New Moon Trailer #3

  • New Moon 09′

    It’s funny how your comment acutally made me laugh. It just goes to show how much of a pathetic fool you are to actually sit here and write a comment about something you dispise. No need to mention the fact that you just wasted a few minutes of your life doing so. Yes, there is something called an opinion, indeed, but you truely have an idiotic mind to say such things about Twilight. As if it wasn’t already an obvious proven fact that Twilight was probably one of the most successful movies of 2008. Plus, the Saga selling millions and millions of books. People of all ages, and not “dumb little girls”, as you mentioned, enjoy the series. So, in the end, was it really necessary to take your precious time, and express your feelings towards the book in such a vulgar way? I think not. And I find absolutley nothing wrong with kids, or whom ever, to fall inlove with such an extraordinary character such as Edward Cullen. They obviously know that he is not real. You’re small brain just isn’t very well developed to know that. So goodbye, foolish stranger. And please promise me that you shall think of other ways to spend your precious life, rather than writting cruel things on the internet.

    And, i have total and complete confidence that New Moon will be fascinating.

  • freak

    Looks amazing, can’t wait!!!!!!!! :D

  • Lori

    I also love reading books that aren’t considered “high literature”. For the past year I’ve been reading book by this author Michael Connelly who writes about crime in Los Angeles. The plot is usually the same – “Rogue cop who doesn’t have his life in order gets an impossible case, he falls in love, ruins relationship because he is unstable, solves crimes, remains alone in life”. He pops a book out every couple of months and they are great, I love them. They’re extremely addicting, and it’s impossible not to read them in a day or two. So YAH Twilight!

  • Dnniella

    WTF!!!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh this is amazing i can’t waitttt

    omng im screaming and shaking like an idiot but this is worth aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh omg o9mg omg omg omg

    i love you taylor!!

  • Bree

    But I really hate it when people automatically assume something! I hate it when people judge! Just because Twilight is a popular series, doesn’t mean it sucks! Okay, really? WHY do you hate it so much? Why do you think it’s stupid? Is it because it’s so popular and you are a person who
    likes to go against what everyone likes? Is it because you like to be so different that once everyone likes something, you have to dislike it? That’s not why people like it. They don’t like it because it’s popular, they like it because it’s good. It gets people reading. So what if we get all tangled up in a fictional character, it’s a book. A completely different kind of love story. It let’s us forget about reality for that moment in time where we can just dream.

    I’m sure you have your own ways of getting away from reality, and just because Twilight is a book about the perfect guy, doesn’t mean you won’t like it. I bet almost ALL of you who say you hate it, haven’t even given it a chance. WHY JUDGE SOMETHING YOU DON’T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT??! Serioulsy. Yes, we know there’s no such thing as the perfect guy, but that doesn’t mean we can’t swoon over it. AND it’s NOT just a book for girls. I know many guys who love it, and no, they’re not gay. Not that that should have anything to do with it. It just pisses me off when people say how stupid it is, or what a waste of time it is because there’s no such thing as the perfect guy. You are the one’s who, in most cases, will go against the grain just to be different. There’s nothing wrong with being different. But when you don’t like something because it has such a high rating, that’s what pisses me off. The same goes for bands too. I hate it when people don’t like a song or a band anymore because everyone else does. But that’s a different story.


    you go guuurl! :D new moon’ll be amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazinggg <3 !@#$%^&*

  • mileycfan4ever

    i love the first movie but i think new moon it’s gonna be better than twilight..and there’s always gonna be someone that won’t agree with you..but you don’t have to call them “bitch” or “whore” just agree to disagree :)

  • Anonymous

    It’s okay. Freely express how much you hate Twilight all you want. Twilight is getting ruined for me because of all the hype and the immature, ignorant btches. I don’t give a sht about Taylor Lautner’s abs!

  • bby

    i’m only watching it for shirtless taylor. ;)

  • MrsEdwardCullen

    they arent fake he said that tayllor brought him to the gym everyday in order to get them

  • Lololol

    Whore and attention whore are two totally different things, mileylover.

  • asdfsf

    wohoo. it’s gonna be epic (:



  • Evelyn

    So right!
    I can’t just ignore the trailers:D

  • mariejane.

    Your pettiness and your idiocy cease to amuse me.

  • Whatsername

    I think it was decent. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the book. I just think the whole Twilight thing is over played now.

  • Anonymous7

    taylor is SOOOO hottt!!


  • I.

    no one fucking cares what you think hun

  • eat shit haters

    Kristen’s performance is amazing

  • someone u don’t know

    they’re ruining the whole movie… they’ve shown too many clips which is giving away the whole movie… i’m still gonna watch it cuz of taylor though!!! :]

  • Rebecca456456

    im watching this atleast 3 times


    I just hate Twilight. And I don’t want people to care, I just want to let them know it. FUCK YOU.

  • lily

    some people choose not to watch the trailers and such. i, however, am not as strong as them. lol

  • Jes

    Lmfao! Sorry, that’s just too funny.

  • damn.

    wow. your pathetic “oh my god everyone!! i hate twilight! i’m a fucking attention whore! i want EVERYONE to know what i have to say.” ugh. just stfu (:



  • I’m with ya

    Hey!! I hate Twilight too!! Ignore all those stupid bitches, cause they know that Twilight SUCKS!

  • I.

    why are you even in this post? go somewhere else. you’re not wanted here. shooo bitch!

  • maryyy

    holyfuck. i CANNOT wait to see this!


    Because, like you said, I am a whore and I want EVERYONE to know how much I hate Twilight.

  • maryyy

    no one cares about how much you hate twilight. so you can shut the fuck up. and gtfo this post.

  • bahahhaha

    Why do all you haters care so much? You think Twilight suck? Okay. Go share your opinions with someone who actually cares :]

  • Anonymousssssssssss

    HOLY SHIT cant wait :)


    I don’t think that “I’m with ya.” is no one darling.

  • I.

    you just proved my point -_-

  • Anonymousssssssssss

    No one cares if you hate Twilight, rofl. We aren’t holding a knife to your throat telling you to watch the movies or read the books… so why do you find it necessary to voice your opinion on a post that will most assuredly be filled with Twilight fans?

  • lamis

    taylors hot and i just had lol at the fake rob packs XD


    Yeah, you did. ;D

  • Anonymous

    The acting is so fucking bad.

  • lameeee-o

    i don’t like that there’s a fight sequence at the end. they don’t fight at the volturi…but whatever. still looks pretty exciting.


    Because I want them to let them know that Twilight SUCKS. They’re in love with Edward Cullen NOT Robert Pattinson, because when the dude appeared in Harry Potter, no one cared about him.

  • thats what she

    i have to say i Laughed at the commerical lol too dramatic! with the music and all
    but ill watch it haha , the first one was boring and overrated.

  • blahblah

    Okay so, for the people on this page, what is your problem? Do you guys get joy from bad talking things that other people like? I mean seriously. Just leave the book and the people that like it alone. I like the book because it is something that interests me and that shouldn’t matter to anyone else. If you didn’t like it, great for you. You want a biscuit or something? Yeah Bella talks about Edward a lot but so what? She loves him. I think you guys have such a problem with this because you don’t know what it’s like to love someone and until you do you shouldn’t say anything about it. Leave the people alone that like it and leave the poor author along. This is her job, she wrote a story that a lot of people like and she should be proud of it. You think you can do a better job at a storyline? Go ahead.


    DUH! True Statement.

  • lol wow

    are you stupid? what the fuck does liking robert pattinson have to do with the quality of the movie/saga? and isnt that what happens to stars all the time? they arent famous till they get they’re big break. and obviously twilight was it for him.

  • Anonymous

    Twilight books are complete shit.Some of the best authors in the world have bashed Stephanie Meyer because her books have gotten so popular but they aren’t even good.Anyone with a brain could see that.The acting in the first movie was horrible.I can tell from this trailer that the acting is terrible in this film also.Bottom line is Twilight is overrated shit.Dumb little girls are so in love with Edward Cullen but they need a REALITY CHECK.Edward Cullen doesn’t exsist.Grow up & get over this shit.

  • Anonbitch

    why are you still here? do you have any other life other than wasting your time on this site talking about how much you hate a book? lol. are you in need of a hug? are you not loved enough? is that why you need so much attention?

  • Ellllla Marieeee

    Rob is so ugly
    Taylor is hot though
    but Twilight is gay

  • whofuckingcares?

    okay, thats your opinion. stephanie meyer never intended it to get like this. she wrote the damn book for herself. she has a life and doesnt need to think of what all the little haters have to say about it.

  • EatSHIT!

