Desperate Housewives actress/ Disney Channel alum Maiara Walsh attended
Padres Contra El Cancer’s 9th Annual ‘Sue-o De Esperanza’ Benefit Gala held at The Hollywood Palladium on September 10. PR Phots, WENN.

  • #hithere

    she aint ugly. she is beautiful but she is not the fake type… and she is brazilian *o*

  • Anonamas

    Screw all you stupid ass hateful dopes on this site.
    Maiara’s awesome.

  • yodghjfhgj

    don’t care.

  • carnelle

    she’s pretty. i love her

  • Marge.

    She’s gorgeous. And she’s a nice actress as well.
    No need to judge someone, just because they didn’t have the most amazing dress one day out of like 20 that we’ve seen of her.


  • Anonymoussssss

    her dress is adorable

  • GoldenGal9311

    She’s very pretty but….. WHOA. Fashion flop. Her dress is just sad. Look at it.And the lipstick and hair… It looks like she just got done making out with a guy and had to take pictures. Her lipstick is all over her mouth and the hair……..birds nest?

    Her shoes are nice though.

  • Kammi

    she sorta looks old here…

  • raina

    who is she again????

  • Brooketeeeeny

    She looked gorgeous

  • nfoldf

    ugh she can’t act for her life :P

  • MileyCyrusss

    Jesus why is this girl so ugly?

  • kimberlyattard

    she aint ugly!

  • Jonas88

    who she? lol :/

  • MileyCyrusss

    she was on Cory in the House.
    PS i love your avatar ;)

  • kimberlyattard

    she was in cory int he house

  • Jonas88

    oh now i know haha :D
    aww thank you ;)

  • Jonas88

    oh ok:)

  • pollyyyyy

    who cares about her??

  • Jonas4Canada

    She’s not as well known, but she’s gorgeous.
    Her Camilla Belle and Mila Kunis are underrated beauties, since people like Megan Fox and Gisele Bunchden are the ones getting the majority of the praise!

  • Emmetts My Monkey Man

    it looks like something you sleep in

  • lexxerzz

    That dress is fuglyy. But shes pretty.

  • steph90peace

    aww i remember her. i love her eyes