Adrienne Bailon MTV VMA ’09 ARRIVAL

  • Mel91

    ugliest shit evaaaaaa

  • Melanie

    What Happened To Her?
    She Used To Be So Pretty && Have Such GOOD Style :L

  • vmassooexcited

    What Happened To Her?
    She Used To Be So Pretty && Have Such GOOD Style

    that was back then when she was a fierce cheetah :P now shes just….average looking to me JMHO

  • Cherie!

    This is simply horrifying. I don’t understand why she would do this to herself!

  • whoreee

    wait why was she invited?


    no how about why the fuck was miranda cosgrove invited?

  • Anonymousss

    this girls needs to dress properly.

  • Lesley.

    ugliest thing I have EVER seen.

  • nickjjjbaby123

    WHAT THE FUCK??????????? did she get dressed in the dark?

  • Neally

    love her,love her too death but the dress has too go but it kinda looks like candy but i cant wait til her album drops

  • Sweetest Song

    Ouch. What is she wearing?

  • 124

    her dress is definitely NOT doing it for me. but other than that, she looks adorable.

  • Anonymousajmd


  • jonas<3

    ew shes ugly as hell and so is her outfit

  • Rozy

    Still trying to hang on to the cheetah girls print, are we, Ms.Adrienne?

  • chevelle

    this is nice

  • Anonymus

    Love her face, not her dress!

  • michelle

    OMG.!!! she looks very very ugly.!!! her dress is just horrible.!! ewww.!!!

  • liu

    chloe and hermes lv handbag

  • hpaddictedx

    I don’t really like her dress.

  • Doom

    She is um… Daring.

  • allly

    wait why was she invited?

  • Anonymous
  • Kourtney

    NOT cute.

  • Anonymous123

    wait im loling..

  • Anonymous123

    omg omg omg i LOVE twiggy. lets be best friends please

  • wtfanonymousistaken

    that outfit is not cute. what was she thinking?

  • GoldenGal9311

    She looks like Trix yogurt. This is a fashion FLOP.

  • michelle

    i’m start to think that the list of invites it’s wrong. miranda this girl sorry but i don’t know her name :P haha … and demi wasn’t invited. ok the list is wrong.

  • NewYorker37

    Her tour starts TOMORROW

  • alba

    is miley going?

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  • lala1234

    ewwwww 1st!

  • haleyshae


  • lala1234

    her dress is maddd ugly

  • She looks like shit.

  • Anonymousssss

    cheetah 4 lyfee

  • Anonymous

    Anonymousssss said:

    cheetah 4 lyfee
    There apart now cuz of Adrienne.

  • Anonymous6799


  • gigi

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHH, that is hideous. O_o

  • whoreee

    what the fuck is she wearing? who is her stylist?