    I guess it might seem strange to say that everyone hates something that’s sold 42 million copies and spawned at least two movie deals, but around here you wouldn’t know it. Last quarter my 207 professor had us go around the room and say our least favorite authors, and I could feel myself sinking lower in my chair as nearly every voice chimed in with “Stephanie Meyer.” Not that she’s at the top of my list, but I find it really hard to believe that she’s at the rock bottom of everyone else’s. Haven’t these people been reading Michel Foucault?
    So yes, I’m going to break the writing community’s taboo and admit that I love the Twilight books. I’ve never understood the seemingly widespread belief that a book isn’t worthwhile unless it’s “high literature,” which generally means that people are unhappy and die. Must all great works of art be depressing? Surely there are enough sad things happening in the real world–I want to get caught up in love stories with happy endings. The second rule of “great literature” is that it often becomes well-known after you’re dead, and schoolchildren will be tortured into reading it three or four hundred years down the road. Again, I disagree–whatever happened to being completely absorbed in a book, transported so far outside the walls of your dorm room that you don’t care if the writing isn’t strictly classic-worthy?
    Stephanie Meyer writes the kind of books that I hope to publish myself some day–not vampire tales, but love stories that will allow teenage girls all over the country to take a break from their (probably) unhappy high school lives. Some people may sneer at the thought of becoming successful while they’re still alive, but nothing would make me happier than to know that my stories might help someone get through a rough time. I can think of a lot of authors who carried me through tough times with happy endings, and Stephanie Meyer definitely makes that list.
    So all you Twilight haters: bring it. I find few things more hilarious than a room full of 20-something college students badmouthing an author who’s not only planned out and written a four book series, but also become extremely successful and a household name. (There is this one hilarious youtube video called “Japanese Crowd Prank,” though, that’s definitely funnier if you have time). The Twilight books had me curled up for hours at a time, losing all touch with reality in favor of a little-too-perfect hero falling in love with a completely ordinary girl. As a perfectly ordinary girl myself, I found them irresistible.

  • Ellllla Marieeee

    Still here? That was my first comment.

  • Jayne

    yayyyy lookksssss amazing xxxxx

  • freak

    Then why did you watch the trailer???

  • MrsEdwardCullen

    just bought midnight showing tickets to this!! I CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM RE-READING THE SERIES!!


    eh, I used to be such a huge fan, but lately all this twilight shit fucking annoys me to no end.

    maybe this one will be better than the first?hopefully, it is.

  • Sweetnessnlife

    this one looks soooo much better then the last

  • NileyFan<3

    looks so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • B.

    I just want to say I LOVE THE TWILIGHT SAGA!!
    And I can not wait till this movie comes out (((:

    HATERS are making twilight sooo famous HAA’
    It makes me crack upp :D Keep talking shitt.
    NOBODY fuckin caress (:

    PS. I loveee ROBERT PATTINSON!!<3333 Period(:

  • KL

    WOW. that was totally wicked :) cannot wait to see the movie!!!! AAHHHH

  • b.davis6

    cant wait for the movie! LOVE TWILIGHT

  • Stephanie.

    This looks like it’s going to be pretty close to the book, with a few exceptions. I’m so excited though! My heart was like pumping the wholee time I was watching this!

  • gabi(:

    omg. that looks so freakin good.. i love at the end when Dakota Fanning says her line. ok so im not a huge kristen stewart fan but she did amazingg. i think she is perfect as Bella. no lie. the movie is gonna be soo musch better than the first one. ahh. i cant wait(: oh and btw, taylor lautner is gorgeousss.

  • mileyrocks7

    OMG it looks sooo much better then twilight.

  • Segal

    omfg tht looks amazing OMG!!!!!!! i cant wait!!!!!

  • jbluver86

    omg i can’t wait any longer!!!!!

  • jonaslovatobabe

    i can not wait!!

  • jdfdfdsfdsfdf.

    holy fuck. intense. and robert?
    yummy. <3

  • lamis

    robs packs are fake, it’s make-up. it was on E! and even he says, he would never got to the gym, he’s not tht type of person

  • 3


  • twilightlover!!

    WOW! totally loving the new director!! this looks like it will be much better than the first one!! so intense. i love seeing rob pattinson and taylor lautner on the big screen! i watched this trailor like a bajallion times!!!!!! AHHH! november please come faster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kr


  • twitwin#1

    eh. mwa.gawd!!! so hot!
    cant wait much longer!

  • Elena :{D

    This already looks better then Twilight.
    Honestly, Twilight wasn’t that great.
    The movie was pretty much shit.
    Maybe it was because my expectations were so
    high, I don’t know.
    But New Moon looks REALLY GOOD! :D
    I can’t wait :)

  • pinkaboo

    i love it i cant wait it is sooo cool when i watched it for the frist time my mouth was hanging open it takes my breath away when i watched it for the frist time i didnt stop only after i watched it 16 time its like i cant wait for a nother hour i want it now

  • xStrawberryKissx


  • the killer

    you are so right it looks so much bitter i hope its more bitter then we think

  • Catherine

    I was really dissapointed in the first trailer for New Moon.

    I was like, I already know they love each other, I already know there’s complications.

    But in this trailer, I really like the emphasis on the Volturri. All the red cloaks gathering was AWESOME.

