Miranda Cosgrove PEOPLE COVER GIRL


Miranda Cosgrove featured in the October 2009 issue of PEOPLE. On getting inducted into the National Honor Society: ‘My mom is all excited about it, but I thought it was a rip-off because all I got was a pin.’

On remaining humble in Hollywood: ‘My friends have a lot to do with that, because I have a lot of friends that I have known since I was in kindergarten. They never thought acting was a big deal. I’m always hanging out with all my friends, and we’ll go see movies together. I don’t go to that many Hollywood parties or anything like that.’

On playing guitar: ‘I’ve been taking lessons since I was 8. I always say I’ve made the least amount of progress in the most amount of time. Lately I’ve been playing a lot. I’m feeling like a serious musician now.’

  • Anonymous

    All the kids at my school think that Jeanette is ugly and that Miranda is totally hot. I definitely agree.

  • ThatCrazyNileyFan

    idk if its just me but she is soooo ugly to me like idk she looks like a frog

  • idontcare

    she’s ugly
    she can’t act
    she can’t sing
    and her show isn’t funny
    honestly,she’s only famous cause’ of Drake and Josh

  • Anonymous

    I keep wondering who the show is aimed at since there’s a
    lot of sorta inside older jokes going on so it’s not totally a
    kids show and the younger characters act older the older
    characters act younger. Screwed up writing I guess.
    Yeah, there is alot of adult humor in there. I think its so that when the parents have to watch with their kids they will enjoy it too.

  • pineapple

    i only really know her from drake and josh and her part in school of rock. hahha. i don’t like the show at all. nickelodeon needs to get back to the way it was a few years ago when it had some really good showws

  • Anonymous

    big f-ing deal. my sisters in the national honor society..and with my grades..when im old enough ill be in it 2.

    shes ugly and annoying.

  • bby

    hmf. disney girls are prettier than nick girls.
    but you can’t really say anything bad about miranda, she’s a sweetheart.

  • Anonymous

    Her newest song and video were made specifically for the movie Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs. She was asked to do the song for the closing credits So, of all the new Disney/Nick singing talent out there, they thought she was the best. Otherwise they would have asked someone else…duh!

  • Anonymous

    miranda cosgrove is sooooooooo hot!!!

  • Miss Manson!

    umm….how the hell did she get the cover of PEOPLE? god i hate her soooo much!!!

  • Anonymous

    Miranda is so beautiful!

  • !

    she definitely not a model! she looks so awkword!

  • Anonymous

    For you guys saying that the Nick writers suck and you liked the old shows better, the writer is the same. Dan Schneider wrote All That, Kenan & Kel, Drake & Josh, All That AND iCarly.

  • Jonas4Canada

    Yeah I know, but he sucks!
    All That and Amanda show was stupid yet cute, Zoey 101 was okay too, but its all getting too old.

  • Anonymous

    oops I wrote all the twice. I meant zoey 101 lol

  • meee

    just because she can act doesn’t mean she can sing. i mean i know that she has a singing voice but she doesn’t seem like a serious musian who cares about their music and express themselves through that. she’s more like a lindsay lohan in the music world, rather than a demi lovato or a miley or a jonas lol

  • Anonymous

    *All That

  • MANDIIE Jbitch
  • Richard

    I keep wondering who the show is aimed at since there’s a
    lot of sorta inside older jokes going on so it’s not totally a
    kids show and the younger characters act older the older
    characters act younger. Screwed up writing I guess.

  • team seddie

    miranda is super ugly
    team seddie all the way woooooooooooooooooo

  • Anonymous

    I like that she is super gorgeous. It proves that you don’t have to be supermodel pretty to be successful. But I think she is pretty.

  • team seddie

    i think its NOT her real voice in her songs now cause i saw a vid of her singing and it was horrible and sounded bad

  • Anonymouse

    They did SOMETHING with her face on the cover. I don’t know what but she doesn’t look exactly like Miranda…

  • pineapple

    it looks like they photoshopped her face weirdly on the cover. it just doesn’t look right..

  • santa

    ZZzzZzzzzzzzZz..bla bla ZZZZZZZZzzzZZzzZ…bla zZzzZzZZzzZZ

  • Anonymous

    Miranda Cosgrove rocks! Just because she’s not Disney doesn’t make her any less talented the Disney girls.

    Look at Bridget Mendler, Disney is failing miserably!!!!

  • eriketta

    it looks like they photoshopped her face

  • Cheapbracelets.

    I honestly don’t understand why they let Miranda sing and do all these music videos when her co star (I don’t really remember her name) is the one with an amazing voice.

    It kinda pisses me off and confuses me at the same time.

  • xxgerrioo

    why did you have to post this again. i just saw you post it on another oceanup headline. get a life.

  • Ajknh

    The JBs know they are not as famous as miley cyrus and so does everyone else. I mean look at the numbers

    Miley 3D VS Jonas 3D

    Breakout VS ALBL (yes breakout has sold more worldwide)

    Hannah Monanna 1 VS Its About Time

    Hannah Montanna 2 VS Jonas Brothers

    See You Again VS SOS

    7 things VS Burning up

    The Climb VS Paronid (sp)

    Party in the USA VS Fly with Me


    Plus Mileys had
    Hannah Montanna The Movie
    Miles to Go
    Miley and Max

    in the words of Joe “I dont think anyone is as famous and Miley Cyrus”

  • Jonas4Canada

    Miley’s bigger than Jonas… Whoop Di Doo…

  • Anonymouse

    True. Miley’s more famous than President Obama and possibly Bush–COMBINED. The only reason some people have more followers on twitter is because the little kids don’t have twitter ;)

  • sarh244r4


  • taylorSlove

    she’s really kinda average looking. disney girls are prettier

  • marielove


  • franchesca

    she is kind of blahhh. she’s boring and i dont really think she’s pretty. but she is a good actress

  • Jonas4Canada

    Am I the only one that gets extremely annoyed by iCarly, I mean its not funny at all!

    And Miranda is ish, Jeanette is prettier but I think Jeanette is more talented than Miranda (she’s an amazing country singer and a great figure skater as well as a good actress).

  • Anonymouse

    The only one? Next thing I know you’ll be thinking you’re the only one with knots in your hair!

  • franchesca

    i totally agree i didnt ever really get why i-carly is so popular. its really not funny at all.

  • Jonas4Canada

    I know, Nickelodeon’s writers are horrible!
    The jokes are so, ugh I don’t know, they’re just so bad.
    The only Nick shows I watched were All That, Amanda Show (I love Amanda) and Zoey 101!

  • pineapple


  • Anonymous

    I think Jennette’s character is better than Carly. Sam should be the main character. Or Spencer.