Justin Bieber Sings On Street Before Fame

Young Justin Bieber singing on steps of the Avon Theater in Stratford, Canada.

  • xmiajonas

    hes so cutee.

  • Justin B <3

    His Mom Was recording.

  • BriannaAshley

    that guitar is bigger then him! he’s adorable.

  • lady buggg :)

    such a cutieeee.
    ha i thought it had said sesame street

  • jjean

    kinda cute. Still don’t like his music, though

    Who lets a boy sing on the street by himself? I hope his mom was nearby.

  • leli

    aww! how cutee

  • Jonas4Canada

    My friends saw him perform there lol!

  • pft.

    he’s adorable.

  • ash

    aww thats so cute

  • can’t be bothered to log in

    he is the next big thing

  • johnnay

    reminds me of a young NICK JONAS

  • jjean

    I keep laughing at 1:08 when he says ‘love’

  • holly

    i don’y really care. he’s only had one song. why so much on this guy?

  • OhGollyGoshGoodness

    how old is he? like 9? wow he’s good! he’s ADORABLE! what’s he gonna do when he hits puberty and voice changing and stuffs like that?

  • awwww

    aww,i thinks that so cute,but still he’s not really all that(don’t hate ,just my opinion),but he’s adorable!!!,and haters should stop hating on him,seriously…..

  • Ms.JustinBieber!!!

    i <33333333333333333333333333333333 HIM SO MUCH!!

  • emilyyyy

    i live where hes from.
    its just a corner that the theatres on, its not a big crowded street.

    it just gets busy when the plays start and finish but its no biggie

  • Dumm Blonnd


  • Ariana(:

    ahh i love him that was like 3 years agoo.
    he was so cute but now he’s just hot don’t know him you’ll hear his name alot in the next couple of months (:

  • magsbaby

    i loveeee him <3.

  • Anony

    check out

    If you’re a Jonas Brothers fan. :)

  • uyiui

    So he can get more fans, DUH. He’s talented.

  • Geek<3NJJ

    One song and hes famous? Wow his facial expressions made me laugh. Justin fans don’t need to get your panties in a bunch ok? I like his song but Who lets their kid sing on a street full of people? I would want my DAD standing beside in case some perv tried to get me atleast! His song is AWESOME but seriously!

  • rawrrewrr

    my friends met him in stratford two years ago doing the same thing

  • Crazy

    who the hell is this kid?

  • Jouu

    Justin ='( u’re so awesome <333

  • ?!?!

    umm…am I supposed to know who he is?

  • zoe*

    well if this isn’t just the cutest thing. :’)

  • korrrr(:

    he’s so cuuuuuute!(: i hope no one was meann! ha(: andd i guess i made like 3,000 dollars doing that and he and his mom took a trip to FL! ( isnt that cute?! ha. but dont quote me, watch his MTV Download and Discover thing on youtube! loove him!. and fyi, he’s only had one “good” song so far, BECAUSE HIS ALBUM DOESNT RELEASE til NOV. 17! remember that people. show love(: <3 peace! ha

  • kmkcds


  • BirthdayCake

    He is so talented. He just has this amazing natural talent. I wish I could just open my mouth and have it sound good like that! I love him!

  • GoldenGal9311

    Aww = )

  • Anonymousdisneygrl

    omg he was soo cute
    now hes soo hot!
    i love his voice!!
    and stop comparing him to nick jonas.
    he doesnt wear tight pants! hahah

  • uuu

    Nice eyebrows. I met him hes so nice but look at those eyebrows!!!

  • Anonymous

    awwww poor baby! he was soooo cute.. he worked for his fame and deserves every minute of it.. <3

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  • ???

    awwn when i first saw dis i waz like awwwn!
    I felt so bad i did noe him b4 he waz famous thou. But awwn i luv him glad he iz so high up now!=)

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  • brandy.


  • jonasgurl+biebs?

    im loving this kid!<3333 i love justin!
    he is incredubly talented!!!!!

  • JhrPlm

    NKBKoI RyCuPm

  • Anonymous

    awww, I love Justin Bieber he is so so so so hot!! I feel so so bad, were those people filming laughing at him, how rude I mean seriously

  • sarahhh.x

    Wow, what a flamer. The kid still sounds the same to. Fucking one hit wonder.

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  • Anonymous

    fag that sounds like a fucking girl

  • Deedee

    Hes so amazing he use to do that cause he wanted to send his mom on a vacation to florida. So he made three thousand dollars doing that and sent her.

    So sweet.

  • Justin B <3

    hes coming out with an ablum. kay?
    he had ALOT of fans befor he even got famous.

  • Anonymous

    LMAO This kid is fifteen & sounds like a girl when he sings.Absolutely pathetic.He is a huge joke.One hit wonder.I call it now.A year from now we will be saying “What happened to that kid who sang One Time”?

  • CyrusLovatoJonas

    I wanna meet him before he gets more famous




    WELL FUCK you! Dont get into the JUSTIN BIEBER section if you hate emm! Go somewhere else, you just like to be smelling ass

  • GoldenGal9311



    Haha to me he looks like Barbie’s son.

  • lalalannnnd

    he should have hit puberty by now.that happens around the age of twelve.he needs to go to a doctor to see why he isn’t growing and why his voice sounds like a girl.

  • overnight loans

    What a great talent. He has a very bright furture ahead of him. Keep up the good work.

  • Should I

    Names of justin biebers ex girlfriends:


    if you want last names go to myspace.com/oxfox

  • jadaxonickj

    :) lol My friend Johnny knows the whole song One Time and he sang a line and i finished! It was so funny! Ecspecially since he was a guy i didnt think he’d know the song! lol

  • jonaslovatobabe

    he is the cutest kid EVER.
    he is soo adorable.
    too bad he’s 15…lmfaoo.
    he is soo cute.

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  • ??


  • rAMSHA

    AHA AWWWWWWWWW THUI SIS SO ADORABLEEE! i pwersonally am not a HUGE fan of justin. but this is so cute! he wa sso cute when he was a kid:) hes still baby cute tho. hes not hot or anything

  • fjkfdhgjkdfg

    omg hes such a cutieeee! HES SO GOOD! I <3 YOU JUSTIN!!!!!!!