Emily Osment NERF, ETC

Emily visits Canada to promote her new EP and ‘All The Way Up’.

  • DMV

    Umm no Demi can’t act and neither can Miley. Demi seems like she’s trying too hard and Miley over acts. I do agree with the rest of what you said, but Miley and Demi needs to just stick to singing also just like JB

  • CyrusLovatoJonas



  • Be3

    Don’t hate on the girl for trying to have a side career! Is she the best singer, NO! Give her credit for trying, I’m sure that anyone of us who had an inkling of talent and the ability to do so, I’m sure we all would have both types of careers too! I’m sure this will be her only album, let her do it!

    She is the best actress on Disney, her roles vary, she has range! Everything Selena has been in, it seem like some variation of Alex Russo.

    And is what ????? said true? Is Emily really dating the guy from Push Play? How did that happen?

  • heartdemi;

    okay seriously;

    I love Emily, to me shes a great role model & I think its a shame disney doesn’t really focuse on her.

    She will never be miley, demi, selena or taylor she is herself. They are all unique and different they all have a different stlye and personality. And I can garenty that emily’s not trying to be the next demi, miley or exc. & another thing she may not have the best voice like demi or taylor but shes doing it for the same reason they are

    its her dream, its been a dream of hers ever since she was a kid. and now shes making it come true; her way. Shes doing what she loves.
    honestly listen to how pathetic some of you sound.

    Your honestly saying that, just becasue shes no demi, miley selena taylor or jb she has no right to live her dream.

    grow up.

  • Adry

    I love Emily , and i agree 100% with Be3.
    Plus she is really beautiful, but is stuck under Miley’s shadow though…

  • miley emily fans

    i looooooooooooooooove her she awesome

  • miley fans

    i loooooooooooooove emily she a amazing singer she sing better then selena ilove her

  • nahla

    why is she trying to copy taylor with the videos thanking each place she goes to? she is no where near as good a singer as taylor. or miley and demi

  • katiehere

    i really dont see her going far in music. her voice is ot strong enough and she doesnt have enough star appeal. i think her song is slightly better than selenas but selena is no 5 on itunes videos while she is only at 50something cos she isnt that popular

  • catherine

    she’s ok at singing. but i agree she should focus on acting. i don’t think she’ll really do that well in music cos she doesnt have that big of a fanbase and isnt that well known

  • lydia

    boring!!! she is not interesting at all. so average

  • meghan1

    i honestly think she is not that bad as everyone says at singing. shes not the best at all but she is ok. i think she’s on level with selena but selena will come out better because she is more popular. i think emily should concentrate on acting as she is better at that

  • helenajamie

    blah she is kinda not interesting. i like her overall. she is a good actress and ok singer but she is not really got that star appeal thats why disney hasnt pushed her forward more. she shouldnt really sing. she should try to get more acting jobs

  • taylorlove

    SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS!! she can’t sing!!!!

  • Anonymous111

    Disney needs to get one thing straight:

    They have two double treats, that are Demi and Miley. They are good actresses and good singers.

    All the others should stick to what they know:
    JB to singing and all the others to acting.

    I don’t see Emily going far in music, neither I do Selena, even though Selena will do quite better because she has a bigger fanbase…

  • souky

    OKm firstttttttttt she’s awsome i love herrrrrrrrr

  • Anonymous

    i dont know why you like emily osment i hate her

  • Steffyluvsniley

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  • ?????

    Hands down the prettiest girl on Disney, and IMO the best actress! What I don’t get is why is she dating that idiot lead singer from Push Play?

  • ellabella

    i dont think she is the prettiest or the best actress. i think selena beats her in acting and selena, demi and miley are all prettier. also she shouldn’t sing. she is better at acting and should stick to it

  • swiftmed
  • Anonymouss

    steffyluvsniley needs to get a friggin’ life.

    Meanwhile.. everything ????? said is true ^^.

  • Mareen

    Emily is soo amazing <33
    she’s my role model (:

  • Anonymous222

    she sucks. she can’t sing at all. her video isnt even in the top 50 of itunes.

  • carrie

    she really is kinda average. she is better at acting than singing. i think she’s trying too hard to be ‘rock’ her voice is too blah and soft for that sort of music

  • leighlaxo

    i dont like her that much. she is just an average singer. i honestly dont think she will ever get to the same level of fame or popularity as demi/miley/selena