Lady Gaga MTV VMA ARRIVAL 2009


Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta arriving at the VMAs. PR Photos.

  • tessaallymay

    GREAT SINGER, but um this is um, yeah.

  • CyrusLovatoJonas


  • CyrusLovatoJonas




  • Anonymous12345

    so im the only one that doesnt find her entertaining? ok.

  • ashleyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    did anyone else think of abraham lincon when they saw this??

    the eskimo outfit was def my favorite haha

  • anonymouss4435

    what creeped me out was when she smeared that fake blood stuff on her face and it got into her eye.

    good one lady gaga.

  • Taylor123456

    My dad killed himself. Whether you knew that or not doesn’t matter. Suicide is serious, k? And….her performance was creepy. 0_0

  • love is so mysterious distance is killing me

    a dress like everybody was dressing..lady gaga dress different the dresses she dress are art dresses omg that s all..sorry for sounding mean or bitchy..

  • CDK

    i dont care what anyone says, this bitch is fierce!

  • miss anonymous.

    lmfao @ lady’s constant outfit changes. her performance scared the crap out of me, i didn’t understand why they killed and hung up but. okay!

  • miss anonymous.

    what the hell. “killed and hung up?” lmao. * killed and hung her. there we go.

  • rainbowsprinkles

    she’s just weird.

  • What the fuck..



  • blehnamelol

    she breathes high fashion lol her performance was epic by the way.. very entertaining..and suicide might as well be glamourized i mean we wear skulls everywhere and skulls weren’t in fashion since the black plague and these years have been pretty dark… lots of people dressing in black and what not so…what the heck

  • UGH

    She look like a beekeeper lmao. Her performance was boring. She wasn’t very creative all she did was smear fake blood on and hang herself. thats not genius thats just disturbed. Lady GaGa is good but I’m going to pass on her performance.

  • @paigenesss

    this is what my mom said:
    she minds me alot of madonna, she’s so spontanious & wears those intense outfits all the time, just like madonna.
    gaga is weird, but i love her for that :)

  • stop

    Lady GaGa post in oceanup? I love it, she so crazy (really reaaaaaaaaaaally crazy), she scared me (sometimes! lol), but i love her

    Ps: I like this outfit, but the others… LOL!

  • yoyoooo

    i love lady gaga but im scared to go to one of her concerts id be laughing through the whole thing i think her fans would kick my ass even though im a fan too

  • Sarah96

    what the hell is wearing?!?!?!?

  • elisabeth

    what the fuck is she wearing??

  • Taylor <3

    Ew, what died on her?

  • ingrid14

    she cant breathe

  • Almost Blue

    Her outfits were hilarious at the vmas.
    she made my night so much more entertaining.

  • LAME

    DOES anybody know where is this FREAK from?.
    I mean her hometown or something like that, or she is originally 100% american?

  • Kourtney

    well…even though I think she’s weird and dresses like this for attention, she definitely receives it!

  • Jenn

    OMG I wanna say she’s a hot mess but you gotta lovee her !

  • Leena

    LOL i loved her outfits at the VMAs. especially the red mask thing one.

    eminem’s face when he was watching her give her speech in that outfit was pricelesssss.

  • lmao

    wowww. she’s weird.

  • lmao

    wowww. she’s weird.

  • AnonymousKIHK

    “These gaga ourfits are from outer space” – Katy Perry


  • darkrainbow

    she’s scares me a lot.

  • Geek<3NJJ

    She is so fierce how can you not love her? I love her real name (which I can’t pernounce)

  • is it me you feed on lol

    attention whore. but shes not that bad. shes a good attention whore lol

    i love her because of her performance last night with her hanging lol

  • i love gagaa

    i LOVE her, she is it <3

    and she knows how to put on a show

  • Anonymous

    She tries so fucking hard it’s ridiculous. Yeah yeah yeah, you’re crazy, we get it.

  • veeroh

    shes fkn fierce shes an amazing performer gotta love her!

  • CyrusLovatoJonas


  • CyrusLovatoJonas

    Really Lady Gaga I mean come on really really?? wow

  • Billythekid-NY

    One of the first comments here was “Hot”. Hot? She isn’t hot in the slightest degree; at least not with regards to her facial features. Oh sure, she has a very nice body, well toned and all, but her face is pretty much butt ugly, and that’s probably the main reason why you never see her often without a mask or something hiding her face. She simply is not attractive! Now if you want to call someone Hot who also likes to wear a mask or hide her face, then look at Rihanna. Now that is what I call HOT!

  • weirdchild330

    Um, for a second I thought someone photoshopped that on to be funny. I had a double take reaction.

    I actually like the math questions. I don’t know why some people complained…lol

  • cgfhfghfgf

    ahaha lady gag. can she move her neck??

  • GAGA Looked amazing!!!

    She looks so hot…i love her
    And she deserved to win that award Loveyougaga

    Fuck all the haters their just jelous bitches that are always on their period!!


    LOL. I love this fierce bitch.

  • nickjonasismyheart

    shes such a weird person. i cant stand her outfits but i really think she did an amazing performance.

  • 1111

    if you make a wish it will come true

  • jbluver86

    I still love her! Even though her style kinda strange.

  • taylorlautnerlover

    what the fuck?

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  • 1111
  • :-)

    I love lady gaga her muisic is fun and shes diff then everyone out there
    But shes kinda weird lmao

  • DAMN!

    Lady Gaga is so freaking weird. But I love her fabulous ass, so the rest doesn’t matter. :P

  • MrsGregGarbowsky

    WHAT THE HELL IS SHE WEARING?!! she scares the crap outta me.

  • love is so mysterious distance is killing me

    omg i love her she is amazing her music and her are arts.she is amazing.i love her guts cause nobody will ever have the guts she have.any celeb wont dress what she dress cause they dont have that guts.she is my fav singer ever.she came twice malta but i never had the chance to meet her :(

  • DemiandMileyPones

    She is so fcking weird. She dresses weird, she looks like a tranny. :/

    But she does have addicting music. :)

  • iloveyou!

    SHE IS CRAZY! she has an amazing voice, but shes just like…wierd!

  • weirdchild330


  • Anonymous33

    i lovee her music. but her style/performance scared me. i saw the blood dripping down her leg, i thought at first that it was her period. also, i dont think suicide should be glamourized.

  • AnonymousX&Y

    Lady Gaga american? I don’t even think she is from this planet.

    By the way, that dress looks like she stuck her head in a chicken.

  • yayi’mstillhere

    one word CRREPY

  • :))))!

    i personally love lady gaga, because shes so different from everyone else. i think shes amazing at what she does, and no one should disrespect that. i love the way she dresses because it shows she has the guts to do something different. instead of wearing a fancy dress like every other artist. i love her music and i thought her performance was amazing, and really creative. and it shouldnt be judged. i thought the whole blood scene made sense because thats what happens in her video paparazzi. half of you guys saying her performance was weird probably hasnt seen the video.

  • anonymouss45676

    HAHAHA. hot

  • anonymouss45676

    yeeuh. was first.

  • Kelsey

    LOVE HER!!!!

  • 124


  • yodghjfhgj

    OH GOD. hahaha.

  • Anonymousmjda

    She looked like a damn fool the entire night

  • yess

    “this is for god and the gays”


    but that’s what I love about her LOL

  • giveLOVE

    LOVED the performance, but i’m continuously weirded out by her wardrobe. :/

    more VMA fashion stuff here: