Ashley Greene MTV VMA 2009 ARRIVAL

  • MrsEmilyLaunter…x

    I LOVE THIS OUTFIT!!!!! this outfit is gorge!!! I really x100000 love the hair!!! x Go ashley! x

  • MrsEmilyLaunter…x

    Omg that was mean!!! how can you hate her and how can you call her a bitch?!?! shes better then you in every way! x

  • Anonymouse

    shes gorgeous though. i think she’s prettier than nikki reed

  • LuLu

    She’s beautiful!!

  • Reality.

    Love her.

    And seriously. Shut up about those pictures. She’s not the next vanessa hudgens.

  • nanahoez

    EHHH dont like her too much she looks ok. but shes todally the next vanessa hudgens with her controversy picss.

  • aksjh,

    aksjh, said:

    she try to look like Kristen S. in da first pic :S


    agree withh u :D xd

  • GoldenGal9311

    She looks like the Adams family threw up on her.

  • nickjjjbaby123

    she also got dressed in the dark.

  • AnonymousCutiee

    Pretty! lol love her hair

  • P.M

    I thought se was Kristen at first had to look again to see it was here

  • aksjh,

    she try to look like Kristen S. in da first pic :S

  • flossic hurl

    i like her but WHAT is she wearing?!
    she looks horrible :(
    oh well…

  • hpaddictedx

    Ha I’m watching her on tv right now weird and I love her, she looks really pretty.

  • Aspen


  • hpaddictedx

    and she’s wearing a red skirt instead right now…

  • alba

    is miley going to the VMA’s?

  • JackieOh

    i love her hair!
    but i really don’t like her outfit much!
    feel bad saying that though!

  • xoxo,M

    she looks good. she’s the pretties in the twilight cast.

    I wanna know what taylor swift is wearing oceanup!!

  • Birthday sex

    I hate this bitch.

  • Rozy

    She looks a little like Zooey Decshanel(sp?)
    She looks nice, except for her makeup,hair and dress.
    Wait thats everything.
    I still like her though =)

  • Love her hair :D The outfit’s okay to me though…

  • Kourtney

    It’s okay, I really like her hair though! she herself is very pretty :)

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  • supermanlikejoe

    Jonas Brothers colors :)

  • Aspen


  • Anonymouwrgdfs

    i loovvee her!

  • kari

    Love the shoes. But it looks like she’s wearing a curtain for a skirt… and the shirt… eew.. or is it a dress? Sorry… but no. Hate the necklace too. The hair is pretty cute,.

  • Ty.

    Ashley who?

  • luu




  • juicy loom


  • Anonymousjonasloverlover

    She’s pretty but I don’t like her dress