Demi ‘Buzz Aldrin Is My Favorite VMA Host’


  • Anonymous4

    yea he boobs look great

  • GoldenGal9311

    do any of you children KNOW who buzz aldrin is? go learn some american history please and have respect for one of the most influential men in our history


    I think everyone knows who he is. And if not, that’s just sad.

  • Adam

    Buzz Aldrin is cool, but the best VMA host is Chris Rock.

    “Run to church right now! Get your asses to church, or you’re going to hell!”

    -after Marilyn Manson’s performance.

  • asdfghjklkjhg

    is demi going to the vma’s?

  • allly

    demi’s cool miley’s not thats why.
    if miley didnt pose almost naked pics of herself and she was in that pic with demi’s outfit it wouldn’t matter cuz we would know she’s cool and not a skank but thats not true.

  • bleeehhpp

    is demi going to the vma’s?

    nope :(

  • wtf? someone stole my username :(

    I love her?

  • Anonymouse

    ddlovato: I breathed air today. And I breathed air yesterday.

    900 bucks says OceanUp will post that.

    LOL, this has to be one of the least newsworthy things ever posted :p

  • line

    Demi is gorgeous!! :D

  • GoldenGal9311

    Was he like reading a script slow or something?




  • panda_girl05

    kanye west is a d00sh

  • Annoyed

    oh shut the hell up :/

  • dshvailhvjifabde

    when has miley posed almost naked? never. everytime she’s been in clothes that were just pulled to the side or rolled up.

  • Anonymousssss

    haha, loveee her.

  • Anonymous44

    ummm NOOOOO…. old ppl are sooo annoying. he took like 1 hour to name the nominees

  • oneanddone

    do any of you children KNOW who buzz aldrin is? go learn some american history please and have respect for one of the most influential men in our history.

  • bieber fever

    ah jutsin bieber looks so good at the vmas OCEAN UP make a post about it!


    but mabey the jonass are wtahcing! that would be… coll? idk lol who cares!

  • Melissa=)

    shes so pretty. =)

  • :P

    Haha! The dude took FOREVER to read the nominees. But it’s cool. He was entertaining =]

  • sofifreydel


  • Anonymousrox

    OMG!!!!!!!! i luv her

  • miley fans

    i love her demi and miley awesome

  • GoldenGal9311

    LMAO aww, that’s sad.

  • rainbowsprinkles

    i loveee the picture

    she has a cutee hat :D

  • panda_girl05

    she looks drunk!

  • w

    Oh wow Beyonde looks so pretty her dress is gorgggg

  • Anonymous44

    duh he was one of the first ppl on the moon. that doesnt mean that everthing he does and says doesnt deserve to be critiqued

  • Kourtney

    hahaha, that Buzz guy took forever to read off that list.

  • heycaitlin


  • bieber fever

    AHAHAHAHAH that was so funny what he did can you say AWKWARD!

  • Yellooo
  • ytt

    and people talk about how miley dresses

  • STFU

    OMG!! She’s showing shoulder :O Lets burn her at stake. Haha What the fuck is wrong with what she’s wearing? umm let me answer that.. NOTHINGGG. Are u a ‘Miley Whore’?

  • Yellooo
  • deal.

    AHAHAHAHAH omg that was the most cringe-worthy moment i have seen in a long time LOL, he took forever, i mean bless the man, but god he looked like a fool LOL.

  • GoldenGal9311

    I’m really confused…

  • !

    lol omg i thought they were gunna cut him off. he took forever! it was so funny!