doing what youre doing =]]

  • Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat

    This song is one of my favs!!
    Ive been waiting for the video for agez

  • ….shh……..

    How much uglier (?) can he get??? Seriously he was soo HOT, and now…??? what?? Is it the extra fat :)))..? lol He’s livin on old fame (if that was even fame) but he’s not interesting any more….to me….. …. .. .

  • hmm

    Jesse was hot in Dream Street and now he’s just loser. What a shame.

  • rfgfoafdnxu

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  • niuigf

    wtf is up with the random girl in a bikini?

  • lalaland4everr

    ahhhhhhh i love this song!I admit he definitely looked wayyyyyyyy hotter like 3 years ago but i still love him! :)

  • kristinnnbby
  • Anonymouse

    I don’t think that’s as shocking as the odd wrinkles at his eyes. It’s like he’s aging 30 years faster than he should…

  • Anonymous1112311

    are you kiddinggg?
    this song is amazing

  • Claire

    LOVE IT!

  • elis

    IDK? said:

    Sep 9, 2009 @ 11:16 am
    lovatocyrusjonaslove said:
    thats my shit right there lol __ Have you seen Mileys tweets? Is Niley on again? True love never dies.. Catch me, Peter pan..

    Jackie you are the most boring person in the world.
    Leave Niley alone and GTFO!

  • sandra

    KT.KD said:

    at least its better then heidi montags.

    agree :)

  • katie8p

    Eh it’s aight':)He should go back to his beautiful soul ways tho.

  • kellyleta

    dont like this at all

  • pft.

    lame video. like the song though.

  • InstantMiley
  • .

    SHUT UP ABOUT NILEY .. So sick of hearing about ‘em. Making me dislike Nick. Anyways, this song is aight.

  • Sweez


  • playasdelcoco
  • NileyFan<3

    I LOVE IT.
    haters gtfo :)

  • JMCC luver


  • swiftmed
  • Deeja

    hes gone so ugly ew & old
    emilly da silva; THT DUDE IS FUGLY MAAAN -.- Lmfaoo

  • santa

    lame video EVER

  • luvniley

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  • wish

    I love this song! <3

  • .


  • MichelleDS

    Oh quit hating on him. It’s not like he’s not allowed to step out in public or perform any songs.
    He’s doing his own thing. He never asked for your personal opinions on his body when going to the beach. All he did was go out.
    Most of us agree that we miss the Beautiful Soul days, but seriously, don’t hate on him. He is growing up, but anyone who bags on him seriously needs the growing up to do. alright?
    don’t like the song? fine. otherwise, don’t come here and trash talking him. that’s insanely messed up, especially if you have some idol you look up to.

  • lolaxmsks

    i though he was so hot like 3 years ago … what happen to him

  • Anonymousesdfsd

    get the heck over niley.
    this isnt a niley, nick or miley post

  • jessegirl

    love you jesse! youre awesome!!

    GREAT SONGG!!!!!!!!!


    i agree with the other comment…i want this song it get big!

    jesse deserves another hit song! he’s so talented! much better than all those other “singers” out there today with absolutely no talent what so ever.

    if you dont like jesse, then dont look at his stuff on here and make mean comments. just shut up.


  • sarah380

    jesse’s doing what he loves and doesn’t need to hear any of your crap.
    this is a great song =] i have all of his albums. he’s definitely one of the best singers out there. so talented!

  • May

    Jesse is a hottie but I have to admit it, I love T pain!!!

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  • elis

    i hate this song

  • elis

    btw first and maybe second.

  • KT.KD

    at least its better then heidi montags.

  • Anonymoussss

    check out

    they’re an awesome comedy show on youtube!! :):)

  • holly

    its catchy, ill give him that. catchy like an STD though. i didnt want it haha

  • VodkaBlue

    its not bad but he can do soooo much batter than that.

  • Anonymous

    Jesse is sooo hot! The video might not be the best but its just old clips of his live shows with a bit of effects. still good quality and still the hottest man alive.

  • Captin CrunchRocks

    Not gonna lie. I love this song:(

  • lovatocyrusjonaslove

    thats my shit right there lol

  • IDK?

    Sep 9, 2009 @ 11:16 am
    lovatocyrusjonaslove said:
    thats my shit right there lol __ Have you seen Mileys tweets? Is Niley on again? True love never dies.. Catch me, Peter pan..


    jesse is soo hot seriously. i love him soo much and he looks better now then like 3 years ago. hes much hotter.i love this song soo much