The Vampire Diaries Night Of The Comet

Paul Wesley on his character Stefan Salvatore under! Did U watch premiere?

  • Kelsey

    The tv show was alright. I’ll be watching though.

  • B.

    Edward is way better.Period!

  • suethebitchalready

    Vampire Diaries 1991 -1992
    The Awakening
    The Struggle
    The Fury
    Dark Reunion
    The Return: Nightfall
    The Return: Shadow Souls
    The Return: Midnight

    Twilight 2005
    1. Twilight (2005)
    2. New Moon (2006)
    3. Eclipse (2007)
    4. Breaking Dawn (2008)

    Breaking Dawn is a copy cat of The Nocturne(2006) author suing.

    True Blood-2008
    Vampire Diaries cwtv (2009)

    L. J. Smith needs to sue already!

  • CMB

    I loved it…Elena is totally different then in the book…but they did a good job with the vampires…Oh and its NOT a copy of twilight, LJ Smith wrote VD about 15 years BEFORE twilight even came out! i love Twilight but i hate when people think everthings a copy of it cuz the whole vampire aspect!!!

  • yl

    Not in love with the show, Yet, but it was good for a pilot, I prefer the books though. I love Damon his character gives a whole other meaning to the books.
    The cast is good, and they can act.

    I adore Smith’s writting style, I became a fan of her back in January, and I am still going trough her work, it is amazing.

  • Vampirediaryfan

    it was AMAZING!!! WAYY beterr than i expected and its nothing like twilight.. it was out wayy before twilight its AWESOME :D

  • shitface

    the show was awesome! stefan is better then edward in my opinion- but i’m team jacob so it doesnt really matter………….. lol

  • Michelle

    I LOVED the books but the show…i did not like it. Its so different from the books.

  • fvjklhdvlj

    True Blood >>>>> Vampire Diaries&Twilight

  • Becca

    This so was awesome!! It is a lot darker then Twilight. I will be watching this show and will be going to get the books!! The vampires in this show are ten times hotter then Robert Pattinson!!

  • Anonymousss

    ugh i’ve had enough of this spin off shit.
    twilight is all i need. thanks

  • Anonymous17

    what a joke. this series is based off of a book that came out around 15 yrs BEFORE twilight was written. twilight is like the latest vampire series. true blood is based off of books that came way before twilight as well.

  • LuluRochelle94

    I watched it!!!
    and it was really good.
    I hope it becomes a really successful show :)
    And Ian somerholder is hotttt!( his brother)14

  • seriously,

    yesss,of course i wached it..was so good !
    these books were out b4 twilight i think?

    idk tho.
    but anyways…it was soo goooood !

  • abssss.

    k so when is it coming to Englanddddd, i wanna seee it! :]

  • bitchymitch

    stephanie meyer is a fraud

    Actually, if anyone has ripped off anybody in the whole overwrought melodrama high-school vampire genre, it’s Stephenie Meyer. Her concept, whose freshness falls somewhere between a four-month-old cucumber and a shambling corpse, debuted in 2005. That’s 14 years—years—after an author named L.J. Smith published the first in the Vampire Diaries series.

  • JBDreamers

    i cant fucking wait!!!!

  • Jonas4Canada

    Didn’t watch it, but those Vampires are very good looking, much better than in Twilight, asides from Kellan Lutz.

  • Anonymous1213

    yeeees I watch it
    and it was aweesome!
    i love those vampires they are much better than twilight

  • D

    i watched it and it is really good but still Twilight is my favorite <3

  • thats what she

    why did he wanted to be with her?
    lol sorry i missed it when it came on

  • hpaddictedx

    Yes I watched it and at first it was kind of reminded me of twilight but then when I saw why he wanted to be with the girl THEN it got way better, especially when the brother came.

  • JM

    OF COURSE!!! it’s my new fave show!! Stefan is sooo much hotter than Edward Cullen ha <3

  • mariponce

    yes i watched it! it was AWESOME! i loved it. but it kinda reminded me of twilight in the begging but there not the same.

  • sasdf

    the main guy is trying too hard to act like edward

  • Canada S.

    i watched it cuz i thought supernatural was coming on…didnt really like it…maybe it will get better, but i don’t think i’m tuning in again…

  • hpaddictedx

    As for the people who think this show/book is copying twilight….no this book came out way before twilight, 1991.

    So no the main character isn’t trying to be like Edward