Miley’s STALKER Headed To Felony Court


Miley Cyrus’ stalker Mark McLeod may be facing felony charges for trying to meet his one true love Miley, according to Boston Herald. Police said Mark, who lives about three hours from Georgia’s Tybee Island, traveled there in June and August looking for Miley, who he wanted to marry, while she filmed The Last Song. How long do YOU think Mark should go to jail for?

  • SlippinIntoTheLava x3

    MTV Live Canada reported today that KevinJ’s wedding will be at the beautiful vale collorado and that miley cyrus, selena gomez, demi lovato, amanda bynes, and black eyed peas will be attending the wedding and that chris brown will preform at kevin’s wedding!

    Chris Brown,

  • AlineBR

    the guy it’s totally sick! he needs a doctor, not a jail!

  • Birthday sex

    Go Mark McLeod hope you win and the judge rewards you to fuck Miley in the ass. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Jonas88

    chris brown? :O

  • Jonas88

    omg can u belive photobucket has icons of jonas brothers butts lol xD

  • Anonymdrgdous

    lmao! Chris Brown!! Do they even know him? xD

  • Jonas88
  • doraleee
  • doraleee
  • Lorena


  • Neutral

    …really? I don’t believe its soooo creepy, I mean, Miley dated a 20 yr old underwear model that lived in her house. Shes used to oldr MEN, she can deal with it.

  • Neutral

    lol. I hate her too. Shes been asking for it lately too, I mean her slutty internet pictures of her flashing non-existent chest/cleavage? I mean really Miley, what were you expecting…

  • Anonymous*

    pedophiles deserve Life sentences….. i have no mercy for them

  • Lyss

    i think he needs to go to a mental asylum. then jail.
    pedofiles are discusting and i have no mercy for any of them. they’re so dangerous. My friends and i all joke about the term stalker. we take it so lightly. but afther this…
    and im not a miley fan. i reallyy DO NOT like her. but she does not, nor does anyone, deserve a stalker. im glad the police got him.

  • juicebxxx


  • Dumm Blonnd


  • Biannnca

    thats really creepy, considering Miley is 16; and this man is obviously older : X

  • Kathy86

    he should be put away for a long time, and get serious help. His obsession is with Miley who is pretty unattainable, but what if his next victim doesn’t have their own bodyguards, etc.

  • Sellyndemi4evaa

    Lmao he needs help :/ I think he needs to be in jail for his life! no way Miley would wanna date an old geezer, FAIL! :P

  • SlippinIntoTheLava x3

    He should go to a mental asylum instead.

  • danny

    Forever. he’s a sicko to want to ‘marry’ a teenager. he wanted to “finish things”?! He needs to be locked up ‘cos chances are if he’s go after Miley he’d go after another girl her age, who DOESN’T have security.

  • AnonymousCutiee

    wow hes retarded

  • :):)
  • Megannnnnnn

    I don’t think he should go to jail..

    He needs to be admitted into some kind of mental hospital.
    He obviously has something wrong with his head, and going to jail will do nothing to help him. He needs to be admitted.

  • HAHA!

    no he should be free and rape that little slut btw i think deserve more stalkers. i bet he had her nude photo all over his bedroom walls and cut off justin and nick face tape his over it lol

  • THEmrs.nickjonas

    he is super creepy…
    but i hate miley, so i could really care less.

  • Luv2LuvJonasDotCom

    check out

    if you’re a Jonas Brothers fan! :)

  • Jdjdjdjjdj

    When we’re talking about mark why does oceanup always post that pic of her looking down???

  • CyrusLovatoJonas


  • yourock


  • cgmgjl

    exactly what i was gonna say!

  • lolaxmsks

    not jail a mental institution he needs help


    i dont think he should go to jail….he didnt do anything. he didnt rape her or threten her. he needs help…but i know tons of boys that wanna mary miley

  • Neutral

    I don’t think he should go to jail… actually, well a FELONY? for going to her house and asking her to marry him? wait- what did he do for a stupid felony charge? Gosh.. now theyre gonna call him a sex predator or something… how sad.

  • Jonas88

    he needs help :/

  • ILoveGarbo

    Who cares about this guy, don’t post about that freak.

  • Anonymoussw


  • Jonas88

    omg i was first :D

  • oh

    hahahahah oh miley.

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  • oh

    Lik3 0mGzz y0u W3r3 Fir$t?! no one cares…

  • dooDAdoolifeisgood

    obviously the man needs some help, but we shouldn’t call him a freak… obviously he’s not mentally there – but that’s no reason to call him names.

  • BriannaAshley

    they should get married and live happily ever after…

  • yerrrr

    He has De Clerambault’syndrome he needs to be sectioned not put in jail.

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