    Now I’m really anticipating the movie.

  • AimBaby

    came out on my birthday :)
    what a awesome gift lol.

  • Catherine

    Oh, and to add to my last post, Kristen Stewart is a lot prettier. xD

  • sasha:)

    can’t Wait!!!

  • Laraah


    but twilight is overplayed so just chill.

  • Demi.And.Nick.Are.My.Studmuffins.

    loks good… only because of taylor. The boy is damn fine!

    Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are ugly fucks tho

  • mozzletoff?

    Yay, finally. A real actress/actor GO DAKOTA!

  • Anonymous

    The Volturi don’t fight Edward.The movie just elaborated that. And the book doesn’t end on the proposal either!

  • dungsh!t

    I know right? Hi Mozz’!

  • Lampshade.

    Look’s Awsumm

  • satincare

    What’s the name of the song playing.

  • Cathy

    OHH MY! this is gonna be SO good!
    i mean come one guys! lets face it, the twilight movie TOTALLY sucked, they even said it was made with low idk how its called but the point is, they didnt have enough money to make a good movie, so yeah, it was not good at all, i mean we saw it twice maybe, just cuz we loved the book, and yeah, cuz of the hot guys (LOL) but new moon is gonna be amazing, im just sayin

  • Anonymous(:

    Hahha wow everyone is hating i kinda laugh at it,
    people like different things, yeah the first twilight movie wasnt THE GREATEST but this one will be better? and the people saying oh s.m suckss honestly i think shes amazing, ah yeah im one of those twilight screaming girllss, but who cares? lets agree to disagreeoh&& if you hate twilight why do you comment the post saying you hate it
    no offense but you kinda make yourself look dumb because this post was for the people who like it&&have been waiting for this trailer,

    Hah Okay&&
    OMGGGGG the trailer AMAZINGG!
    Shirtless Taylor&&Shirtless Rob(:
    WOWWW:DD Dude But I Dont Remeber the volturi fighting edwardd? maybe im wrong but idkkk, maybee. but also Haha i cant wait dude
    To all my twilight fans out there OMG!
    im stokeddd, i hope you screamed like i diddd(:

  • GrowUp:D

    Twilight sucks? Deal with it!

  • Anonymoushjdf


  • jennnnnnnnnn



    firstt??!!!!> AHHH lol

  • Anonymous45

    Robert Patterson is ugly he’s not even OK.
    Everybody is over-exaggerating his looks Taylor Lautner or however you spell it is hot but his nose bothers me but anyways i liked the book

  • ….

    first yay!!! love it!!!



  • fhgfuytrh


  • SuperAnonymous

    hahh i love how it says the whole story…


    .. said:

    first yay!!! love it!!!

  • Nikkilodeon

    looks much better than the 1st movie

  • Orls

    OMG; It looks frickin amazing!
    Absolutely great trailer :]

  • leah

    This looks fricken amazing too bad i cant see it stuiped parents!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DaisyDukes

    Keep talkin haters, you’re only making it more famous :)

  • lisaa

    The movie is gonna be amazing! Can’t wait to see it.

  • blahhhh

    omg this is so good. i’m so excited xD

  • Lyssa :)

    Ahh! The acting looks just as bad. Dang it, I was hoping they’d step it up a bit.

  • Tayyyylor

    BAM :)

  • Tayyyylor

    BAM :)

  • Anonymousss

    Cant wait to see this movie. (:

  • Shutup

    no one cares. gtfo off this post..and bring your wooden stick with you

  • HarryGinny4ever

    Well it dosn’t look like her acting has inproved at all…anyway that movie looks pretty frwaking lame an overly dramatic. I don’t know why so many people love Twilight. The books are poorly written and the plot is stupid. Sparkling vampires?? Hmm…

    But that is just my opinion.
    On the other hand i can’t wait for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1 and 2! Now those movies will be record breaking.

  • Anonymous123

    the trailer looks good!
    but i hope it wasn’t like last time when the twilight trailer made the actual movie look much better than it turned out to be
    BUT i still love the books

  • Cheapbracelets.

    Twilight is one of the worst books I’ve ever read. No lie.

    I don’t understand why everyone loves it so much.

  • Cheapbracelets.

    Twilight is one of the worst books I’ve ever read. No lie.

    I don’t understand why everyone loves it so much.

  • Sable Givens

    This will be so epic:)!:!):!)!:!)!:)!:!)!:!)!

  • #hithere

    that looks SO GOOD! omg, i’m so excited!! *O* it looks waaaaay better than the first, i hope that its not just the trailer.

  • *

    i’m only seeing this because of Dakota Fanning..