Shia LaBeouf On Wall Street 2 MONEY NEVER SLEEPS With Girlfriend Carey


Shia LeBeouf forced to shave his beard in her trailer before he starting the days filming of ‘Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps‘ in New York City with real-life girlfriend Carey Mulligan. Photos: WENN, INF.

  • Jonas4Canada

    Icon= WIN!!!
    My little Pony named Trace!

    And I see the hot celeb guys have that shirt!
    Joe, Zac, and Shia!

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  • bieber fever

    hey! sorry i wasnt on yesterday! i had to take a nap after school i was a dead beat!!

    lol! i hate school, i cant belive i had to start it on the 2nd!
    most of canada started yesterday did you?

  • Sean

    Ha HA!

    He looks pretty darn funny without the facial hair :)
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  • Sean

    He looks to old, i prefer the good guy look.
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  • holly

    hahahaha i thought it said ‘never sleeps with girlfriend carey’


    i didn’t read the entry carefully
    so the first time i saw it
    i thought it said “shia labwouf never sleeps with girlfriend carey”
    and I was like
    who the hell would care about that ?? LOL

  • Kelsey

    Shia Labeouf is total hotness<3

  • cash advance now

    Hmm, well he’s not so cute either!Cash Advance Now

  • proopygeoff

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  • BigThimamog


  • penis vergrößern

    Glad to see they remove this dirty look he was carryng on and we saw him shaved an clean again.
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    Shes pretty, but she needs a new hair style!!!!! SHIA=HOTNESS!!! haha!!!

  • sts

    pretty guy, i like him sts

  • anonymoose


  • penisverlängerung

    Glad to see him shaved, looks handsome with this clean look instead of the first one.

  • Elenaa ! ;)

    He has a girlfriend?!
    Where the hell have I been?! x]]

  • N follow me and eww his girlfrienddd is uglyyyy.

  • Hahahahahahahahaha


  • Anonymous87


  • Marge.

    I love Shia.
    such an awesome guy.
    and totally good looking too ;)

    glad he found a girl he likes.


  • Anonymous87

    Shia LeBeouf forced to shave his beard in her trailer

    WORD TYPO!! :P

  • Marge.

    Oh and I bet this movie will be awesome.
    just like all his movies :))

    and I’m glad he shaved it. He looks better
    like this, then with the beard.

    forgot to add that to the first comment.


  • heyyyyy

    “never sleeps with girlfriend carey”
    watch your wording, tim!! lmfao

  • hpaddictedx

    Haha his girlfriend is pretty and I love Shia’s backpack

  • lololol

    You really think so?
    I think she is SO plain. But HE is HOT.

  • Anonymousdfg

    without the beard he looks like a teenager well at least younger lol